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AnyFont 4D + 3 Fonts Bundle

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AnyFont 4D + 3 Fonts Bundle
AnyFont 4D + 3 Fonts Bundle

Animated Handwriting Plugin for Cinema 4d

AnyFont 4D + 3 Fonts Bundle includes Anyfont 4D and 3 beautiful fonts.  Anyfont4D is a simple-to-use plug-in for Cinema 4D, which allows the user to generate 3D animated handwriting effects right inside Cinema 4d.


At the moment the Anyfont works with animated versions of  the following freely available fonts:


anyfont4d pacifico

Alex Brush

anyfont4d alex brush

Pinyon Script

anyfont4d pinyon script

For the use of the plugin see the following tutorials:


  • Cinema 4D R18 – R20

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