Ace5studios 5Man v1.092



5 Man - CINEMA 4D Rigged Character + Bonus Pack

CINEMA 4D Controllers, Video tutorials, and Plenty of Additional items. "I spent a lot of time making this guy look nice, feel nice and deform nice, so that you don’t have to." - Aleksey


5man smooth defomation poses

Smooth Deformations and poses

Weighted and painted to get into any pose you need.

5man controllers

Controllers IK – FK

The rig is light weight, and pretty simple, so you can get into the animating without getting lost in all the controllers, everything is on screen and easy to grab.

5man accessories

Accessories – Hats, ties and more to come

Grab the full cap and get all these awesome accessories for your 5-man!

5man chef hats

Chef Hats!

And also by request hooked up some Chef hats into the pack

5man girl

Girl 5 man – NEW!

Just added this at the request of one of my awesome customers. Now there is a girl version of 5man! Dress And hair style!

Cape and t-shirt – NEW!

Got a super hero cape and a tshirt for all your apparel needs

5man hands

Custom Hands

New in v1.1 hands can now be flattened, and you can add your own items or use these awesome 4 fingered hands that i made for you as a bonus!

5man eyes


Simple Eye rig

New in v1.1 we got an eye rig going, so your little 5man, can now blink, show happiness or stare down the enemy!

Click on the head controller to enable/disable the eyes.

5man uvs

UV mapped

Easy to change appearance, ( I even made some textures for you). Paint your own if you want. Chest logo is replaceable with a simple drag and drop.

OpenGL viewport hardware render setup

As a bonus im including this render setup. It’s all hardware in the viewport, so it renders super fast

Picking Things up tutorial

Here i want to show you how to get the 5man, or really any other character you have to pick up and put down objects. Reliably and predictably.



MAXON CINEMA 4D R15, R16 and R17

You will need the studio version for a some of the functionality (head scale and stomach fatness).

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5man Rigged Character for CINEMA 4D - Picking Things Up

Quick Tip on how to setup the 5man CINEMA 4D Character to pick up and place objects.