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Material Authoring Tool

Substance Designer is the Ultimate 3D Material Authoring and Scan Processing Tool. It has become the standard in the entertainment industry for PBR material authoring.



Material authoring

Create materials with full control and an infinity of variations.

Edit complete texture sets instantly and produce Substance textures and MDL materials that will be directly handled in your renderer or game engine.

allegorithmic sbstance designer 6 sbs files

Substance Files (.sbsar)

Create Substance files tweakable in-context

allegorithmic sbstance designer 6 tilable textures

Tilable textures

Produce tileable textures up to 8K size with 32 bits floating

allegorithmic substance designer 6 materials


Produce MDL materials for Iray, V-Ray and Adobe Felix


allegorithmic substance designer 6 scan processing


Scan Processing

Process scans thanks to filters and tools in an adapted to photogrammetry workflow.

Substance Designer features a complete set of tools and filters including: Crop Tool, Color Equalizer Tool, Extract Channels filters (Multi-angle to Albedo, Multi-angle to Normal, Normal to Height), Smart Patch Clone Tool, Smart Auto Tile Tool.

  • Import
  • Crop
  • Clean with Color Equalizer
  • Extract Channels
  • Tile with Smart Auto Tile
  • Add Procedural Effects
  • Add Vector Graphics

Adapted to your workflow

Use the Substance material or export the textures to any renderer, game engine, DCC tool or portfolio site.

allegorithmic substance designer workflow

allegorithmic substance designer tile floor

Import a wide variety of content

Import procedural sbs and sbsar files, hand-painted images, photographs, scans and geometry (.fbx & .obj). No need to worry about tiling, either – Substance Designer handles it automatically.


Substance Source

Find physically based, high resolution and tweakable assets for texturing.

Substance Share

Download and share community-created content under Creative Commons 4.0 “Public License”.

Real-Time Physically Based Viewport with Iray Path Tracing

Use the real-time PBR viewport to preview your work exactly as it appears in Unity and Unreal. Match any other game engine via custom shaders.

Create photo-realistic renders with Iray path-trace technology while working, embellish your work with Yebis post-production effects, and share portfolio-ready materials directly on ArtStation.

allegorithmic substance designer viewport


Node Based Non-Destructive Workflows

Substance Designer features 4 graphs types: Tiling textures, MDL materials, Math Functions and Noise Editor. Edit complete texture sets instantly with the procedural node-based non-linear workflow. Want to change something while you’re working? Make changes to any previous step while keeping your current work intact.

  • Node-based Graphs
  • MDL materials
  • Math Functions
  • Noise Editor

Powerful generators, tools and filters

Combine a large number of pre-set filters and tools for Procedural and Hybrid Workflows. Access and modify the sources of all filters.


Integrated Full-Featured Bakers

Bake quickly and easily with a complete set of bakers. Create non-uniform (non-square) bakes up to 8K resolution with Substance Designer.

The bakers include: AO, normal, ID, height, curvature, position, polypaint, Bent Normals, Color Map, UV to SVG, Opacity Mask, Thickness, Transfered Texture, World Space Direction, World Space Normals.

allegorithmic substance designer bakers



Tutorial: Substance Designer Getting Started: 01 - Creating a base material part ONE - Base Material



material layering


Substance Designer 4 is the first texturing tool to introduce a material layering workflow. Tired of messy layers ? Fit all you need in a few compact and handy nodes. Let Substance connect all the channels for you and focus on what really matters: your art.


Non-Destructive authoring workflow means you can revert all the actions you are making without losing any of your work. No more "I can't come back to that point"!


Substance Designer is a hub for all your texturing resources, allowing you to composite all of them to get your texturing done: Mesh, Bitmaps, PSD, Parametric noises, Substances, Vector Graphics...


Substances are multi-output. Create all your output maps such as normal, height, specular, etc. in one single graph, from the same information.




The 3D View allows to visualize in real time on your mesh directly all your texturing work. And thanks to Yebis 2, you can as create amazing post effects directly in the 3D view.


Visualize your materials directly in the 3D View with our embedded PBR shader.


The 3D View lets you import your own shaders, or use some already embedded.


The 3D View supports DX11 and tessellation with nVidia GPU.


Display multi materials in the 3D View.


This feature allows Substance Designer materials and textures to be updated in real-time in any other software (Marmoset Toolbag 2, Unreal Engine 4 and Unity to name a few)!


The bakers embedded in Substance Designer allow to bake maps at light speed and use them for your texturing work:

  • Ambient Occlusion maps from high and low polygon meshes
  • Bent Normals maps from high polygon meshes
  • Color map from Mesh
  • Convert UV to SVG
  • Curvature maps (also called Cavity maps)
  • Normal Maps from high and low polygon meshes
  • Position maps
  • Vertex Color maps from high polygon meshes
  • World Space Direction maps
  • World Space Normal maps



Thanks to Substance Batchtools, replicate your most common operations on all your assets, helping you save tons of time. This batch / scripting capabilities are truly unique in the industry!

* Substance Batchtools are only available with site licenses. Please contact us for more information.


bitmap paint

Bitmap Paint

vector graphic

Vector Graphic


Work in Photoshop, save your file, and have it automatically updated in Substance Designer.


FX-Map allows you to create procedural images. It is one of the most powerful features of the Substance technology.
The most common uses of FX-Maps are creating repetitive patterns, such as stripes and bricks, and noises, such as Perlin, Brownian and Gaussian.
Noises are particularly useful in creating organic, natural-looking textures like dirt, dust, liquid spatters and so on.


Create your own brush thanks to the Brush Editor.


Manage your own library of brushes.


A sRGB/Linear gamma switch is available in the 2D and 3D views for a more PBR-correct view of colors.



Substance Designer provides a huge library of materials, including 50 textures from Game Textures. (Those are not available in Trial).

base materials library


A lots of presets are embedded with Substance Designer, allowing you to add wonderful graphical effects on your materials:

  • Parametric noises
  • Parametric grunge maps
  • Parametric generators: wood, parquet, brick walls, stone, etc.
  • Filters for blending, tiling, adjustment, etc.
  • Mesh adaptive filters
  • Special effects
  • PBR Base materials
  • Samples with sources

View the list of embedded substances


Create a full material from a single diffuse. For more controls on the outputs, you can use Bitmap2Material 2.



Organize all your assets in the Library view, transforming Substance Designer in a hub for the texturing.


Monitor your assets on your computer and on the network, to work efficiently with your team.


Create rules and filters to organize your assets in folders.


Add your most-used assets in a favorite folder to access them quickly.


Find any assets quickly thanks to the Quick Search bar.


version controlVersion control with Perforce allows you to monitor all changes in the assets created with Substance. A set of scripts has been implemented to facilitate the check in/check out of Substance files with an asset management system such as Perforce. Other version control tools will be added in further releases.



Substance Designer allows to easily share substance files:

  • Export with dependencies: export your .sbs files with all the dependencies, no more ghost graphs or filters missing!
  • Share your Library: share your substance library with other artists using our new alias system.

License Comparison

  Pro License Indie License
Full Features Yes Yes
On how many computers can I install Substance Designer with 1 license? As many as you want (PC and Mac).
But you can launch the software on only 1 computer at a time.
As many as you want (PC and Mac).
But you can launch the software on only 1 computer at a time.
Can I work on commercial projects? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
Can I use Substance software on a project as a freelancer? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
Can I resell assets (including substances) created with your software? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
How many versions upgrade will I get when I purchase one of your software? All the minor upgrades versions (.x) are for free. All the minor upgrades versions (.x) are for free.
Can I upgrade from my version to the new version, when the new one is released? Yes, you can upgrade for a fair price depending on each product. You don't need to buy a full new license. Yes, you can upgrade for a fair price depending on each product. You don't need to buy a full new license.
Can I get a Steam key if I purchase 1 license on your website? Yes, contact us to get it. Yes, contact us to get it.
Can I upgrade/downgrade to another license? Yes, go to the Upgrade page to do it Yes, go to the Upgrade page to do it


  • Unity
  • Unreal Engine 4
  • 3DS Max
  • MAYA
  • MODO
  • MarmoSet Toolbag 2
  • Fuse

One license gives you access to both Windows, OS X and Linux versions.  An Internet connection is required once per month for Substance Live.



  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: VRAM 2GB
  • DirectX: Version 10


  • OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: VRAM 4GB
  • DirectX: Version 10



  • OS: 10.11 or above
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: VRAM 2GB


  • OS: 10.12 (Sierra) or above
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: VRAM 4GB



  • OS: CentOS 6.6 or Ubuntu 12.4 (Steam)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: VRAM 2GB


  • OS: CentOS 6.6 or Ubuntu 16.4 (Steam)
  • Memory: 16 GB RAM
  • Graphics: VRAM 4GB

Supported GPUs
Note: Integrated GPUs are not recommended
Mac : Only official Apple configurations are supported
Mac : Nvidia Iray renderer requires CUDA drivers to use the GPU (OSX 10.11 minimum)

GPU not supported:

  • AMD FirePro

What's new in Substance Designer 2019.1?

Read full release notes


  • [API] Add 'updatePackages' parameter to the SDPackageMGR.loadUserPackage() method to control if the updaters should be applied or not on load
  • [API] Add the ability to disconnect a SDConnection
  • [API] Add class SDSBSARExporter to publish a SDPackage
  • [API] Add SDHistoryUtils class to manage undoable commands
  • [API] Add grayscale input node definition in Substance Compositing Graph (sbs::compositing::input_grayscale)
  • [API] Add value input node definition in Substance Compositing Graph (sbs::compositing::input_value)
  • [API] Add SDProperty.isFunctionOnly() method
  • [API] Add support of custom input parameter on SDSBSCompNode
  • [API] Add 'reloadIfModified' parameter to the SDPackageMGR.loadUserPackage() method to control if a package has be reloaded if modified
  • [API] Add SDPackageMgr.getPackages() method
  • [API] Add possibility to get/add/remove root paths from SDModuleMgr
  • [API] Allow getting the pointer of the pixels buffer and the pitch of a SDTexture
  • [API] Allow to retrieve the pointer of the MainWindow
  • [API] Allow to create custom menus in the main menu
  • [API] Allow to create custom DockWidgets in the main window
  • [API] Use object names to find menus in toolbars
  • [API] Provide system to manage application notifications to the API
  • [PythonIntegration] Add default environment variable to look for python plugins
  • [PythonIntegration] Add text search and replace to the Python editor
  • [PythonIntegration] Instanciate Python plugins at startup
  • [PythonIntegration] Take in account PYTHONPATH environment variable
  • [PythonIntegration] Allow creating toolbars in graph widgets
  • [PythonIntegration] Support Python threads
  • [PythonIntegration] Add a Plugin Manager (in the 'Tools' menu)
  • [Content] Normal Vector Rotation: add an optional image input to drive the angle
  • [Content] New Min/Max filter
  • [Content] New "Flood Fill to Index" filter
  • [Content] New "Flood Fill Mapper" filter
  • [Content] New Atlas Splitter filter
  • [Content] Improve Tri Planar filter
  • [Content] New Non Uniform Directional Warp filter
  • [Content] New Multi Directional Warp
  • [Content] New Height Extrude filter
  • [Engine] Fxmap: new "Gradation with offset" pattern
  • [Engine] Support For Uniform value processing (New Value Processor node)
  • [3D View][Bakers] Improve OBJ loader performances
  • [3D View] Increase the camera clip plane distances
  • [Preferences] Add settings for Bakers
  • [Graph] Make invalidation faster by avoiding string comparisons
  • [MDL] Support MDL Arrays
  • [UI] Engine selection UI improvements
  • [IRay] Upgrade to IRay SDK 2018.1.4
  • [Dependency Manager] Use "last path" when relocating a resource
  • [Cooking] Add support of Boolean Labels in the sbsar
  • Integrate Qt 5.12.2


  • [Graph] Connections are broken when changing the name of the input
  • [Graph] Too many invalidations are triggered when tweaking parameters
  • [Graph] "Copy to Clipboard" action don't work if we do the right click on a badge
  • [Graph] Moving a frame using Alt is not stored in the .sbs
  • [MDL] Color profile is not automatically updated in MDL editor
  • [MDL] crash when exporting module that contains a specific setup
  • [MDL] Fail to export a MDL Graph that contains a LightProfile or a MBSDF resource
  • [UI] Shortcuts are no longer displayed in context menus
  • [UI] Floating window becomes dockable after restart
  • [Scripting] Cancel option doesn't work in python editor
  • [Scripting] "yes to all" option in save menu doesn't work
  • [Parameters] drop down list are not displayed correctly after copy
  • [Explorer] Relocating resources should open the last relocated path by default
  • [Library] The content of the library is always rebuilt when switching from one version to another
  • [Library] Imported Bitmaps are invalidated on save
  • [IRay] Tangent space is not computed correctly / incorrect normal mapping
  • [Function] Crash or fail when creating new graph from selection
  • [API] default value of properties is not defined




  • [Content] PBR Base Material outputs does not have the right group name

2018.3.0, 6 December 2018


  • [Graph] Add a Breadcrumb when editing sub-graphs / functions
  • [Graph] Add TAB as a shortcut to spawn the "node menu"
  • [Graph] Node highlighter for parent nodes of selection
  • [Graph] Add Ctrl+E as shortcut to open Pixel Processor function and subgraphs
  • [Graph] Connect new node to first visible output of selected node
  • [Graph] Add node 'Badges'
  • [Graph] Add warning on compositing nodes through badges
  • [Graph] Add the possibility to search a node by its name, attributes or UID
  • [API] Allow to create and modify data
  • [API] Allow to export SDPackage and SDMDLGraph to MDL Modules (see SDMDLExporter)
  • [API] Allow to retrieve all nodes, enums and struct definitions (see SDModuleMgr)
  • [3D View] Switch to cubemaps for the OpenGL renderer
  • [3D View] Export linear hdr image when saving to .exr or .hdr
  • [Bakers] Integrate DXR raytracing technology
  • [IRay] Integrate IRay SDK 2018.1
  • [Engine] SSE (CPU) Engine support for hdr floating point image processing
  • [Engine] Add a command line option (--gpu x) to specify the GPU device dedicated to the Substance engine
  • [Content] New PBR render node
  • [UI] Rework tabs and title bar
  • [Dependency Manager] Prevent updating the dependency list when user actions don't affect dependencies


  • [Graph] Crash when instantiating a graph into itself
  • [Graph] Duplicated node is not selected
  • [Graph] computing problem when using a same node instance in 2 different MDL graph
  • [Graph] the Z key should center the view at the scene bbox center
  • [Graph] Ignore colorspace in the connection rules when using material link
  • [Graph] Avoid opening outputs in 3D view when opening a graph in conli
  • [Graph] Paste nodes is slow when "Open newly created node" is enabled
  • [3D view] Assert when drag and dropping a specific mesh
  • [3D view] UV scale enabled option doesn't work on height map
  • [Content] Tri-Planar: Various Issues regarding axis and transforms
  • [Content] Slope Blur Grayscale: one of the samples does not have the right blending mode when using min or max
  • [Content] Gradient linear 2 wrong result at low resolution
  • [API] SDPackage.findResourceFromUrl() could also retrieve resources located in another SDPackage
  • [API] SDPackage.getChildrenResources() always returns the first element in non recursive mode
  • [API] [Documentation] Enums, structs located in 'generated' folder are not reflected in the documentation
  • [UI] 2D view width should not be constrained
  • [Gradient] Crash when picking on Mac
  • [Explorer] Crash when closing and re opening a graph
  • [Mac] Color picker does not work on multiple screen
  • [Parameters] Spin box on integer parameters doesn't work
  • [Cooker] Crash when creating certain nodes on OSX 10.13
  • [Curve Filter] Keys and control points can end up with a -0.0 or a weird "almost zero" value in the Curve editor
  • [2D View] Position widget are not available for graphs coming from sbsar
  • [PSD] Layer issue after exporting with dependencies



  • [Content] Shape Shadow does not work correctly when tiling is off
  • [Content] Floodfill to Random grayscale / color doesn't work correctly in some cases
  • [Content] Flood Fill is incorrect in non-square
  • [Content] Flood fill to Color / Grayscale is broken
  • [Content] QuadTransform is jaggy in CPU
  • [Content] Star Shape outputs a "No Tiling" tiling mode
  • [Content] Shape Splatter Blend Color output absolute 32f bitdepth
  • [Content] Shape Splatter Blend Color is long to compute if its format is not set to 32F
  • [Graph] Crash when linking image as Input of a Fx-Map while Iterate properties are displayed
  • [Graph] Timings seems wrong while editing graph in-context
  • [Graph] Random crash when saving graph
  • [Graph] material mode doesn't work with sbsar
  • [3D View] Material assignment is not restored correctly
  • [3D View] Some 3Dview state file settings are not loaded correctly
  • [2D View] Alpha display always displays black
  • [2D View] Display Image to grayscale button does not work for images with alpha
  • [UI] dependency manager spawn on start even when not activated on Mac
  • [UI] Some buttons perform actions even when releasing the mouse outside
  • [API] Crash when trying to keep an array item outside the scope of the array where he comes from
  • [MDL Graph] Node preview is upside down
  • [MDL Graph] Displacement of the preview node is different than in the 3DView
  • [Console] Performances gets very slow when the console contains many message
  • [Console] Qt warnings when launching Designer on CentOS
  • [FX-Map] Crash while deleting links between inputs and FX-map
  • [Functions] Can't set a string type node as output in Function Resource
  • [Preferences] There is no focus in the preferences menu, user can accidentally change a value while scrolling
  • [FX-Map] Input Image Index combobox not updated correctly when adding/removing inputs
  • [Dependencies] Crash when deleting UDIM resources used in a graph
  • [API] SDLocationContext.getCurrentGraph() always return null
  • [Publish] Wrong URL to Substance Player downloading page



  • [UI] Add a message in the taskbar when the "In context editing" is enabled
  • [Preferences] Rephrase the "In context editing" option label


  • [Graph] Paste without link shortcut doesn't work in compositing graph
  • [Graph] Invalidation is very long when in context editing is enabled
  • [Graph] Crash when linking nodes
  • [Graph] Crash relinking nodes
  • [Graph] Crash moving frames
  • [Graph] Crash when switching UVTile in graph and mesh is not udim anymore
  • [Graph] Crash when using ctrl+z after pasting nodes
  • [Graph] Select Parent Nodes is very slow
  • [Bakers] Moving maps up/down allow user to resize the row
  • [Bakers] Path for saving or loading preset is never saved
  • [Bakers] Cage is used even when not selected in the baking window
  • [Bakers] Skew correction is not working correctly
  • [Bakers] Very slow performance when negative UV space is in the view
  • [Bakers] Clicking the Cancel button does not cancel the mesh loading
  • [Bakers] Can't bake using a cage if the skew map is empty and set as true
  • [Content] Flood Fill is slow in 4K
  • [Content] Linear to sRGB function is broken
  • [Content] Tile Random Grayscale background is driven by a float4 instead of a float, prevents cooking
  • [Content] Shape Splatter: Position/Vector Map Multiplier does not work properly
  • [Scripting] Ctrl + o doesn't work in python editor
  • [Scripting] The Python editor keeps prompting even after closing
  • [Scripting] Freeze when creating multiple new scripts
  • [UI] Icons in Library are pixalated
  • [UI] Panels that are floating by default misbehave
  • [Explorer] Crash importing a mesh on CentOS
  • [Explorer] UDIM mesh is loaded twice
  • [Cooker] No timing for nodes in context
  • [Cooker] Stack overflow when cooking
  • [License] Bad authentication with valid credentials
  • [License] Floating license reported more than once for the same user
  • [3D view] UV tile material default V value is wrong
  • [3D View] Performance regression compared to 2018.1.x
  • [Preferences] Crash while using a configuration file from a server
  • [Library] Crash deleting a filter inside the library
  • [SVG] Dependency issue when using alias
  • [Levels] 32bits HDR bitmaps make the level editor blink while moving widgets position
  • [PSD] Linked import PSD window is displayed twice
  • [Iray] Scene is updated when a disabled light is modified
  • [MDL] Crash when deleting all nodes of an MDL template
  • [Engine] Huge offset amount in FX-Map can freeze SD
  • Crashpad Crashes at startup
  • Python environnent variable makes Designer crash at launch

2018.2 (Summer Release)


  • [UI] New Style
  • [UI] New Sliders
  • [UI] Make floating windows really floating
  • [UI] Change Preferences Window layout
  • [UI] Library: remove filter bar
  • [UI] Library: remove selection display overlay
  • [UI] Add a message in the taskbar when the application is Autosaving a package
  • [UX] Properties: merge "function" and "reset to default" menus
  • [Content] New Shape Splatter (+ companion filters) nodes
  • [Content] Add Flood Fill to Color/Grayscale filters
  • [Content] New Flood Fill support: support shapes with holes
  • [Content] Flood Fill to Gradient: add Slope and Angle image input
  • [Content] Optimize the Auto Level filter
  • [Content] New Shape Extrude filter
  • [Content] Material Transform: add support for rotated normal maps
  • [Content] New Normal Vector Rotation and Normal Transform filters
  • [Content] Normal Normalize: improve result quality.
  • [Content] New Trapezoid Transform filter
  • [Content] New Quad Transform filter
  • [Content] Add Hemisphere pattern to Shape node
  • [Content] Add new Gradients with controls in the 2D View
  • [Content] Add UV output to "Cube GBuffers" node
  • [Graph] Frame: ignore title text larger than the frame bbox for selection
  • [Graph] Add support for in context edition of sub graphs (experimental)
  • [Graph] Creating Frame/Comment should affect the node under the cursor when using RMB
  • [Graph] Frame: ignore title text larger than the frame bbox for selection
  • [Graph] Reuse existing tab when opening a function already opened
  • [Graph] Create a new tab when "Open Reference" is used
  • [Graph] Function: don't display function properties when clicking on the background
  • [Parameters] Remove "Expose" button from fxmap graphs
  • [Parameters] Level: Add an "Invert" button
  • [Parameters] Expand the "Input Parameters" group when creating a new input parameter
  • [Properties] Add the package url info in the graph attributes
  • [Properties] Increase the description field size for output nodes
  • [Properties] Allow to enter Per Pixel Function of Pixel Processor even for read-only packages
  • [Scipting] New Python API / Python editor (first iteration)
  • [Bakers] Optimize geometry transfer during rendering
  • [3D View] Switch to OpenGL Core Profile
  • [3D View] Support tesselation/displacement on Mac
  • [Functions] Function Resource: list image inputs in sampler nodes


  • [Graph] crash when linking a node to another
  • [Graph] getting variables in graph random seed function does not work
  • [Graph] crash when drag and dropping noise in a graph
  • [Graph] crash when opening a specific graph
  • [Content] Result is different between Tile Random Color and Grayscale
  • [Content] Tile Random: Result changes when modifying the "Symmetry Random Mode"
  • [Content] Edge detect doesn't work with non-square resolutions
  • [Bakers] Artifacts while baking curvature using a UDIM mesh
  • [Bakers] Ambient Occlusion map from mesh is inverted while using a normal map
  • [Bakers] UV sets list should be restricted to available UV sets
  • [Explorer] crash when deleting resources while baking
  • [Transform2D] Crash when exposing Mip map level and Background Color parameters
  • [Transform2D] Misbehavior while exposing a Transform MipMap level
  • [PSDExport] PSD exporter doesn't export grayscale 32F correctly
  • [2D View] Histogram computation not working with 16F nodes
  • [PSD] Linked PSD are broken
  • [Cooker] Function in outputsize parameter is not correctly evaluated
  • [Export] Export outputs path should be the same as the package path
  • [Export] Export path is not saved using an empty pattern
  • [Templates] Missing group for Position in Painter template
  • [Help] command line help does not display --news on Mac
  • [Dependencies] Exporting twice after modifying a folder name doesn't work


[Content] Fractal Sum Base: wrong result with the third level (new graph has been added)
[Content] 3D Perlin Noise Fractal is forced to 32bit
[Content] Gradient Linear 3 does not give the right result when using non uniform size
[Content] Normal Sobel does not support tiling options
[Content] Checker_1 is forced to 8bit
[Content] Multiangle to Normal: internal computation issue
[Content] Stripes Pattern does not support negative "Shift" values (engine crash)
[MDL] Crash when trying to open a specific MDL project
[MDL] MDL Graph is not computed after a closed/reopened operation
[Export] Outputs from unassigned graphs are exported using the batch tool
[Export] Exporting C16F in exr generates grayscale image
[Bakers] Skew features are not disabled in UI when baking with a cage
[Bakers] Crash when cage doesn't have corresponding UV set
[Cooker] sbscooker: cooking error related to "blend_switch.sbs"
[Cooker] Published graph does not render correctly
[Engine] Transformation 2D: matte color is not correct
[Explorer] Crash when re-importing a FBX mesh
[Color Widget] Grayscale color picker only picks red channel value
[3D View] Usage "textcoordN" doesn't work anymore
[Iray] Normal Map is applied twice for dielectrics

[3D View] Allow to set the default light state in the Project settings
[Version Control] Remove the timeout of 30s when calling the python scripts


[3D View] Weird visual artefact with specific AMD GPU
[3D View] Freeze with specific AMD GPUs
[3D View][Bakers] Generated normals from .obj have hard edges on UV seam
[3D View] Crash while computing spherical harmonics
[Bakers] Can't set resource as "embedded"
[Bakers] crash when baking
[Bakers] Baking 2 different versions of a map from UDIM mesh is broken
[Bakers] crash when switching between contextual and non contextual graph
[Bakers] Having the same baker twice will make them synchronized
[Bakers] renaming the $(custom) macro prevents baking correctly
[Bakers] Refreshing a baked map should blocks the UI
[Bakers] Refresh All baked maps creates empty resources
[Bakers] Pressing "Enter" to confirm a parameter value removes the high poly
[Content] Tile Generator: Rotation Random error when X and Y Amount are different
[Content] some grunge maps contains ghost instances
[Content] Cube 3d: using random functions in parameters does not give expected result
[Content] Fractal noises are not rendered correctly when Non Square Expansion is off
[Content] Cells 2 and Cells 4 don't behave correctly when Non Square Expansion is off
[Graph] Updating a sbsar instance creates a ghost graph
[Graph] Assignment through right click should not display UV tiles sub menu for non UDIM meshes
[Graph] Republished sbsar is not correctly updated
[Graph] Nodes not invalidated correctly when resource changes
[Cooker] Premult alpha blending parameter is not correctly retrieved from sbsar
[Cooker] levels filter does not clamp values when cooked in a sbsar
[Cooker] Implicit transform are performed before FX-Map nodes
[Explorer] Pressing del key on a package asks the user if he wants to delete it
[Explorer][Bakers] Relocate issue
[Curve] Random crash when manipulating keys in the curve editor
[MDL] Gamma Type not correctly set for custom usage
[Parameters] Crash exposing a parameter with the same identifier as an existing input
[Properties] Output usage is edited with insensitive case

[3D View] Set default range of "Tesselation factor" to [0, 16]



  • [Bakers] Optimize high-poly baking
  • [Bakers] Improve result on seams for Curvature baker
  • [Bakers] Bake maps for UDIM based mesh
  • [Bakers] Add a dedicated 2D view in the Baker window
  • [Graph] Support for UDIMs
  • [Graph] Optimize cooker performances
  • [Graph] Improve node thumbnails generation speed
  • [Graph] Keep node cache only for opened graphs
  • [Graph] Add toolbar in the compositing graph to control the Thumbnail generation mode
  • [3D View] Add a geometry cache to optimize high definition meshes display
  • [3D View] Support UDIM display (display the current tile)
  • [3D View] Update Rounded Cube with uniform topology
  • [3D View] Avoid saving scene all the time
  • [Content] Add 3D Noises (Perlin, Perlin Fractal, Worley, Simplex) nodes
  • [Content] Add 3D Volume Mask node
  • [Content] Add 3D Linear Gradient node
  • [Content] Add 3D Cube Gbuffers node (useful to previsualize 3D based nodes)
  • [Content] Add 3d Planar Projection node
  • [Content] Add Radial Blur filter
  • [Parameters] Display image input/output properties in the graph properties
  • [Parameters] Allow the edition of resources path
  • [Engine] Support up to 8k textures with the CPU (SSE2) engine
  • [Engine] Allow Grayscale Converter to use HDR weights for HDR engine
  • [Preferences] Add an option to disable the automatic conversion node creation
  • [Preferences] Set the default compression for png to 'best speed'
  • [UI] support html link in Graph properties
  • [UI] Center the "Yes / No / Cancel" Buttons in the save confirmation dialog
  • [Explorer] Enhance Mesh hierarchy display
  • [IRay] Integrate IRay SDK 2017.1.4


  • [Bakers] Adding a macro in the output name field does not add it on the cursor position
  • [Bakers] No materials are displayed in the list if the object has no material
  • [Bakers] Pressing Enter to confirm baker parameters open a drop-down menu
  • [Bakers] Baking textures should not generate commands in the undo stack
  • [Bakers] Crash baking a Transferred Texture From Mesh without specifying a texture
  • [Explorer] "Save as" should use the existing file name instead of the first resource name
  • [Explorer] Wrong behavior when drag and dropping a resource from one package to another
  • [Explorer] Right mouse click should not open the data in the properties
  • [Explorer] Icon of Scene items don't have the correct background
  • [Graph] Ctrl + D doesn't work on Linux
  • [Graph] Multi relink function sometimes plug only one link
  • [Graph] Ctrl+Shift+D should remove only external links, not internal links
  • [Graph] Link between grayscale and color isn't correct
  • [3D View] Cannot set a resource as an env map
  • [3D View] Mesh info shader don't display results in the right color space
  • [Parameters] Non exposable parameters are still exposable using CTRL+P
  • [Parameters] Text fields are not updated correctly on undo/redo
  • [Content] Artifacts in Grunge Map 003
  • [Content] Vector morph grayscale primary input seems incorrect
  • [Cooker] sbscooker generates an error when a resource is missing
  • [Cooking] Crash with stack overflow when node chain is too long
  • [UI] 'Quit' button in license management doesn't work

What's new in 2017.2?


  • [Content] Add Floodfill and associated filters (convert a black and white mask to gradients, random colors..etc)
  • [Content] Add new Noises, Grunge Maps and Pattern generators that support non square format (old version are marked as "Legacy")
  • [Content] Added new Splatter Circular with a lot more features
  • [Content] Add new Scratches Generator
  • [Content] Add Swirl filter
  • [Content] Add Histogram Select
  • [Content] Add Star pattern
  • [Content] Add Shape Mapper filter
  • [Content] Add Vector Morph filter
  • [Content] Add Gradient Linear 3
  • [Content] Tile Random / Tile Generator: add symmetry mode (h+v, h, v)
  • [Content] Tile Generator: Add multiple image input
  • [Content] Rename "RGB-A Merge" to "Alpha Merge"
  • [2D View] switch node output display using the C key
  • [2D View] Optimize Histogram / info layout depending on their display ratio
  • [2D View] Add a button to enable/disable the tiling display
  • [3DView] Optimize computation speed of Spherical harmonics
  • [3D View] Update PBR shaders to use Fibonacci sampling instead of Hammersley
  • [3D View] Add an option to save the current scene state as default
  • [3D View][Bakers] Serialize Data in human readable format
  • [Bakers] Add presets export/import (json)
  • [Publish] Create the sbsar archive as non solid
  • [Publish] Store the graph image/thumbnail into the sbsar
  • [Publish] Display a progress bar when a package is being published
  • [Dependencies] Display the .sbs file requesting a dependency in the "Missing dependency window"
  • [Dependencies] Report window: display green icon when the problem has been resolved
  • [Dependencies] Add an option to open the package custom dependencies in the package explorer
  • [Preferences] Add an option to set the default scene state in the project settings
  • [Preferences] Add an option to enable/disable path for the library
  • [Graph] Add an option to make a screenshot (at 1:1 scale) of the graph
  • [Graph] Remove tooltip from the background of compositing graphs
  • [Scripting] Add onBeforeFileLoaded and onAfterFileLoaded callbacks
  • [Engine] Add a Base Parameter to adjust Pixel Ratio mode
  • [Console] Improve Console performances
  • [Parameters] New Position (XY) widget
  • [Iray] Upgrade to IRay SDK 2017.1
  • [PSD] Save PSD widget state as text instead of binary
  • [Library] Use thumbs from sbsar if it exists
  • [Explorer] Rename "Dependencies.." entry to "Dependency Manager"
  • AXF files Import


  • [MDL] Fail to export MDL Module if texture is connected to an exposed parameter
  • [MDL] Try to register dependency for MDL string variables (constant node)
  • [MDL] crash after closing the package
  • [MDL] crash when connecting a float 3 to a color node
  • [MDL] can't open nodes library when releasing a link node in a frame
  • [MDL] crash when using a file texture
  • [MDL] Dependency behaviour register too many operands
  • [Graph] Connector names are disabled after FX-Map editing
  • [Graph] crash when undo
  • [Graph] Strange behavior with links between nodes
  • [Graph] Collapsed nodes scatter and detach when undo
  • [Graph] Function instance are not updated when reference is changed
  • [Version Control] Package is reloaded when a Version Control custom action is triggered
  • [Version Control] Disabled version control workspaces are still available in the context menu of a package
  • [Version control] Remove custom action don't remove it from the contextual menu of a package
  • [Properties] Parameter preview is not updated when using the gizmo
  • [Iray] Max time display problem
  • [Iray] Pause option issue
  • [Bakers] crash when baking convert UV to SVG using Korean/Japaneses translation
  • [Bakers] changing the path after a first baking doesn't work
  • [PSD Exporter] undo issue
  • [PSD] folder and layers are locked in Photoshop CS5
  • [UI] color cursor is always set to white when uniform color node is created
  • [UI] Opening an existing tab should display it instead of duplicating it.
  • [Presets] crash when changing parameter type used in a preset
  • [3D View] samplers with same usage are merged
  • [2D View] Pixel information does not work for images whose resolution is not a power of 2
  • [Library] issue when renaming filters
  • [Data] Fix various typo in SBS files
  • [Parameters] level node - auto level precision issue
  • [Preferences] Templates Directories buttons should be disabled for "Default Project"

What's new in 2017.1?

New Features:

  • [Bakers] New UI
  • [Bakers] Keep a high def mesh cache until the baker window is closed
  • [Bakers] Add an option to correct skew deformation using a grayscale mask
  • [Bakers] Support use-high-poly-as-low-poly in from-mesh bakers
  • [Bakers] Make the Bakers window non modal
  • [Bakers] Store state to .sbs file in human readable format
  • [Parameters] Copy/Paste parameters from one graph to another
  • [Parameters] Add an option to copy a single Input Parameter (and paste it afterward)
  • [Parameters] Remove the function button on "Color Mode" parameter
  • [Parameters] Edit/Save/Display embedded parameter presets
  • [Parameters] Allow the user to copy parameters attributes when a package is locked
  • [3D View] No longer store last session 3d view settings in the registry
  • [3D View] Create new 3d resource from current scene
  • [3D View] No longer store the 3D view state from one session to another in the registry
  • [3D View] Merge the "Scene" and "Geometry" menus
  • [3D View] Seperate sRGB conversion from the fragment shader (you will need to update your custom shaders!)
  • [3D View] Add an option to create a new 3d resource from the current state
  • [3D View] Improve error message generated when #include fail into a shader code
  • [3D View][Explorer] Create 3D scene from primitives
  • [3D View] Display correct line number when GLSL shader compilation failed and code contains #include directives
  • [Graph] Be able to resize a frame from all corners/borders
  • [Graph] Store the Parent Size information on the graph resource instead of local registry
  • [Graph] optimize Node thumbnails generation speed
  • [Graph] Expose the memory cache budget in the Preferences
  • [Graph] Add a "Reset and View in 3D View" option on nodes
  • [Content] PBR Converter: Add new Arnold 4/5, Corona 1.6 and Renderman Presets
  • [Content] Optimize AutoLevel node and support HDR input
  • [Content] Optimize HBAO filter when GPU Optimization is off, add 16 samples version
  • [Cooker] output SVG unsupported feature to the log
  • [Cooker] Don't discard all the SVG resource if only one feature is not supported
  • [UI] Increase Description block size
  • [UI] Add file path information on graph instances
  • [Functions] Add "Open Reference" on function instances
  • [Functions] Display function graphs list when drag anddroping .sbs into a function graph
  • [Explorer] Create new 3d resource from primitive
  • [Engine] Add $tiling variable
  • [Curve] Add options to flip horizontally/vertically the curve
  • [Color Management] Read ICC profile on bitmaps
  • [Export] Add "Label", "Group" and "User Data" in the Pattern macro list
  • [Preferences] add the possibility to change the path for temp files
  • [Doc] Add MDL Graph format to the SBS format documentation

Bug Fixes

  • [Graph] Cache issue: view outputs in 3D View no longer works
  • [Graph] Clear cache issue
  • [Graph] Node thumbnails generation requests are not canceled when graph is invalidated
  • [Graph] Resolution issues after using F5
  • [Graph] graph view missing at launch
  • [Graph] Modifying a parameter generates multiple render call
  • [Graph] crash when using custom template which contains baked maps
  • [Graph] Crash when linked nodes in a graph function
  • [3D View] Parallel loading mess up with ProgressManager
  • [3D View] Rendering with iray at custom resolution image not full frame
  • [3D View][Iray] Material Definition is not kept
  • [2D View] Histogram is empty on LDR images
  • [2D View] Display issue when tiling mode is enabled
  • [MDL] parameters not exposed
  • [MDL] crash when moving a MDL from a package to another while rendering
  • [MDL] Don't ask where to assign the MDL when double clicking on graph
  • [Bakers] Crash when baking specific .obj file
  • [Bakers] Transferred texture from mesh / normal gives a wrong result
  • [Transformation 2D] Can't use arrow keys to change offset in 2D transform node
  • [Transformation 2D] artefact issue with low resolution
  • [Updater] Update report doesn't appear using when Ctrl+o/open
  • [Properties][Format] Some characters are escaped twice in UserTags
  • [Bitmap node] Ctrl Z doesn't work on 2D View
  • [Preference] Useless empty space in the Aliases tab
  • [Installer] Installing a previous version doesn't work the first time
  • [Parameters] drop down list: putting some spaces to the last value label freezes SD indefinitely
  • [UI][MAC] "about Substance" displays Iray info
  • [SVG] crash when importing a specific SVG
  • [Content] HBAO filter: Radius parameter behaves differently in function of the resolution (a new hbao_2.sbs has been added, old hbao.sbs is now deprecated)

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