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v3 Audified u73b Compressor

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Audified u73b Compressor


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Audified U73b Compressor

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Audified u73b Compressor

Comeback of a broadcast legend

The Audified u73b Compressor is a faithful digital emulation of the analog German broadcast compressor/limiter unit U73b.


Original u73b was and still is used in many recording studios around the globe. The motivation to bring this legendary unit into the modern world is to provide this exceptional unit to a new generation of producers and audio engineers. Our plugin recreation captures the magic and analog character perfectly. u73b is a fantastic producer’s compressor, providing inspiring sound and intuitive workflow.

u73b Compressor Highlights

  • Precise emulation of the legendary German broadcast compressor / limiter U73b –
  • Modeled tube circuit for authentic analog character and sound –
  • Optional automatic output level control –
  • Additional hi-pass filter to switch between vintage and modern sound –
  • External sidechain capabilities –
  • Three program-dependent and three fixed return times to choose from –


  • Compressor/Limiter switch – switches between Compressor, Bypass and Limiter modes. The compressor mode has a lower threshold setting and a very gentle ratio. The limiter mode provides a higher threshold setting with a higher ratio.
  • Release time – the first three positions offer fixed release time, the other three provide adjustable release time options.
  • IN – adjust input gain before the compressor/limiter circuit
  • OUT – adjust output gain after the compressor/limiter circuit.
  • Key input – selects the signal source used for controlling the gain reduction
  • HPF – switches between the vintage and modern sound without low frequencies bypass.

 For more technical specifications and workflow tips, please refer to the user manual here.


Mac OS X 10.11 – macOS 12
AAX 64b, AU 64b, VST3 64b, Apple Silicon Native


Windows 7 – Windows 11
AAX 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b


What’s new in version 3.0?

  • macOS 12 and newest DAWs compatibility improved. 32bit builds are no longer included for macOS platform so older 32bit DAWs are not supported. macOS VST3 and AU plugins are now delivered as universal binaries for both Intel64 and arm64 platform – plugins are Apple Silicon native.
  • Compression amount parameter added.
  • Switching between modes and release time settings made smoother.
  • Updated graphic user interface.
  • Special offers from Audified website integrated to plugin GUI.
  • VST2 plugin format no longer included.
  • Installers of version 3.0.0 always uninstall any older version, including VST2.
  • Backward compatibility with DAW projects containing previous version is not guaranteed for VST3 plug-in format .

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