• Update: Stardust for After Effects v1.1.3 - Small Point Update with Big Features

    Feb 12, 2018 Superluminal Stardust

    Stardust is a modular 3D particle system for After Effects. It has an easy to use node-based user interface and ships with a ton of presets to create stunning effects quickly and easily.

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  • Update: Cebas ThinkingParticles Subscription Drop 6 Adds All Purpose Fields

    Feb 08, 2018 cebas thinkingParticles

    This new update to ThinkingParticles, Subscription Drop 6, delivers greater Procedural Volumetric Controls with All Purpose Fields, improved SPH solver stability and more.

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  • cebas thinkingParticles

    Feb 08, 2018

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  • Midweek Motivations: Sam Khorshid Interview, Mojin: The Lost Legend Trailer + VFX Breakdown

    Jan 24, 2018 cebas thinkingParticles

    We’re packing a lot into this post. First, Edwin Braun of Cebas interviews VFX artist Sam Khorshid about his career, from Hollywood LA to Beijing, China, and from stereoscopic to procedural. He worked as VFX Supervisor on Mojin: The Lost Legend, a Chinese action film that looks awesome. We’re sharing the trailer for the film and VFX breakdowns too.

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  • Update: Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14.0.4 - New Features and Bug Fixes

    Dec 20, 2017 Trapcode Form, Trapcode Particular, Trapcode Suite

    In this free update to Trapcode Suite, OBJ Sequences will now animate in the Particular Designer and Form Designer. Plus they’ve added a few more bug fixes for Form and Particular.

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  • Trapcode Form

    Dec 20, 2017

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  • Trapcode Particular

    Dec 20, 2017

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  • New: INSYDIUM X-Particles 4 for Cinema 4D is Now Available

    Dec 05, 2017 INSYDIUM X-Particles

    X-Particles 4 is jammed packed with new features and improvements that let you create like never before!

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  • Update: Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14.0.3 Now with OBJ Sequence Support

    Nov 30, 2017 Trapcode Form, Trapcode Mir, Trapcode Particular

    This small update to Trapcode Suite adds OBJ sequence support for Particular and Form, plus some bug fixes.  It’s free for current users.

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  • Midweek Motivation: Cinema 4D: Node Fest 2017 Winner Clinches the Win with C4D

    Nov 22, 2017 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, INSYDIUM X-Particles, MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio

    Jeremy Mansford’s ‘Find Magic Inside’ has won the Ident Competition at the Node Fest 2017. Watch the Ident here. Software used: Cinema 4D, X-Particles, After Effects, Trapcode Particular.

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  • Tutorial: After Effects: Superluminal Stardust in-depth

    Oct 03, 2017 Superluminal Stardust

    Stardust is a Modular 3D particle system for After Effects. Eran Stern teaches you everything you need to know to get started using Stardust, with 7 tutorials on Emitters, Particles, Replica, Forces, and more. And then Lendon Bracewell shows you how to create an energy wave using the Emitter, Field, Force and Turbulence nodes.

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  • News: MAXON IBC Presentation Archives Available

    Sep 27, 2017 MAXON CINEMA 4D Broadcast, MAXON CINEMA 4D Prime, MAXON CINEMA 4D Studio

    From particle animations and technical workflows, to short films and tips & tricks, all the MAXON presentations from IBC 2017 are now available for viewing on MAXON’s YouTube channel.

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  • Update: Superluminal Stardust 1.1 is Now Available - Adds 3D Particle Instancing and more

    Sep 27, 2017 Superluminal Stardust

    A new version of Stardust modular particle system for Adobe After Effects has been unleashed, offering some extremely powerful and exciting new tools.  It is a free update for existing customers.

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  • Coming Soon: New Superluminal Stardust Features

    Sep 25, 2017 Superluminal Stardust

    An updated version of Superluminal Stardust, the node-based particle system for After Effects, is coming soon. This new version comes loaded with new features like 3D particle instancing, physical materials, GPU acceleration, and more.

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  • Tutorial: Superluminal Stardust Particle Earth HUD in After Effects

    Aug 29, 2017 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Superluminal Stardust

    Learn how to create a rather complex particle earth HUD using the Superluminal Stardust plug-in in After Effects, in this tutorial by Roland Hartmann from graphicINmotion.

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  • Review: Dojo TV reviews Stardust, Mocha VR, Houdini 16 and More

    Aug 23, 2017 Boris Mocha VR, Boris Mocha VR Plug-in, Superluminal Stardust

    VinhSon Nguyen, founder of CreativeDojo.net and Dojo TV, takes a quick look at several VFX products including Superluminal Stardust for After Effects and Imagineer Systems Mocha VR.

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  • Tutorial: After Effects: Stardust for AE - Getting Started

    Aug 08, 2017 Adobe After Effects CC for Teams & Businesses, Superluminal Stardust

    Eran Stern from SternFX walks you through the basics of using the Emitter Node in Superluminal Stardust modular 3D particle system in After Effects.

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  • New: Blackmagic Design Fusion 9 - Now with New VR Tools

    Aug 03, 2017 Blackmagic Design Fusion Studio

    Fusion 9 now includes incredible new VR tools, planar tracking, state of the art keying and more, along with a new low price of only $299 for Fusion 9 Studio!

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  • New: Red Giant Trapcode Suite 14 is Now Available

    Aug 01, 2017 Trapcode 3D Stroke, Trapcode Echospace, Trapcode Form

    The industry-standard package for motion graphics in After Effects is even better. Trapcode Particular 3 and Trapcode Form 3 are both new and Trapcode Tao has been updated.

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  • Michele from Toolfarm on Digital Production Buzz last Thursday. Listen Now!

    Jul 25, 2017 Boris Continuum Unit: Particles, Green Screen Made Easy: Keying and Compositing Techniques for Indie Filmmakers 2nd Edition, INSYDIUM X-Particles

    If you missed the show last week, you can listen to the archived show with Larry Joran and Digital Production Buzz. The topic of the evening was VFX.

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