Audified Linda RockStack

Audified Linda RockStack


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Audified Linda RockStack

Balance on the edge - the key to a great guitar tone

Linda RockStack is a 3-channel guitar software amplifier & cabinet including chorus & delay effects.

As an experienced musician, mixing and mastering engineer, and programmer, Martin Linda exactly knows how he wants his guitars to sound to fit any particular mix no matter the genre. Being a long time user of various amp sims and cab impulses, one day, he started programming his dream machine of a virtual amp to create an amplifier plug-in widely usable across many rock & metal subgenres. Since then, many moons have passed, and by working in close collaboration with our team of product designers and programmers, we together have made his vision into a total amp sim monster!

This uniquely sounding and unbelievably versatile virtual amp will give you control over a vast tonal palette. Its variability is mind-blowing. What a great ear and mind Martin has!

Meet RockStack

RockStack is a three-channel amplifier plug-in software with an independently switchable effects section and a continuously blendable cabinet impulse section. Equipped with extensive tone-shaping options such as Pre and Post gain EQ and additional Tight, Fat, Body contours, the tonal possibilities of this amp are virtually endless. On top of that, the effects section consists of independently engageable Multi-stage chorus and Delay processing.

  • Complete virtual rig
  • Created in collaboration with Linda Audio
  • Powerful pre-gain & post-gain tone-shaping
  • Mix ready guitar tones
  • Made to chug!
  • Designed by experienced mixing and mastering engineer


Three-channel amp

RockStack delivers three distinctively different voicings – Clean, Rock, & Metal. Each of them has its specific color and gain structure, and it can be tailored to taste by all given controls of the amplifier.


The difference between EQ shaping before and after a gain stage is gigantic. RockStack gives you both options. Use the Pre EQ controls to push the gain stage more in a particular frequency range, and then use the Post EQ to finalize the amp’s sound making it more mix ready.

Tight, Fat, Body

Use the Tight to make both the low end and gain structure more focused. Use Fat to get a fuller lower-midrange response. And use Body to make the amp push more aggressively in the higher midrange.

Bright switches

The three-stage multi-switch accentuates higher frequencies dynamically. Both active positions are sensitive to the input signal level. Bright I is more focused on the higher midrange, while Bright II emphasizes even higher frequencies along with little bass as well.

Rack effects

The Chorus can be placed pre or post the gain stages, and it has two switchable modes. The Delay is placed after the gain stages, and it delivers anything from clean and precise digital delay to degraded and clipped repeats typical of analog delays of yesteryear.

Blendable cabinets

RockStack features two cab impulses – A & B, between which you can blend smoothly. The cabinet section can be switched off, too, in case you wish to pair RockStack with impulses of your own choice.

Noise gate

The solution to keep your sound noise-free even with higher amounts of gain. It is useful, particularly when pushing Rock and Metal channels into high saturation. When playing Clean or with lower gain sounds, you better turn it off to get maximum dynamics and retain attack information.

Independent modules

Amp, Effects, and Cabinet sections can be separately switched off or used on its own.

Regular amp sims

Many amp sims aim to simulate exact hardware models made by specific manufacturers. They take an already existing design and recreate it in the software domain.

RockStack virtual rig

RockStack is tuned by an experienced producer’s ear rather than derived from an existing scheme. It gives you tools to create your own mix ready rock & metal sounds instead of copying anything already existing.





  • Mac OS X 10.11 – Mac OS X 10.15
  • AAX 64b, AU 64b, VST3 64b


  • Windows 7 – Windows 10
  • AAX 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b

Note that Linda RockStack is a serial number-protected plug-in, so no iLok is required.