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Alex4D 360° Effects


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Alex4D 360° Effects

Essential VR video tools for 360° stories.

Alex4D 360° Effects works exclusively with Apple’s Final Cut Pro 10.4 and later. This kit of simple to use effects range from effects that stylise whole spheres of video to those that help viewers notice specific features of the 360° environment. As well as working with spheres of video, they also work with overlays such as logos, pictures and titles.


Alex4D 360° Effects includes three free plugins that can instantly save time in spherical video production.

The pack is divided into six categories:

  • Repeat – to repeat footage and overlays around the sphere
  • Highlight – to attract attention to specific parts of the environment
  • Blur – blur parts of your footage and overlays
  • Stylize – to change the look of whole spheres at a time
  • Masks – to help overlay areas of 360° content inside other spheres
  • Flat – to make more of 360° footage used in flat non-spherical videos


  • 360° Reorient 4D – Free: Changes the orientation of a 360° clip which has already had effects applied.
  • 360° Tilt and Direction 4D – Free: Sets the direction and tilt of a 360° clip using on-screen controls.
  • 360° Adjustment Layer 4D title – Free: Any 360° filters applied to this title will apply to all the layers below it. This plugin appears in the Titles browser.


  • 360° Repeat Comp Flat 4D: Repeats a flat title or picture in a compound clip in a ring of duplicates that can be positioned in 3D space.
  • 360° Repeat Sphere 4D: Shows multiple copies of the central longitudes of a 360° clip.


  • 360° Area Shape 4D: Adds a shape to 360° clips, titles, logos, clips or pictures with transparent areas – in a 360° project. The shape can be overlaid on top of the clip or behind the clip.
  • 360° Enlarge Area 4D: Enlarges an area of a 360° clip.
  • 360° Highlight Area 4D: Attracts attention to an area of a 360° clip in various ways, including by enlarging it, putting a circle around it and darkening and blurring the rest of the clip.


  • 360° Gaussian Area 4D: Disguises or stylises an area of a 360° clip by applying a gaussian blur to it.
  • 360° Radial Area 4D: Disguises or stylises an area of a 360° clip by applying a radial blur to it.
  • 360° Zoom Area 4D: Disguises or stylises an area of a 360° clip by applying a zoom blur to it.


  • 360° Edges 4D: Highlights all the boundaries between colours in a 360° clip.
  • 360° High Pass 4D: Intensifies the contrast in a 360° clip.
  • 360° Line Art 4D: Draws lines over the boundariies between coloured areas in a 360° clip.
  • 360° Pixellate 4D: Scales up the pixels used to show a 360° without scaling up the content.
  • 360° Pixellate Area 4D: Disguises or stylises an area of a 360° clip by scaling up its pixels while keeping the content the same size.


  • 360° Add Mask and Feather 4D: Applies a mask based on the transparency of a compound clip and adds 360° feathering.
  • 360° Latitude Mask 4D: Shows only selected latitudes of a 360° clip.
  • 360° Longitude Mask 4D: Shows only selected longitudes of a 360° clip.
  • 360° Mask Area 4D: Shows only a chosen area of a 360° spherical video clip or overlay.


  • 360° Bulge 4D: Distorts an area of a 360° clip by making it seem closer or further away from the camera.
  • 360° Twirl 4D: Stylises a 360° clip by twisting pixels around a point.


  • 4 Up 360° 4D: Shows four different views of a 360° clip in a flat project.
  • Tiny Planet 360° 4D: Shows most of a 360° clip  in a flat project by applying an extreme wide angle lens.


This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Please Note: This product works exclusively in Final Cut Pro.