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v2 Audified RZ062 Equalizer

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Audified RZ062 Equalizer

The Sweetest EQ of All Times

Audified RZ062 Equalizer is the exact models of Klangfilm RZ062a and RZ062b vintage EQ modules. Two plug-ins for music production and mastering.

Both RZ062 plug-ins deliver pleasant vintage warmth and amazing presence to your vocals, instruments and entire mixes.

  • 2 EQ plug-ins in a bundle
  • Precise valve circuit models
  • Left/Right and Mid/Side modes
  • Vintage bulbs indicate valve saturation
  • Auto output parameter (link)
  • EQ offering the smoothest valve saturation


Updated Version 2.0.1

We have optimized and improved the tube simulation part of DSP and reduced CPU consumption in the latest update. This allows for more precise tube sound and better workflow. We’ve also added a UI zoom option and extended support for the latest operating systems and DAWs. RZ062 is also Apple Silicon native.



original rz062The Original

The RZ062 Equalizers were originally (in the 1960s) designed in Germany for installation in mixing consoles. They were supposed to permit arbitrary modification of frequency response in sound recording and reproduction in order to eliminate undesired studio acoustics, noise, or to produce certain acoustic impression or tonal colouring. Soon they accommodated in top European studios. Now, these 6lbs 300V powered units are extremely rare. Due to their inaccessibility and unmistakable sound, their price climbs over $12.000 per pair. But thanks to our precise circuit modeling technique, these jewels can return to your projects.

“The presence filter of the ‘B’ is absolutely brilliant! One of the most ear-pleasing (and EYE-pleasing!) EQ’s I’ve ever used.” — Tony Vincent

Common EQ vs RZ062

Modern equalizers are just equalizers, modifying specific frequencies, not aware of the signal harmonics. And even if you were to combine such a modern EQ with a valve preamp, you’d never achieve the sound of RZ 062.

RZ062 is quite different. Instead of the colorful GUI of the modern equalizers, RZ adds wonderful color to the audio material. The change of harmonics produced by the valve is combined with the change of spectrum adjusted by the EQ. And it isn’t a simple thing like a valve followed by an LRC circuit; the combination is quite complex. All precisely modeled, including these unique characteristics.


The RZ062a and RZ062b modules differ in the function of the central knob. The middle knob of RZ062A rotates the frequency curve around the central point of 650 Hz. When the bass frequencies are raised, the trebles are simultaneously lowered and vice versa.


The RZ062 works bit differently. Its presence knob lets you choose one of four frequencies (1.4, 2, 2.8, and 4 kHz) and adjust their gain independently. This parameter helps your sonic material to cut through very gently.

The Model

To create these amazing plug-ins we had to emulate more than 200 circuit components. That includes 3 triodes, input and output transformers. It is not just any circuit but someone did a great job focusing on the details. Each part has its own thoughtful meaning. For RZ062 we used so called white box modeling. We described the whole circuit with complex math equations based on the circuit analysis. Eventually, the overall model was fine tuned by measurements and component-values fitting algorithm. to find as the closest model to the real device as possible.

“Using the RZ062 EQ is almost too easy. It’s sweet and natural with no bitter aftertaste – all you have to do is pour it on.” – Baby Brown

In use

RZ062‘s place is everywhere where extra bass, treble, or presence is needed. It  improves the tracks’ overall color , and enriches harmonic spectrum , thanks to simulated tube saturation . RZ062 is perfect for vocals, bass, or acoustic instruments and a must-have for mastering .


Listen to the RZ062 Samples



The RZ062 Equalizers were designed in Germany almost 60 years ago for installation in mixing consoles, together with the U73b compressors and other ingenious valve-based modules of that time.

They were used in European studios to perform modification of frequency characteristics of the recorded sound to eliminate undesired studio acoustics. But their complex valve circuits bring something much more interesting than just basic equalization: The incredibly subtle sound color, which is highly valued in modern recording projects.

RZ062 Equalizer is iLok protected. The hardware key is not necessary, only the License Manager. Please refer to our guide to see how to activate the trial and full versions.


  • Mac OS X 10.11 – macOS 12
  • AAX 64b, AU 64b, VST3 64b, Apple Silicon Compatible


  • Windows 7 – Windows 11
  • AAX 64b, VST3 64b

For versions supporting older operating systems and RTAS, please check the Download section.


What’s new in V2?

Audified has optimized and improved the tube simulation part of DSP as well as substantially improved CPU consumption. This allows you to have up to four times more RZ062 equalizers in your project. Calibration is now available as an audio parameter instead of an internal setting. Still, the default calibration value mechanism has been kept. They’ve also added an AI zoom option and extended support for the latest operating systems and DAWs.

  • Tube simulation part of DSP optimized and improved – avoid artifacts in sound that could happen with the low-level signal. CPU consumption reduced as well.
  • Calibration is now available as an audio parameter instead of an internal setting. Default calibration value mechanism kept.
  • UI performance optimized – refresh rate of meters and indicators improved while reducing UI thread consumption, especially in macOS.
  • UI zoom ability added.
  • Audified news channel added.
  • Internal built-in preset handling improved.
  • macOS 11 and newest DAWs compatibility improved. 32bit builds are no longer included for the macOS platform, so older 32bit DAWs are now not supported.
  • VST2 plugin format is no longer delivered.
  • Compatibility with host presets and stored plugin state made with RZ062 version 1.0.1 is not guaranteed.

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