Anzovin The Setup Machine 3 for Maya


Anzovin The Setup Machine 3 for Maya
Anzovin The Setup Machine 3 for Maya

Character Rigging Made Simple

The Setup Machine for Maya, is an auto-rigger, packed with advanced features that will revolutionize the way you rig your 3D characters, saving you time and money. Easily generate a flexible, modern character rig in minutes!


The Setup Machine 3 is a plugin for Maya 2014 and later. TSM3 enables you to quickly and easily create a high quality animation rig for any character. Simply add our modular widgets to your character and click ‘Rig,’ and TSM3 will install a state of the art character animation rig, with stretchable, bendable limbs, anti IK pop, smart IK/FK switching, true mirroring, and more! There are also options to use lower resolution systems, suitable for export to game engines and you can generate a mocap skeleton that drives the animation rig, so you can easily work with mocap data.



Want an arm coming out of your character’s head? TSM3 can do that. Use our standard biped or quadruped templates, or kit-bash any character you can image from TSM3’s rig-building “widgets.”


If you ever realize that your rig isn’t exactly the way you want it to be, you can go back to TSM3’s widget stage, reposition the widgets as needed, and then re-rig — TSM3 will preserve all of your weight painting. Our widget restore tools will even let you create multiple restore points, or save your widgets as a json file for import into other scenes.


Tired of using cumbersome scripts to mirror poses and animation? TSM3 rigs make mirroring easy with true left-handed and right-handed coordinate systems. Every control in a mirrored set of limbs mirrors all of its attributes — yes, translation as well as rotate and scale. Copy keys and values freely between different sides of the character, whether the controls are FK or IK.


TSM3 rigs are more flexible than ever before. In addition to the Smart FK/IK switching, anti-IK pop, and stretchy rigging TSM users have always enjoyed, TSM3 adds a new layer of direct rigging control, letting you bend limbs into curved shapes easily. Combined with built-in space switching and new pole vector options, TSM3 lets you configure your character in any way you like — from conventional FK to flexible “broken” rigging.


TSM3 was built from the ground up for compatibility with game engines like Unity and Unreal. Bake your rig down to an easy-to-export joint hierarchy with one click.


Use TSM3’s built-in tools to generate a motion capture skeleton attached to your rig, ready for use with Maya’s FBIK tools. Then bake that motion back to the control rig, letting you use TSM3’s flexible rig to animate on top of mocap data.

Maya Versions: Maya 2014 and up

The Setup Machine 3 will not work with "Viewport 2.0" turned on during rigging. Please be sure to switch to the default viewport while using TSMG with Maya 2015 & 2016.