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Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams & Businesses - All Apps - featured

Help your creative team reach their zenith with Adobe Creative Cloud for teams.

The Creative Cloud features everything for every member or your team needs to create astounding work, whether they're a motion designer, illustrator, photographer, or graphic artist. The collaboration tools allow your team to work together, as well as store, share, and sync assets securely, no matter where they are.


What is Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud gives you the entire collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps, from essentials like Photoshop CC to next generation tools like Adobe XD CC. You also get built-in templates to jump-start your designs and step-by-step tutorials to sharpen your skills and get up to speed quickly. It’s everything you need to create, collaborate, and get inspired.

What is Creative Cloud for teams?

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams delivers all the creative tools and services your business needs. Get the world’s best desktop apps — including Adobe Photoshop CC, Illustrator CC, and InDesign CC — plus cloud services that empower your team to work efficiently anywhere on any device. Updates are included with your membership, billing is consolidated, and you can easily manage your licenses from a centralized web portal.

Creative Cloud for teams is ideal for businesses that need up to 150 licenses

For a breakdown of what's included with Creative Cloud for Teams, see In Depth Information.

With Adobe Creative Cloud, everything your team needs to create and collaborate intuitively is included. Everyday tasks are easier and faster with tons of improvements since CS6. Create from anywhere with connected mobile apps and 100GB of cloud storage, and work seamlessly between desktop and mobile, thanks to Adobe CreativeSync technology. Showcase your work, get feedback, find top talent, and gain global exposure with Behance. Master new mediums with a library of tutorials and exclusive access to Adobe’s expert support team. And dramatically simplify software license management with centralized administrative tools that allow IT to easily assign or reassign licenses, control which updates get deployed when, and more.

Get everything Creative Cloud for teams has to offer with the Complete plan, or get one desktop app of your choice with the Single App plan.

The power of Creative Cloud is available for teams.

You get 5x more cloud storage per person, expert support, collaboration and sharing features, and flexible, easy-to-use license management tools.

Please see: FAQ: Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams and Common Questions

See what's new in Creative Cloud for teams.

Adobe XD CC

Design, prototype, and share engaging user experiences for websites, mobile apps, and more with the end-to-end UX/UI solution.

Adobe Dimension CC

Easily composite 2D and 3D assets to build high-quality, photorealistic product shots, scene visualizations, and more.

Adobe Spark with premium features

Quickly create stunning graphics, web pages, and video stories with premium features that include your own logos, colors, and other brand elements. Get Spark as part of any Creative Cloud plan.

Adobe Photoshop CC

Improved tools and performance
Create faster, easier paths with the Curvature Pen tool. Keep track of Adobe Stock assets with an improved properties panel. Paint better with smoother brush strokes, better brush organization, and reaction time.

Adobe Illustrator CC

Puppet Warp
Create or modify different parts of a vector graphic, like a character's limbs, without having to adjust individual paths or anchor points.

Adobe Video Tools

Fast-forward to finished productions
We've made updates to all our video apps, including new tools for creating VR experiences, crafting animations, and polishing audio. Plus, improved workflows for working alone or with a team.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Faster ways to create and collaborate
Work on multiple projects simultaneously, and lock projects when actively editing so you can work with your team on shared projects at the same time.

Gorgeous graphics, titles, and audio
Use the Essential Graphics panel to edit Motion Graphics templates and create titles right in your Program Monitor. And get pro-quality sound with new audio effects and integration — no expertise required.

Lumetri Color enhancements
The Lumetri Color panel offers new color pickers for making selections right in your video. Work with HDR10 files, and get better support for color space metadata.

Streamlined video editing
Power up your production pipeline with redesigned captions, Lumetri Color enhancements, and more. Collaborate on shared sequences or compositions with Adobe Team Projects.

Accelerated Dynamic Link with After Effects CC
Faster performance reduces the need for intermediate rendering and delivers higher frame rates during playback.

Auto-aware VR
Premiere Pro automatically detects whether your virtual reality video is monoscopic or stereoscopic and applies the appropriate settings.

Live Text template improvements
Share Live Text templates between After Effects and Premiere Pro. Adobe Typekit fonts automatically sync and update across your projects

Audition audio effects
New real-time audio effects give you better sounding output and improved fidelity when you roundtrip projects with Premiere Pro.

Improved captions
New caption features let you manipulate text, alter duration and location, and create open or closed captions from scratch.

Keyboard shortcut mapping
Use a visual map to quickly find, adjust, and customize keyboard shortcuts.

Adobe After Effects CC

360/VR effects and transitions
Create amazing content even faster with tools for immersive 360/VR effects and transitions, easier ways of generating motion graphics using data-driven animations, and more.

Motion Graphics templates
Turn your comps into Motion Graphics templates that others can edit in Premiere Pro. Plus, with Camera Shake Deblur, you can rescue unusable footage by removing motion blur.

Faster effects and performance
Speed up your workflow with a new 3D rendering engine, better preview performance, more GPU-accelerated effects, and faster Dynamic Link with Premiere Pro.

3D rendering engine
Create and edit 3D elements like extruded text and shape layers right inside After Effects with a 3D rendering engine that uses Cinema 4D technology.

Adobe Character Animator CC

Better animation controls
Triggers and Controls panels let you visually organize character movements in one place, and pose-to-pose blending and physics behaviors make it easier to bring your animations to life.

2D character animation
Performance improvements make it faster to build interactive puppets you can animate in real time using your webcam and microphone.

Adobe Audition CC

Powerful and customizable workflows
Auto-Ducking automatically lowers music levels when dialogue and other sounds are audible, and performance enhancements such as faster mixdowns let you refine audio quickly and more accurately.

And much more!

Important: In order to take advantage of the latest operating system features and technologies, the October 2017 release of Creative Cloud will requires Mac OS X 10.11 or higher.

Members running an older version of Mac OS X, such as 10.10, can continue to run and install current and previous versions of the Creative Cloud applications, but they will not be able to install or run the October release of the Creative Cloud desktop applications until they upgrade to a supported version of Mac OS X. Apple provides a free update to the latest version of Mac OS X (10.12).

  • Microsoft® Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • Mac OS X v10.10 +
  • Internet connection required

Language availability

Creative Cloud™ membership includes access to the Creative Cloud Assets website, assets.adobe.com, which serves as a hub where you can explore, create, publish, and share your work. To get access to all the CC desktop applications for download and installation on your local computer, as well as additional apps and online services, log into www.adobe.com.

Creative Cloud website

The Creative Cloud website and associated websites such as the Adobe Admin Console are all designed to work optimally in the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The site should degrade gracefully on older browsers; you may have trouble using certain features on those older versions. Internet Explorer 9 and earlier are not supported.

The Creative Cloud website itself is available in the following languages:

  • Dansk
  • Deutsch
  • English
  • Español
  • Français
  • Italiano
  • Nederlands
  • Norsk
  • Polski
  • Português (Brasil)
  • Suomi
  • Svenska
  • Türkçe
  • čeština
  • Русский
  • 日本語
  • 한국어
  • 简体中文

CC applications

Creative Cloud members can download and install CC applications in any language in which the products are available. Unlike owning the traditional licensed version of a Creative Suite product, Creative Cloud membership allows you to select from multiple languages. 

Desktop applications

Creative Cloud membership provides access to all creative desktop apps for download and installation on your local computer, as well as additional apps and online services. Desktop applications included with your membership are available in both Mac OS X and Windows® versions. All Creative Cloud apps have a minimum operating system requirement of Mac OS X 10.11 and Windows 7, or later. Earlier versions of Creative Cloud apps are supported on earlier operating systems.

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How to Install After Effects Plug-ins, with and without installers

Here is some basic information about installation and troubleshooting installs that will apply to most plug-ins. First, I will note the obvious. With so many different developers building plug-ins, each installer will be different. You will even find differences with the same vendor, depending on how many hosts the plug-in installs for and the version of the plug-in.


In Depth: Lens Flare Plug-ins for After Effects: Knoll Light Factory, Part 2 of 5

Red Giant Knoll Light Factory 3 (aka KLF). It’s the most recently updated of the plug-ins I’m covering in this series and also has been around the longest. It was developed by John Knoll, visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM). The first article featured a couple of interviews from John Knoll, which will give you, dear readers, a bit of insight behind the man who created visual effects for some of the most famous Hollywood blockbusters.


Tutorial: Stabilizing Shaky Footage in Premiere Pro by Total Training

This is just part of the Premier Pro CS6 course. Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6: Essentials, hosted by Adobe Expert Debbie Keller, teaches you how to use this powerful editing software from the ground up. You’ll learn to use the new customizable interface and all the new features of this updated version of Premiere Pro.


Bend 2D Layers Along Paths Using After Effects & Cinema 4D

EJ Hassenfranz posted some tutorials to his site, eyedesyn.com, which explain how to create a Bendy Arms effect, using After Effects and Cinema 4D.


Importing and Exporting DSLR Footage into Adobe Premiere Pro

Learn how to correctly import and export HD DSLR video footage into Adobe Premiere Pro.


Tutorials: MAXON CINEMA 4D Integration in After Effects CC

Chris and Trish Meyer have posted some quick tutorials on importing and rendering C4D projects in the upcoming version of After Effects CC.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC New Features The Crop Tool Now with Feathering!

For Tutorial Tuesday, we have Josh from Retooled.net explaining some of the changes in the Feathered Edge options for the Crop tool in Premiere Pro CC.


Tutorial: Getting Started with After Effects Text Animators Part 1

Trent Armstrong explains his simple formula for getting started with the Text Animators in After Effects. 


Time Remapping in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

If you want to make advanced adjustments to playback speed over time, you’ll go looking for time remapping. Premiere Pro makes the process very simple, though you may find yourself turning to After Effects for a fine finish. This lesson shows you why and how.


Tutorial: Native Stereoscopic editing with Vision 3’s Plug-in for Premiere Pro + After Effects CS6

Dave Helmly has been working with Vision 3 for about year and half on this inexpensive plug-in to support our native tapeless formats in a Stereoscopic 3D workflow. This video will give you a general idea of how the plug-in works and some general guidance on setup.You can more info on the plug-in here: www.inv3.com/quicks3d


Video Copilot Translucent Glass

Create a 3D Glass effect without 3rd Party Plug-ins. In this tutorial he shows you how to create a cool translucent title design with real 3D displacement using standard After Effects plug-ins. Create a cool title design using a 3D displacement map and use per-character blur and position to fade title in.


Using Illustrator Files in After Effects CC

It’s quite possible you’ll import Illustrator files into After Effects, either to produce finished content or to incorporate into dynamically linked compositions that you will hand over to Premiere Pro. This lesson introduces the workflow.


Sending Work from Premiere Pro to After Effects

There are several ways to send your creative work from Premiere Pro CC to After Effects CC, and this lesson will walk you through all of them.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Lumetri Deep Color Engine

Quickly apply rich, beautiful, preset color grades in Adobe Premiere Pro CC thanks to the Lumetri Deep Color Engine. With the Looks Browser, preview and add looks from Adobe SpeedGrade CC as easily as adding a dissolve. Also import LUTs from other systems.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Link & Locate

Modern productions are built on hundreds (if not thousands) of clips. It’s easy to lose track of files, proxies, and backups saved on multiple drives. Link & Locate in Adobe Premiere Pro CC helps you track down your clips quickly, making media management more efficient.


Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Editing Finesse

Edit more efficiently with a redesigned Timeline, intuitive track targeting, and dozens of new shortcuts in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. See critical info such as duplicate frames and through edits. With Paste Attributes, you can copy and paste the specific effects you need from one clip to another.


Essential Editing Commands in Premiere Pro

Richard Harrington show you how to use three-point edits to speed up your post-production workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro.


Snapping of layer features in the Composition panel, new in After Effects CC (12.0)

Snapping of layer features in the Composition panel, new in After Effects CC (12.0)


New commands for finding missing footage, missing effects, and missing fonts in After Effects

Todd Kopriva of Adobe fills us in on some new key commands to help users find lost items.


Time Remapping in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

If you want to make advanced adjustments to playback speed over time, you’ll go looking for time remapping. Premiere Pro makes the process very simple, though you may find yourself turning to After Effects for a fine finish. This lesson shows you why and how.


Tutorial: Split Image Slide Show in After Effects

Daniel of AETUTS+ shows how to create a cool slideshow transition in After Effects


Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite Quickstart Tutorial

Nick at Greyscalegorilla has put together a quickstart guide to Maxon Cineware and Cinema 4D Lite, now shipping with Adobe After Effects CC.


Add Depth Of Field To Your CINEMA 4D Composite Using Cineware and After Effects

In this tutorial, Nick Campbell of Greyscalegorilla shows how to set up a depth pass for rendering depth of field for 3D objects using CINEMA 4D, Frischluft Lens Care and After Effects.


Adobe After Effects CC: Introduction to 3D: Extruding Shapes

Angie Taylor talks about Extruding Shapes in 3D in Adobe After Effects CC in this introductory video.


CINEMA 4D Techniques Series (Adobe After Effects CC & CINEMA 4D Lite)

Learn how the integration between After Effects and CINEMA 4D benefits you as an artist. Author and 3D expert Chris Martin gives an overview of the workflow.


Webinar Replay: Digital Makeup and Retouching: Using mocha AE/Pro with After Effects

In case you missed it, Imagineer recorded this past week’s webinar with Mary Poplin, covering planar tracking techniques for digital makeup and removals.


Planar Tracking HUDs and 3D Camera Solving - mocha v3

An advanced tutorial covering mocha v3’s 3D camera solver and Adobe after Effects. Mary Poplin creates a HUD style graphic in 3D space.


Compositing Problem-Solving in After Effects

In this video from Layer’s Magazine, Daniel Bryant creates a space-themed movie poster from scratch with After Effects. His compositing techniques include layer masking, blending modes, text animation, lens flares and particle effects.


After Effects Mask Slider with Free Preset

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday! Tutorialpilot.net is a German site that has a new short tutorial on creating a fun transition with CC RepeTile in After Effects. It also comes with a free preset.


Hollywood Movie Titles Series - The Great Gatsby

We’re going to be looking at the animation style of “The Great Gatsby”. We’ll make this title style using Cinema 4d for the modeling of the logo and After Effects for the final composite. The real core of this tutorial is how to get the logo from a 2d drawing to a complex 3d model. Once you know the secrets of how to get the logo with all its molding, the remaining design of the background come naturally.


5 Handy Effects in Adobe After Effects You Should Know

As we continue with Tutorial Tuesday at Toolfarm, here are 5 Useful effects that every AE artist can pull from their arsenal time and time again!


Installing After Effects CC render engines with Adobe Creative Cloud

One of the changes in After Effects CC (12.0) regards when activation occurs, and this affects how you install render-only instances of the After Effects application, known as render engines. Todd Kopriva of Adobe goes into detail on the new process.


Creating a Custom Burn Map

This short tutorial shows how to create a custom Burn Map, using Photoshop, and Nattress Film Burn Through transition from Nattress Film Transitions for Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects.


Getting Started with After Effects CC and CINEWARE

Mathias Mohl from Mamoworld shows how to create and animate a logo in CINEWARE and finish it in After Effects CC.


Why AE Might Be Better Than Photoshop for Tileable Textures

Tutorial Tuesday is upon us once again. Frederik Steinmetz at AE Tuts+ explains how to use AE to create tileable textures, using non-destructive Adjustment Layers and Curves to get the correct lighting.


3D Ray-Tracing in After Effects CS6

It’s Tutorial Tuesday! Daniel Bryant shows you how to take advantage of After Effects CS6′s ray-tracing features to light and render a 3D movie title.


Tutorial: Speed Up After Effects Rendering Tutorial

Welcome to Tutorial Tuesday. AE Tuts+ has a new tutorial on speeding up renders in After Effects.


Tutorial: Work with New Images in Brushes in Adobe Illustrator CC

Rufus Deuchler, Adobe worldwide evangelist, explains how to create a painting with a brush made from a photo to create complex organic designs quickly.


Introduction to Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC

Photoshop Generator is a new feature in the Photoshop CC v14.1 update, is a way to create new workflows, create image assets, script your own plug-ins for Photoshop, and more. Here are a couple of tutorials to introduce you to Generator.


Talking Toons Episode 1 - Advanced Toon Shading (Basics 101)

It’s Tutorial Tuesday! This is part 1 in a 15 part series called Talking Toons. “Shaders are best used for Props, Particle FX, Organic and Hard Surface Objects, The Relationship Editor’s role, which Lights work best for Toon Shading, Normal Maps, Displacement Maps and the methods we will be using in the following episodes to come.”


How to Create a Parallaxing Background Without a 3D Camera

We continue with Tutorial Tuesday with this fun video tutorial from AE Tuts+. Shawn Sheehan demonstrates the Offset effect combined with comp-to-comp expressions, plus a little time-remapping to create a parallax effect, without a 3D camera or Z-depth of any kind.


How to Create a Looping Animation Using Expressions

It’s Tutorial Tuesday once again! Shawn Sheehan contributed this tutorial on AE Expressions to AE Tuts+ yesterday. He explains how to use the loopIn and loopOut expressions.


Tutorial: Adobe Lightroom Before and After Tricks

How about a Lightroom tutorial for Tutorial Tuesday? Learn a cool trick in Lightroom.


Tutorial: Migrating settings from After Effects CC (12.0) to After Effects CC (12.1)

Todd Kopriva gives some tips on migrating to the new update for AE CC.


How to create a Clothing Zipper in Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a great tool that a lot of people could use a bit more often. Iaroslav Lazunov at Astute Graphics has a great tutorial up for how to create a clothing zipper in Illustrator.


Track and Replace a Mobile Phone Screen in mocha!

Imagineer has a new tutorial up that covers tracking an iPhone screen. Mary Poplin gives detailed instructions on the process both in video form and in words, so you can go at your own pace.


Stylized Lava Lamp in After Effects

Let’s start Tutorial Tuesday with a groovy 1970’s throwback, the lava lamp! The tutorial is from Mikey Borup at Premium Beat. This tutorial is for beginners and covers things like fast blur and levels. They also go over Motion Sketch and the Light Sweep plug-in.


In Depth: Video Software and Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks

This article is for motion graphics, vfx, and 3D artists and also video editors. We’re keeping track of issues you might have with your software and with information on how to fix problems.


In Depth: 9 Great Freebies for Color Grading After Effects & Premiere Pro

The Beat has linked to some nice presets for Premiere Pro & After Effects to give your video work unique color looks. The first couple are from their list. I’ve expanded on the free presets, plus added some great free color grading plug-ins for AE PPRO and more!


In Depth: Optimizing After Effects for the Best Performance

If you've been using Adobe After Effects since early versions, as I have, you are familiar with the idea of optimizing your machine and settings for premium performance. Here are some tips and resources to help you create the fastest and most solid After Effects you can. If you don't have a big budget for optimizing your system, where do you put the money for upgrades? That's for you to decide, but here are some suggestions on how to optimize what you have, and about other ways to optimize. If this article can't help you with the speed of After Effects, it will hopefully explain why things aren't running as fast as you would like them to.


Create Your Own HDR Day to Night Timelapse

Stefan Surmabojov shows how to create a groovy HDR timelapse image sequence with a day for night effect. You'll need a DSLR with a kit lens, a large memory card, a tripod and more. He clearly explains how to set up the camera so that you don't end up with exposure problems and flicker. He takes care of the post production of the HDR sequence in Adobe Lightroom 5, which is now included in Adobe Creative Cloud.


Working with CINEMA 4D Lite and Photoshop CC 3D Printing

This tutorial is geared toward Photoshop users, but Richard Curtis explains the workflow using CINEMA 4D Lite, which is bundled with After Effects CC, to make create elements for 3D Printing.


Puppet Tool Tips from Video Copilot

Andrew Kramer animates the Twitter logo with the Puppet Tool in Adobe After Effects.


Adobe After Effects Tilt Shift Tutorial

Tilt shift makes your video and images look miniature, like toys. In this project, they use Posterize time, Camera Lens Blur, CC Light Sweep and Fast Blur to create the effect.


Automatically Duck Music Behind a VO in Adobe Audition

By Jason Levine/ Adobe: Set-up a side chain compressor in Adobe Audition CS6, to automatically duck music beneath a voice-over. This is a very common workflow across all different styles of video (commercials, interviews) and is very easy to setup and even build presets for later usage.


Create a Lizard Man in After Effects Pt. 2

Ran Ben Avraham shows us how to create a Lizard Man transformation in After Effects with FreeForm Pro. Ran motion tracks a sequence and then he uses FreeForm Pro to wrap the texture of his choice around the actors face in 3D.In Part 2 you will learn how to 2D track different parts of the face in Mocha. You'll apply that info to the texture that has been created.View Part 1


Using the Adobe CC Cleaner Tools to Solve Installation Problems

Ever used the Adobe CC Cleaner Tool? You can use it to solve installation problems in CC, CS3-CS6.


Adobe After Effects Titles: Dracula Untold

Here’s a tutorial for creating titles inspired by the “Dracula: Untold” movie trailer.  Bats, smoke, lighting effects, all made completely with in After Effects with first party plugins.


After Effects Hidden Gems Weekly: Previews in After Effects CC 2015

Does the new AE seem buggy when previewing?  It’s all in how the start and stop keys affect it’s behavior.  This article on Pro Video Coalition explains how it works and why it really isn’t buggy at all.


The Northern Lights

Did you miss the mesmerizing dancing and streaking greens and purples in the northern sky last night? Not only will you get scientific background on the aurora borealis, but today I present some inspiring time-lapse of auroras and methods to make them yourself in Adobe After Effects!


Time Manipulation in Adobe Premiere Pro… and with Twixtor

Want to manipulate time in Premiere Pro? Here are some tutorials to help get it right, with both the built-in time tools in Premiere and with the help of RE:Vision Effects Twixtor.


How do I get started making my own videos?

Question: I am very inspired by Andrew McMurry’s work in the Visual Effects/ Media Arts. I’d like to start making my own videos and bringing them to life. I was told by a Visual Effects distributor to ask you some questions on some recommended software, or apps that could point me in the right direction.


Burning Question: How Can I Background Render in After Effects?

We were asked via Twitter: “Is there a plug-in in existence that allows me to render in AE (in the background) while I continue to work in AE?” Here is a great solution for Adobe Creative Cloud users. We also have a solution for those of you who only have After Effects or are working in an older version of the software.


New Features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015

Here are a few videos on the features of Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015, released today.


Intro to the Particle World of After Effects!

Adobe After Effects Certified Expert, Jeff Sengstack, present this video tutorial introduction to After Effects Particle World.


Adobe Audition Tutorial with Mike Russell

Not familiar with Adobe Audition? Mike Russell might be able to help you with that!


Break Objects with AFX

"In this tutorial we are going to use Newton in combination with Illustrator to break down/destroy objects within After Effects. You are going to learn how to use Newton 2, Time-Remapping, Masks and the Knife tool within Illustrator and much more." - ArmaganVideos


Multi Pass Rendering and Compositing in 3ds Max and After Effects

Learn how to create a basic scene in 3d Studio Max with part 1 of a 2 part tutorial series from Envato Tuts+.


Rendering Workflow: After Effects vs. Media Encoder

Roei Tzoref looks at the difference between rendering in After Effects and using Media Encoder to get the most out of encoding your H.264 Video.


Extending the Power of Adobe CC with Tiffen Dfx v4

Richard Harrington recently did a webinar for Tiffen showing how users can utilize several of Adobe Creative Cloud applications in the workflow with Tiffen Dfx.


Michele Learns Cinema 4D Ep. 6: Toolfarm’s NAB Survival Video Open

If you’ve had a chance to check out our NAB Survival Video, you should! It’s lots of fun. I dove back into Cinema 4D to create the NAB Survival Video Open.


Adobe Media Encoder: Create Watch Folders

Larry Jordan shows how to create and use Watch Folders to automate video compression using Adobe Media Encoder.


Wire and Rig Removal in After Effects

Our friend Sean Mullen over at Rampant Design shares his recent work on the project High Fall, complete with Wire & Rig removal tutorial and behind the scenes footage.


Lightroom: The Top 10 Ways to Automate Lightroom (Part 1)

In this episode of The Complete Picture, Julieanne (Kost) will demonstrate how to streamline Lightroom by taking advantage of presets, templates, collections, virtual copies (and more) in order to eliminate much of the repetitive post-capture tasks such as importing, tagging, developing, exporting and sharing photographs.


Recreating the Stranger Things Opening Title

The popular new Netflix Series Stranger Things is a nod to Spielberg classics, such as ET and Goonies. Learn how to recreate the 80's-styled opening sequence in After Effects -  from Red Giant's Seth Worley.


X-Wing Hologram using Cinema 4D and After Effects

Dennis Wei explains some of the techniques he used to create an X-Wing Hologram animation using Cinema 4D and After Effects, using the awesome free X-Wing model from videocopilot.net.


Michele Learns Cinema 4D: Episode 6: Toolfarm’s NAB Survival Video Open

If you’ve had a chance to check out our NAB Survival Video, you should! It’s lots of fun. I dove back into Cinema 4D to create the open animation. Here’s how I did it.


Burning Question: Making The Super Moon

They say it’s the Super Moon of the Century! Here are some ways to recreate the moon in After Effects or your NLE or editor, if you’re unable to capture the moon.


Doctor Strange VFX Breakdown and Loads of Tutorials

Doctor Strange is a visually awe-inspiring sci-fi film/fantasy film. We'll take a look at some behind the scenes videos and several tutorials.


Icy Text with Zaxwerks ProAnimator

Michele Yamazaki from Toolfarm walks you through a holiday-themed project featuring icy-looking 3D text in a snowy scene, using Zaxwerks ProAnimator for After Effects and Imagineer mocha pro. She goes over how to quickly track the Santa hat in the shot with mocha, create and animate the text in ProAnimator, and demonstrate the ambient occlusion capabilities in ProAnimator.


In Depth: Keying and Background Removal in Photoshop, Part 1: The Pre-Process

If you’re working with still photography, it’s often necessary to cut someone out of the background to place them into a new scene or to add special effects


Bring out details in the sky with ease in After Effects

This was made for After Effects 6, but everything still applies to the current version. Replace your bland skies in After Effects.


Eclipse - Behind the scenes - Sky Replacement

This is some beautiful work for the film Eclipse. They replace a flat sky with a gorgeous eclipse. This is very similar to the technique I use in the tutorial above.


Sky Replacement in After Effects

I always love the content from Film Riot and here's a nice tutorial on Sky Replacement in AE. He stresses that Sky Replacement isn't a paint-by-numbers technique, and will vary with every shot.


Animating Cartoon Characters in Adobe Software

Tutorials on Animating Cartoon Characters with Adobe Software including After Effects, Adobe Character Animator, and Adobe Illustrator.


AE/C4D: Tips for Compositing Cinema 4D Renders into Footage

EJ from Eyedesyn gives some great tips on compositing your 3D work into After Effects.


Animated Counter Numbers in After Effects

Animating a counter was one of the first things I ever had to create in After Effects, and it wasn’t tough, but there are a few “gotchas”.


Video Copilot Electricity Tutorial for Adobe After Effects

Andrew Kramer shows you how to direct lighting movement, create dynamic reflections, and more, all completely inside Adobe After Effects.


Create a Magical Particle Trail with Stardust

Make a Magical Particle Trail with Visionary Universe’s Lendon Bracewell walks you through making an enchanted magic particle trail with Stardust.


Create an Epic Saturn Space Scene in After Effects with Free Project Files

This Epic Saturn Space Scene from Caleb Ward includes a tutorial and free project files for creating, animating, and stylizing a planet in After Effects.


Superluminal Stardust Replica Motion Graphics Elements

This is a walk through of how to add some fun and engaging elements to your After Effects comps with Superluminal Stardust by replicating particles.


Make a Earth FUI Element with Stardust in After Effects

I sat in on a session with Maxon about FUI, Future User Interfaces. These are fantasy HUD elements that you see in Sci-Fi films such as Iron Man, Star Wars, and others. Roland Hartmann of graphicinmotion.com explains how to create an exciting globe HUD element with the new Stardust, a modular particle system for After Effects.


Cell Dividing: Adobe After Effects Tutorial

Caleb Ward explains how to visualize cell division in After Effects.


Earthquake VFX in Adobe After Effects + Earthquake VFX Samples

Make an earthquake in After Effects! Make the earth shake with some shockwaves and heat distortion waves. Graded with Red Giant Magic Bullet Looks.


Mocha Pro Screen Replacement: How to Track and Replace a Phone Screen in Adobe Premiere Pro

Mocha Pro Screen Replacement. Learn how easy it is to motion track a phone screen and insert a new screen using the Mocha Pro plugin for Adobe Premiere Pro.


5 Ways to Edit Faster

Whether you've been editing for years or you're new to the process, everyone wants to edit faster. Although these tips are geared toward new editors, even seasoned editors will hopefully pick up a few tips to speed up their workflow.


Burning Question: How do I Work with Proxies in Premiere Pro?

Proxies are duplicates of your footage that are lower resolution and make working with big video files smoother. It’s a really easy way to speed up your workflow. Here are a collection of recent tutorials to get you up to speed on proxies.


Animating Graphs in After Effects

Have you tried the new chart and data animating tools that were introduced in After Effects in CC 2018? Bring in your spreadsheet data to create animated charts and graphs and wow your corporate clients or make detailed graphs for a documentary.


Happy Holidays using Stardust in After Effects

Roland Hartmann of graphicinmotion.com gives a nice tutorial on making particle trails with 3D elements and dives into some features like working with the new Model and Material nodes, creating primitives, extruding masks, adding environments, and using ambient occlusion.


Edit To The Beat by Edgar Wright + How to Edit to the Beat with Premiere & FCPX

I’m a big fan of Edgar Wright and one of the scenes that I vibrantly remember that was edited to the beat is the scene in Shaun of the Dead where they’re beating the crap out of zombies at The Winchester Pub while Don’t Stop Me Now from Queen is playing. The scene is brilliant. Then, here are a couple of tutorials for Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro X to help you edit to the beat.


Time Remapping in Premiere Pro, Parts 1 & 2

Andrew Devis at DoodleNews.com shows you how to use Time Remapping in Premiere Pro, which enables advanced tools to play with the timing of your shot, in this 2 part walkthrough tutorial.


Burning Question: How Do I Make a Hologram Effect in After Effects?

Holograms have been a popular implement in science fiction films for years, from Princess Leia in Star Wars to Joi in Blade Runner 2049.


Working with Arnold AOV’s in After Effects

Maghdad Asadi has a new overview video on working with passes (AOVs) from Arnold in After Effects.


How to Convert After Effects Animations into a Spritesheet for Unity (Free and Quick)

This is a Freebie Friday article on sprite generators for After Effects and a tutorial about converting animations into a sprite sheet for unity.


Skin Retouching in Adobe Premiere Pro

Premiere Gal shows you how to do a bit of Skin Retouching in Premiere Pro. Retouch and smooth skin in Adobe Premiere Pro with Continuum Beauty Studio.


Medical Animations & Tutorials Roundup for Maya, Cinema 4D, After Effects

The human body is still such an enigma and there are so many technical, yet beautiful, 2D and 3D animations that help to visualize those microscopic mysteries. We had a question about some methods of creating cells and other microscopic elements. First, we have some gorgeous examples to inspire you, followed by a few tutorials for various host applications.


Making Any Texture Seamless

NecroVMX shows you how to make any texture seamless in Photoshop. There are free textures you can download from this page and if you can't find what you need, this tutorial at the bottom of the page will help you create your own. 


How Do I Make a Hologram Effect in After Effects?

Holograms are a way to show recorded, beamed messages, schematics, 3-dimensional characters, futuristic user interfaces, and they're now being used in interesting and exciting ways in real life. We'll start with a few examples, and then some After Effects tutorials dealing with the humble hologram.


Mamoworld Squash & Stretch with Tutorial from Creative Dojo

VinhSon Nguyen has a tutorial that went up last month on the free Squash & Stretch extension for After Effects. Here are his tutorial and links to download. Plus, some information on how the concept of squash and stretch, a tenet of animation, will help you give your animations and characters personality.


Animating Mars with MoGraph in Cinema 4D and After Effects

Jeremy Walker creates Mars with realistic planet texture maps, using Cinema 4D’s native MoGraph Effectors. He animates and composites it in After Effects.


Cinematic Title Design in After Effects: Fantasy FX! from Video Copilot

We’ve been teased with this for a while, and it’s finally here. Video Copilot has a new tutorial series on how to create cinematic titles entirely inside After Effects. The first one in the series is on Fantasy titles, and it’s packed with tons of custom beveling.


Cheap Tricks - It’s Wrinklin’ Time (VFX tutorial)

Daniel Hashimoto (creator of Action Movie Kid) walks through how to re-create some of the VFX and motion graphics from “A Wrinkle In Time, with special guest Lyric Wilson, who played Young Meg in the film. 


Demystifying mattes, masks & alpha channels in Premiere Pro

Colin from VideoRevealed is the master of demystifying mattes, masks and alpha channels apply to the idea of isolating parts of a frame


Using Trapcode Particular with Master Properties in After Effects

Harry Frank that explains how to use Particular with After Effects new Master Properties feature, which allows you to easily create tons of variations from a single comp.


5 mamoworldJSON for AE Tutorials

With mamoworldJSON you can link any property in After Effects to a JSON file. This makes frequently changing your text, colors or other properties simple. See how easy it is with this tutorial series.


Burning Question: How do I make Whip Pan Transitions?

Whip Pan, also called a Swish Pan, can give you a really stylish way to transition from one shot to the next or make things look like they're shot in the same place, with a dizzying whip from one side of the room to the next, covering an edit. First I'll show you a couple of examples.


Sky Replacement in FCP X + Other Hosts

Steve at Ripple training shows you how to do a Sky Replacement with Final Cut Pro X’s powerful Keyer effect and a few color correction tools.


Essential Sound Panel in Adobe Audition and Premiere for Video Editors

The Essential Sound Panel gives editors more simple features making it easier to edit audio. The Essential Sound Panel divides audio into 4 common types which make workflow faster and easier for non-sound engineers. We’re sharing a couple of tutorials to get you started with the Essential Sound Panel.


Red Giant Short Cuts: Spot Blurs

Kelsey, AKA Premiere Gal, is back with a new tutorial showing how to use Red Giant Universe Spot Blur to blur out things like logos, faces, addresses, etc.


Burning Question: How do I know if I have a 6th Gen Intel CPU for Premiere Pro CC 2019 (13.0)?

Want to know if your CPU on your computer is powerful enough to run the October 2018 release of Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe Media Encoder CC? Here’s how to know if your computer will run it.


Hot Tip! Removing Old Versions of Adobe Products on Your Mac

If you’ve been collecting legacy versions of Adobe software on your Mac for safety, but you’re running out of space, here’s some advice on how to remove the bloat.


Optimizing your System for Adobe Video / Audio Applications

Adobe shares information and recommendations for optimizing your system to get the most out of the latest Adobe video and audio tools.


Create Fast YouTube End Screens in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

In this episode of Short Cuts, Premiere Gal Kelsey Brannan explains how to create a fast and stylized YouTube End Screens with Red Giant Universe.


Infinity And Beyond | Red Giant Cheap Tricks

Hashi's latest Cheap Tricks episode, "Infinity And Beyond," in which he shows you how to achieve the disintegration effect that you have probably seen in Avengers: Infinity War! This is a great tutorial with loads of tips.


In Depth: Gunfire and Muzzle Flash (Updated 18 January 2019)

If you're planning on making an epic action film like Max Max: Fury Road or Rambo, you're going to need lots of fire power. Here is a rundown on how to add spectacular muzzle flash and gunshot effects to your films in your host of choice. I've also included info on 3D models of weapons and some sound effects.


Burning Question: What is a Cinemagraph and How Do I Create One?

Cinemagraphs is a format that combines photos and video. It's a still photograph where a small area of the image has repeated or looped movement occuring to draw your attention. Cinemagraphs can be published as movies or an animated GIF or in other video formats.


Burning Question: Keyboard Shortcuts in Premiere Pro for a FCP User?

New to Premiere Pro? Customize your keyboard so that it works like FCP! Here are the Premiere Pro keyboard shortcuts that you need to know.


Captain Marvel Energy Effects, Cheap Tricks | Red Giant

In this tutorial, Hashi from Action Movie Kid shows you how to create the energy effects from Captain Marvel. Use fractal noise for controlled chaos!


How to Add Scars, Tattoos, Digital Make-up with Mocha Pro, After Effects

Surfaced Studio explains how to add digital make-up, scars, and tattoos to your talent using Mocha Pro’s Mesh Warp tool. This tool is found in the Insert Module, inside an Adobe After Effects workflow.


Shazam Transformation Effect from Film Riot

Ryan Connelly of Film Riot has a fun new tutorial about how to sort of transform into Shazam with After Effects and Tools from Video Copilot.


Using RenderGarden to Accelerate After Effects Renders

TripodNinja, Krishna Bhamidipati has put together an excellent blog post about using RenderGarden to Accelerate After Effects Renders.


Spicing up your Premiere Pro Timeline with Particle Illusion

Benjamin Eshagpoor shows you some slick tricks of Boris FX's Particle Illusion, which comes with Boris Continuum and the Continuum Particles Unit.


In Depth: Render Farms / Network Rendering / Distributed Rendering

The idea of network rendering is to distribute your render over a network, or farm, of computers, to speed up your render times.