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Texture, Render, Share. Power to the artists.

Substance Painter is all you need in a 3D painting software, allowing you to texture, render and share your 3D assets.


Allegorithmic Substance Painter Frog

What You See Is What You Get

The PBR real-time viewport lets you work on asset look development.

Allegorithmic Substance Painter


Create in Substance Painter and get real-time feedback in UE4 and Unity thanks to the live link.

Substance Painter Renderers

Augmented Artistry

Unleash your creativity with powerful tools and a non-destructive workflow.

Smart Materials

Tear and wear, scratches and dust instantly appear where they're supposed to.

Smart Masks

Apply the same mask preset on any type of object and have it adapt automatically.

Integrated 8K Bakers

Baking is where it all starts. Bake high-quality maps in an instant directly within Substance Painter.

substance designer elephant

Bring VFX to the Top

Support for Linux, 8K export, color management, UDIM management and Scripting API make integrating Substance Painter into VFX workflows easier than ever.

  • Scripting
  • 8K export
  • UDIM import
  • Available for Linux

Open to the world

Get 1:1 engine exports and share directly to portfolio sites with dedicated formats.

  • Substance Share
  • Artstation
  • Sketchfab

substance designer supported game engines


Here are just a few of the accolades Substance Painter has received from industry leaders:

Polycount Greentooth Awards
2017 Winner
Exceptional Software and Exceptional Polycounters

Develop Awards
2016 Finalist
Best Design & Creativity Tool

CG Awards
2014 Winner
Best New Application

3D Artist
4.5/5 stars
“Allegorithmic’s newest release offers several tools to help you create stunning, industry-standard texture art.”

License Comparison

Substance Painter is available in Indie or Pro license: both license are full featured, the only difference comes from a revenue limit.

  Pro License Indie License
Full Features Yes Yes
On how many computers can I install Substance Designer with 1 license? As many as you want (PC and Mac).
But you can launch the software on only 1 computer at a time.
As many as you want (PC and Mac).
But you can launch the software on only 1 computer at a time.
Can I work on commercial projects? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
Can I use Substance software on a project as a freelancer? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
Can I resell assets (including substances) created with your software? Yes Yes, if your company/entity makes less than $100K per year in revenue.
How many versions upgrade will I get when I purchase one of your software? All the minor upgrades versions (.x) are for free. All the minor upgrades versions (.x) are for free.
Can I upgrade from my version to the new version, when the new one is released? Yes, you can upgrade for a fair price depending on each product. You don't need to buy a full new license. Yes, you can upgrade for a fair price depending on each product. You don't need to buy a full new license.
Can I get a Steam key if I purchase 1 license on your website? Yes, contact us to get it. Yes, contact us to get it.
Can I upgrade/downgrade to another license? Yes, go to the Upgrade page to do it

Yes, go to the Upgrade page to do it


Release Notes - Updates

2018.1.2 (Spring Update)

Release date: 2018/06/12


  • Summary: Improved Baking Speed, Improved Save System, Updated Sliders, Updated Plugin API, Chinese Translation, Improved Padding now Optional
  • [Bakers] Performance improvement with new baker version
  • Force display dialog with incompatible GPU
  • [Save] Expose new compact project functionality (full/compact save mode)
  • [Save] Inform user in case of saving error
  • [Clean] Next save in full/compact mode
  • [Sliders] Improvement of the precision of the color/grayscale bars and sliders
  • [Sliders] Addition of Up/Down arrow controls
  • [Sliders] Same detection zone for color and grayscale bar sliders
  • [Plugin] Autosave always in incremental mode
  • [Plugin] Option to switch plugins to new interface style
  • [Language] Add Chinese translation
  • [Padding] Option to switch between UV and 3D space neighbor padding per Texture Set in Texture Set Settings
  • [Script] Expose save mode: full/compact or incremental
  • [Script] Update scripting/QML documentation
  • [Log] Indicate save mode in log (full/compact or incremental)


  • [Tool] Channel slot transforms into a material slot on single-channel fills
  • Crash when loading a mesh (FBX) with some faces not assigned by a material
  • Crash in Iray with NVIDIA GRID 5.2 on a virtual machine
  • Crash when undoing a material preset deletion
  • Crash when loading some projects
  • [Command line] New command line for UDIMs meshes split-by-udim
  • [Toolbar] Shrinking of the toolbar
  • [Instancing] Cannot instantiate bitmaps across multiple texture sets
  • [Viewport] Refresh is not complete when painting on the mesh with tiled UVs
  • [Iray] Normal Map is applied twice for dielectrics
  • [Shelf] Typos in some Substance parameters (alphas, procedurals, and matfx)
  • [Shelf] Typo for the bitmap "Authorized Personnel Only"
  • [Script] Function alg.shaders.materials() does not work anymore

Known Issues:
Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs


Release date: 2018/04/03


  • [Tablet] Issue when changing default interaction choices
  • [Bakers] Crash with Assimp library
  • [Bakers] Regression on performance with A.O. map
  • [Iray] Lens Distortion is not applied to the Alpha channel
  • [Drivers] Update of minimum drivers requirements
  • [3Dview] Normals not correctly generated on UDIM meshes without normals information
  • [Intel] Crash with Substance Painter 2018.1.0
  • [Intel][Viewport] Issue with padding (black artefacts)

Known Issues:

Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs


Release date: 2018/03/15


  • New overall style (icons, color, behavior)
  • New default layout
  • [Tablet] User experience enhancement while painting
  • [Main menu] Sort native items in views and toolbars first
  • [Main menu] Move quick mask actions in viewport section
  • [Main menu] Move right-click actions into viewport section
  • [Main menu] Rename "View" menu as "Window"
  • [Quick menu] New tool properties by right click in viewport
  • [Dock widget] New dock toolbar for quick reduce/recall
  • [Display settings] Camera and viewer settings window merged
  • [Layer stack] Contextual right click menu
  • [Layer stack] Drag and drop to move any effect within the same layer
  • [Toolbar] Reorganization of toolbar and new contextual toolbar
  • [Tools toolbar] Split clone tool into two separate tools
  • [Tools properties] Lighter background grayscale value in the preview
  • [Tools properties] Organization in tabs (fill and tools)
  • [Tool] Painting result matches the stencil
  • [Viewport] New cursor for fill layer
  • [Viewport] Smoother navigation and painting (higher frame rate)
  • [Viewport] Material/Channel/Map selection combobox in viewport
  • [Viewport] Reduce flickering while rotating (shadow on)
  • [Shelf] Display materials by default when opening Painter
  • [Shelf] Loading time improvement of Substance textures and materials (2 to 6 times faster)
  • [Shelf] Reorganize materials folders to fit Substance Source structure
  • [Shelf] Drag and drop materials directly on the mesh in the viewport
  • [Shelf] New 3D Noises (Perlin, Perlin Fractal, Simplex and Worley)
  • [Shelf] New 3D Linear Gradient mask generator using mesh position
  • [Shelf] Updated base Noises to support non square expansion
  • [Shelf] Added new template and export preset for Lens Studio (Snap application)
  • [Shelf] Updated Smart Materials and Smart Masks to use latest version of the Mask Editor (micro details)
  • [Shelf] New sample project "TilingMaterial" to create seamless tiling materials
  • [Shelf] New brush presets (Calligraphy, Wet, Hatching and so on)
  • [Sliders] New sliders and grayscale/color bars style and behavior
  • [Bakers] Allow use of full scene bounding box to compute the position map
  • [Shader] Remove height force parameter from the default shader parameters
  • [Engine] Substance engine updated
  • [Engine] No or less discontinuities across UV chunks
  • [Plugins] Import materials downloaded from Substance Source more quickly
  • [Plugins] Update all plugins to match new overall style
  • [Preferences] Preview background color changes automatically
  • [Clean] Reduced risk of project corruption
  • [Open] Opening project time improvement
  • [New project] New project - mesh update time improvement
  • [Save] Saving Project time improvement
  • [Log] License type reported in log
  • [TextureSet] Rename "Bake Textures" button as "Bake Mesh Maps"
  • Rename "Additional maps" as "Mesh maps"


  • [Viewport] Bad performances with meshes containing a lot of sub-objects
  • [Tools properties] Channel disabled when dragging and dropping an image into the material slot
  • [Tools properties] Brush preview is broken with smudge and clone tools
  • [Texture set] Channels order is wrong when using templates
  • [Shelf] Missing icon for Grayscale Conversion generator
  • [Shelf] Sign Circle Number alpha is broken (missing font)
  • Incorrect detection of integrated GPUs at launch
  • [Crash] Drag-and-droping an imported ressource named with a # character
  • [Engine] Vram detection issue on integrated GPU
  • [Engine] Fixed numerous crashes in Substance Engine Linker
  • [Engine] Square artefacts when changing resolution
  • [Post Effects] Interface resize is slow when post effects are on
  • [Bakers] Scene unit is not correctly respected for Ray Distance values
  • [Bakers] AO from Mesh Occluder distance is clamped to 1 no matter the input value
  • [Bakers] Match by name ignores some meshes with specific names
  • [Bakers] Color from mesh Polygroup and Submesh ID setting always return a black image
  • [Bakers] ID Baking fails with binary FBX meshes from Blender
  • [Shader] Noise in the 2D View with dota-2 and non-pbr-spec-gloss
  • [Linux] Only one CPU thread is used when baking
  • [MacOS] Crash with brush cursor moving over the viewport

Known Issues:

  • Computation freeze on AMD VEGA GPUs
  • Distorsion post process not taken into account while exporting in IRay (alpha)


Release date: 2018/01/24


  • [Export] Get the status of an export with step progress
  • [Export] Allow cancelling an export
  • [Export] Export textures to Sketchfab without loosing normal map quality
  • [Export] Export in glTF binary format (glb)
  • [Export] Allow resizing columns in configuration tab of the export window
  • [Shader] Add a changelog for the shader API
  • [Scripting] Add Before and After callback functions when exporting textures
  • [Iray] Upgrade to SDK 2017.1 (support of Volta GPUs)


  • Crash when quitting the application before the main window is displayed
  • [MAC] Crash when loading grayscale maps with IRAY
  • [MAC] VRAM detection is not correct with the new High Sierra OS
  • [Plugin] Downloading assets from Substance Source does not work anymore
  • [Scripting] Incorrect minimum plugin version detection
  • [Export] Fail to save export preset after exporting textures
  • [Instancing] Issue on generators instantiated in a TextureSet with no Additional Maps
  • [Viewport] Dithering does not work with resolution above 4k
  • [Viewport] 2D View material display is covered with noise
  • [Shelf] Improve loading time for shelf presets
  • [Engine] Incorrect blending when painting under color selection


Release date: 2017/12/15


  • [Scripting] Export mesh through the scripting API
  • [Import] Disable import of unsupported mesh file format (allow only obj, fbx, dae, ply)
  • [Log] Indicate more precisely the TDR issue in the log file


  • Crash if application is closed before resources crawling has finished
  • Crash when opening projects with Smudge/Clone tool
  • Crash when using redo after an undo of a Shader change in Viewer Settings
  • [Engine] Texturing differs between Painter 2017.2 and 2017.4
  • [Viewport] Picking on an ID map from an instance samples the wrong color
  • [Export] Crash when exporting an invalid normal or occlusion texture
  • [Export] PSD files have their groups locked when opened in Photoshop CS6
  • [Plugin] Photoshop plugin ignores channel selection and always export everything
  • [Layers] Anchors break when copy/pasted across Texture Sets
  • [Layers] Some anchor's references cannot be restored if broken
  • [Shader] pbr-coated secondary roughness parameter is broken
  • [Steam] Version checker pop-up shouldn't be visible at launch

Known Issues:

[AMD] Crashes/Freezes when trying to paint on a mesh. Can be fixed with a GPU Driver update.

Substance 2017.4

Release date: 2017/11/23

Added :

  • [Instancing] Allow to instantiate parameters across layers
  • [Instancing] Allow to jump between a source layer and an instance
  • [Instancing] Add a "instantiate across texture sets" action
  • [Instancing] Indicate in the layer stack re-entrant instances (cycles)
  • [Instancing] Delete instances when a source is removed
  • [Instancing] Don't allow Anchor's references from outside an instanced folder
  • [UI] Move the Undo Stack into its own window named "History"
  • [Plugin] Integrate DCC live-link plugin
  • [Engine] Improve painting performances with Sparse painting
  • [Export] Add draft and re-export options to Sketchfab exporter
  • [Shelf] Add "flip" control for Font substances
  • [Shelf] Add 20 new procedurals materials
  • [Shelf] Add 40 new grunges maps (bitmap based and procedural)
  • [Viewport] Enable brush preview collisions on other visible texture sets
  • Update AMD GPU drivers minimum requirements

Fixed :

  • Crash When computing Substances at too big resolutions
  • Crash when painting heavily with particles
  • [Viewport] Incorrect specular reflection in the 2D view with specific meshes
  • [UI] Some unwanted actions appear into the History window

Known Issues :

  • [Layers] Some anchor's references cannot be restored if broken
  • Crash when using redo after an undo of a Shader change in Viewer Settings

Substance 2017.3

Added :

  • [Export] Allow to export mesh and textures for Adobe Project Felix
  • [Export] Allow to export into glTF file format
  • [Engine] Optimize textures size in VRAM by using block compression
  • [Viewport] Be able to drag and drop a mesh or project in the viewport
  • [UI] Improve warning message about TDR
  • [UI] Log should be displayed only upon request
  • [UI] Allow to clear the content of the log window
  • [UI] Display warnings and errors in the status bar
  • [UI] Display Tabs on top as in web browsers
  • [UI] Improve "not paintable" context and messages
  • [UI] Add a “save as copy” action in the file menu
  • [Layer] Set default tiling setting to 1 by default
  • [Shelf] Improved gradient filter to support 10 dynamic colors
  • [Shelf] Add a space in the default query of the mini-shelf
  • [Shelf] Add a 'Open in explorer' action for local resources in the shelf
  • [Shelf] Add template and shader for Adobe Material Standard (Project Felix)
  • [Shelf] Increase max tiling to 128 in Material Layering shaders
  • [Shelf] Added sobel curvature for micro-details of Mask Generators
  • [Plugin] Add autosave plugin with customizable time interval
  • [Scripting] Add a "save as copy" function

Fixed :

  • [UI] Layout is broken at the first launch
  • [Export] PSD generated at export has format errors
  • [Export] EXR always exports 8 bits height map
  • [Export] Crash when exporting corrupted Additional maps
  • [Import] Hard edges are not preserved on low poly meshes in some cases
  • [Import] Improved error messages when importing meshes with issues
  • [Bakers] ID Map Baking fail with Match By Name enabled
  • [Viewport] Tangent space is not synched with bakers
  • [Effect] Moving back a layer doesn't restore an anchor's reference
  • [Effect] Refresh issue when creating a link in between two Masks with anchors
  • [Effect] Masks anchors above mask shouldn't be listed
  • [Effect] Extract Alpha setting from Anchors doesn't work
  • [Engine] Mask inverts itself after first brush stroke
  • [Engine] Crash when switching Texture Set on specific project
  • [Shelf] Crash when deleting a preset which is in a project
  • [Shelf] Typo in advanced Tri-Planar filter
  • [Shelf] MG Mask Builder AO Noise Scale doesn't work properly
  • [Shelf] MG Mask Builder has inverted curvature parameters
  • [Shelf] Imported alphas generate a material sphere preview instead of a flat one

Substance 2017.2

Added :

  • Anchor Points - Layer and Mask referencing system
  • [Layer Stack] Ability to rename Fill and Paint Effects
  • [Shelf] 4 New Fonts (Japanese + Simplified Chinese, Typewriter, Segment)
  • [Performance] Project loading and stamping optimizations
  • [Substance Source] Updated Substance Source plugin
  • Added Splash Screen on startup
  • [Scripting] Allow to query Texture Set Resolution
  • [Scripting] Allow to get the status of the Painting engine

Fixed :

  • [Tool] Performance issues when tweaking material parameters
  • [Engine] Disappearing brush strokes when changing resolution (4K>2K)
  • [Shader] Non-PBR shader doesn't work anymore
  • [Sample] Meet Mat sample project Texture Set names are incorrect
  • [Shelf] Shelf path in the user documents isn't created automatically
  • Saving a project before creating a template returns write permission errors
  • [Shelf] Make presets compatible with previous versions after an update
  • [Bakers) ID Map Baking fail with Match By Name enabled
  • [3D View] Tangent space is not synched with bakers

Substance 2017.1

Substance Painter changes its versioning number.

(Released 20 June 2017)

Added :

  • [Plugin] New Substance Source plugin (allow to download assets in the shelf)
  • [Shelf] 4 New Fonts (Japanese + Simplified Chinese, Typewriter, Segment)
  • [Shelf] 230 New Alphas (Mix of patterns, brushes and fingerprint scans)
  • [Shelf] 50 New Procedurals (Fabric patterns of medieval and contemporary clothing)
  • [Shelf] 2 New environment maps (Mondarrain and Villa Nova Street)
  • [Shelf] 9 New filters (MatFx Detail Edge Wear, Clamp, HBAO, etc.)
  • [Shelf] Improved default Panorama environment map
  • [Shelf] New Arnold 5 export presets
  • [Scripting] Allow to import resource into the Shelf

Substance Painter 2.6.0

Added :

  • Add new sample project "Meet Mat"
  • [Plugin] New "Resources Updater" plugin
  • [TextureSet] Allow to rename and add a description to texture sets
  • [TextureSet] Allow to reassign materials
  • [TextureSet] Add a setting button in the texture set list window
  • [TextureSet] Show "disabled" texture sets at the bottom of the list
  • [Substance] Use additional maps at the current texture set resolution to improve performances
  • [Scripting] Allow to update a resource used in a project (material, generator, etc.)
  • [Scripting] Add a way to add/remove a shelf
  • [Scripting] Allow to query info from resource in projects
  • [Scripting] Allow to retrieve a list of available shelfs
  • [Scripting] Improve AlgWidget thumbnail tutorial
  • [Export] Disable/Enable bit depth based on file format support
  • [Log] Add plugin name to print in console
  • [Log] Remove error about hidden texture sets
  • Update "Welcome Screen" with new icons and text for samples

Fixed :

  • Crash when updating a mesh in specific projects
  • [Viewport] Symmetry plane inner color is not visible anymore
  • [Viewport] Some post-process effects are enabled when using the solo view
  • [Shaders] "over_premult" blending doesn't work properly
  • [Shaders] Warning about alpha-test with the default shader
  • [Shelf] Incorrect parsing of tags from Substances
  • [Shelf] MatFX Rust Weathering doesn't work properly
  • [Shelf] HSL filter is enabled on incorrect channels by default
  • [Shelf] Sharpen is enabled on Height/Normal channel by default
  • [Export] Vray export presets don't use an OpenGL normal map

Substance Painter 2.5

Substance Painter 2.5 brings long-awaited opacity control, introduces new options to the scripting API, and adds color management as part of our ongoing push to respond to the needs of VFX and animation studios. This update also adds support for Substance Designer 6, providing support for text inputs in substance materials and filters as well as many other improvements and fixes.


  • Add support for AMD Radeon Pro and AMD FirePro GPUs
  • [Tool] Add support for stroke opacity
  • [Tool] Add a modifier that allow to continue the last brush stroke
  • [Iray] Update to support Pascal GPUs
  • [Viewport] Add support for Color Profiles (LUT)
  • [Substance] Integrate new framework (SD6 engine)
  • [UI] Increase "recent file" size list in File menu
  • [Import] Use category from substances to fill the prefix in the import dialog
  • [Bakers] Allow to bake 8K textures
  • [Bakers] Allow to bake non-square resolutions
  • [Bakers] Improve memory consumption when baking heavy high-poly meshes
  • [Shelf] Lock shelves (and projects) to forbid concurrent editing and avoid corruptions
  • [Shelf] Read category and keywords from substances to use them for filtering
  • [Shelf] Allow to exclude ressources from the result of a search query
  • [Shelf] Improved thumbnails time computation
  • [Shelf] Allow to embed presets in projects
  • [Shelf] Allow to quickly collapse/expand the tree-view with SHIFT
  • [Shelf] Allow to save thumbnails when assets are read only (local cache)
  • [Shelf] New content : new filters (transform, mirror, tri-planar, etc.)
  • [Shelf] New content : new LUTs profiles (classic and artistic, such as Film Noir, Vintage, etc.)
  • [Shelf] New content : 10 new Font Substances to quickly generate custom texts
  • [Shelf] New templates : Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4
  • [Shelf] Improved HSL filter to be more artist friendly
  • [Shader] Add support for specular level channel in PBR shaders
  • [Shader] Add support for Dithering in Alpha Test shader
  • [Shader] Add support for parallax occlusion mapping in PBR shaders
  • [Shader] Allow to define custom UI for shader parameters
  • [MatLayering] Create new Mask channel for material layering workflow
  • [Scripting] Allow to write metadata in a SP project
  • [Scripting] Allow to export with a specific export preset
  • [Scripting] Allow to retrieve shader parameters as a JSON
  • [Scripting] Add support for WebSocket connections
  • [Scripting] Add the possibility to load shader instances
  • [Scripting] Add the possibility to create a new project
  • [Scripting] Allow to retrieve the url of the mesh imported in a project
  • [Scripting] Allow non square baking
  • [Scripting] Report errors when setting data via scripting API
  • [Substances] Add user-data tag to specify normal map format


  • Crash when picking color with substances
  • Crash when loading a non RGBA32f image as environment map
  • Crash related to painting on AMD GPUs
  • [Mesh] OBJ import doesn't recognize materials without mtl file
  • [Mesh] UDIM Texture set name generation can be incorrect on some meshes
  • [UI] Undo/Redo button in Viewer Setting steal focus and stop mouse scrolling
  • [UI] Some labels are incorrectly cropped in High-DPI
  • [Layer] Replace mode for paint effect has an incorrect behavior on Mask
  • [Layer] Subtract blending mode has an incorrect behavior with alpha
  • [Tool] Brush size becomes huge in 2D View when painting on UV borders
  • [Tool] Snapped straight line has erratic behavior with High-DPI
  • [Tool] Stencil resolution is sometimes incorrect
  • [Bakers] "Max Occluder Distance" values are clamped if "relative to bounding box" is "Off"
  • [Shader] Stack and auto param channel definitions don't match
  • [3D View] Inconsistent display of the normal channel depending of project setting
  • [Viewport] Some normal maps have clamped values which appear as artifacts
  • [Viewport] Post-effect are always disabled by default
  • [Export] Normal mixing setting is incorrect if normal channel is missing
  • [Export] Incorrect texture generation in some cases on AMD GPUs
  • [Export] Shader parameters are not exported properly if located inside a group
  • [Export] Editing an export preset in a custom shelf output a log error
  • [Shelf] Tree-view filtering does not match exactly the folder name
  • [Shelf] Renaming a shelf preset is hard to read
  • [Shelf] Shader resource imported in the Shelf isn't preserved after relaunching
  • [Shelf] Content : Weld tool preset is missing
  • [Shelf] Content : Tile Generator doesn't work properly
  • [Shelf] Content : Fixed incorrect mask on Rubber Tire Dirty smart material
  • [Shelf] Content : Fixed incorrect group name on Leather bag material
  • [Iray] Half of meshes are missing in Iray
  • [Linux] Crash when dragging a resource above the 3D View
  • [Mac] Preferences are reset at every launch on Sierra

Substance Painter 2.4

Substance Painter 2.4 now has a brand-new shelf.

Added :

  •     [Shelf] New interface to browse ressources (tree-view, filters and so on)
  •     [Shelf] Allow to save a search as a preset
  •     [Shelf] Allow to create a new window from a preset
  •     [Shelf] New interface for importing resources
  •     [Shelf] Don't copy default allegorithmic shelf in Documents folder
  •     [Shelf] New particles presets : Electric Circuit, Electric Lines, Rococo, Veins Small
  •     [Shelf] Improved older particles presets to be more easy to use (like "Rain")
  •     [Shelf] Add new information on resource contextual menu
  •     [Viewport] Improve performance when loading environment maps
  •     [Viewport] Add support of environment maps that are not power of two

Fixed :

  •     Crash when removing a mask
  •     Crash when painting after saving a preset
  •     Crash with environment blur on some GPUs
  •     Crash when assigning a wrong resource with the mini shelf
  •     [Shelf] Clean + Save remove tags and metadata for resources in the project
  •     [Shelf] importing a preset will display its ressources in the shelf
  •     [Export] Normal map generated from height channel has a low intensity
  •     [Export] Normal from mesh is not always present in final normal map
  •     [Export] Dilation with transparency can sometimes result with no transparency
  •     [Scripting] "alg.plugin_root_directory" can returns a truncated network path
  •     [TextureSet] Lock button is enabled when re-opening non-square projects

Substance Painter 2.3 New Feature: Photoshop export

The 2.3 version brings a full Photoshop export path from Substance Painter. Layers, masks and blending modes can now be transferred to Photoshop and each individual channel is exported in its own PSD.


  •     [Plugin] New "Export to Photoshop" plugin (export complete layer stack)
  •     [Export] Allow to specify the width of the padding (in pixels or infinite)
  •     [Export] Allow to set the type of background outside of the UVs
  •     [Shelf] New material layering shader to blend 10 materials
  •     [Shelf] New clay shader to view details with the height/normal channel
  •     [Shelf] New baked lighting filter with environment input
  •     [Shelf] Updated some mask generators to add non-square transformations
  •     [Viewport] Add composited normal map (normal+height+bake) to the solo mode
  •     [Scripting] Allow to export additional maps
  •     [Scripting] Allow to query available Additional maps per Texture Set
  •     [Scripting] Allow to retrieve channel format
  •     [Scripting] Add examples in the baking documentation
  •     [Scripting] Allow to query the visibility of a layer
  •     [Scripting] Allow to query layer's blending mode and opacity
  •     [Scripting] Allow to export converted maps (final normal maps, mixed AO, etc.)
  •     [Substance] Read and connect custom usages
  •     [Shortcuts] Add modifier key (SHIFT) to cycle solo mode backward
  •     [Export] Updated default export preset to disable alpha
  •     [UI] Thumbnails are now only computed if the engine is available
  •     [UI] Display a mention when thumbnails are computing


  •     Crash with some old projects when opening them
  •     Crash with corrupted texture channels cache
  •     Crash when blending more than 4 materials with Material Layering workflow
  •     [UI] Tool shortcuts don't work if the toolbar is hidden
  •     [UI] Iray toolbar is labeled "Untitled" in the View Menu
  •     [UI] Plugin toolbars are named "Untilted" in the View Menu
  •     [Baker] Pressing Enter while editing a bake setting launches the bake process
  •     [Baker] Incorrect ranges for some parameters
  •     [Import] Impossible to import OBJ meshes because of very big numbers
  •     [Import] Some OBJ files are imported with too many sub-objects
  •     [Export] channel background is filled with black instead of default color at export
  •     [Tool] Particles don't work properly if FOV is too low
  •     [Tool] Brush preview color is incorrect with masks in sub-stacks
  •     [Viewport] When brush goes into empty areas in 2D view it becomes gigantic
  •     [Viewport] Blank brush preview when painting Normal textures
  •     [Scripting] Incorrect documentation : "ao" listed instead of "ambientocclusion"
  •     [Scripting] Process started with subprocess() is killed when closing Painter
  •     [Shelf] Baked lighting filter use incorrect AO input
  •     [MacOS] Removed Fire Hydrant project (incompatible)
  •     Default project opens when loading a *.spt file (instead of *.spp)

Known Issue :

    [Plugin] Because of Photoshop, the height and normal channel can't be translated as-is

Substance Painter 2.2 New Feature: Material Layering

We referred to Material Layering in a previous blogpost, and it's now available as a full-fledged feature. With Material Layering, you can now visualize complex shaders on your asset directly in Substance Painter for highly accurate views of in-engine results and extreme material definition!

With a few simple tags inserted in the shader, Substance Painter automatically generates a custom user interface for easy material blending and mask painting.

The resulting masks are automatically exported along with a description file of which materials were blended and how, making them readable by any engine and coverted into working materials.

To accompany this first build, we are releasing a sample project as well as a Unity plugin and an Unreal Engine 4 shader on Substance Share, allowing you to easily transfer the results from Substance Painter to Unity 5.3 and Unreal Engine 4. Make sure to read the readme file included in the packages for instructions on how to use this new feature! A plugin for Unreal Engine 4 is also in the works and will be available at a later date.

Keep in mind that this is a first release and we have more plans to improve and expand the Material Layering system to offer even more flexibility in the future.


Shelf Search

The first step in our shelf makeover is a new way to search for assets in the shelf and in the mini-shelves. A comprehensive list of tags along with a fuzzy search algorithm makes finding the right asset much easier across the board. A lot of other shelf improvements are underway for the next few releases.

Projection preview

You can now choose which channel is used for the projection overlay, allowing you to visualize the most useful channel when projecting decals or skin details, for example.

Bakers scripting

The scripting API has been expanded to allow scripting of the baking process, taking Substance Painter a step closer to being fully automatable.


Substance Painter 2.1 New Features


Linux Support

You asked for it and it’s finally here: Substance Painter is now available for Linux, both on SteamOS and as a standalone! This brings Substance Painter one step closer to smoothly integrating into most of the animation and VFX pipelines out there.

High-definition visuals

Substance Painter now supports high-dpi (4K) monitors, and this higher *screen* resolution means better quality and comfort of use.

This release also includes support for 8K map export (per TextureSet). We are still working on a more integrated 8K workflow, but have included it in this version so that you can start experimenting with it.

UDIM workflow management

With Substance Painter 2.1, you now have the ability to import a UDIM-based asset in Substance Painter, which converts each tile to a separate texture set. A new picking method allows you to quickly select the UDIM you want to work on in the viewport and new export presets let you export the results while keeping the UDIM format and naming conventions for a seamless workflow between Substance Painter and other UDIM enabled tools and renderers.

Community Manager Wes McDermott shows you how in this tutorial:

Note: Wes used Arnold for the render. Existing documentation for the Substance Painter–to–Arnold workflow has been updated. Find it here.


OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 2GB
DirectX: Version 11

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 - (64 bit)
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 4GB
DirectX: Version 11

Mac OS X

OS: 10.11 (El Capitan)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 2GB

OS: 10.12 (Sierra) or above
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 4GB


OS: CentOS 6.6 or Ubuntu 12.4 (Steam)
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 2GB

OS: CentOS 6.6 or Ubuntu 16.4 (Steam)
Memory: 16 GB RAM
Graphics: VRAM 4GB

Supported GPUs

  • Intel HD 5000 / IRis Pro 6200 and above
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 and above
  • NVIDIA Quadro K2000 and above
  • AMD Radeon HD 7000 and above
  • AMD Radeon Pro WX-serie / Pro Duo and above
  • AMD FirePro W-series / FirePro S-series and above


  • Integrated GPUs are not recommended
  • Mac : Only official Apple configurations are supported
  • Mac : Nvidia Iray renderer requires CUDA drivers to use the GPU
  • Linux : Mesa drivers on Linux are not supported
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