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Audified U78 Saturator


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Valve saturating plug-in based on the circuitry of the famous U73b Compressor

The Audified U78 Saturator is a valve plug-in based on the circuitry of the famous vintage German U73b Compressor allowing saturation of an exact band.


Analog saturation is the favorite tool of many producers. When applied with elegance, it adds so much character, presence and definition to your tracks. We decided to create an advanced saturator, aimed especially on producers looking for adding the extra flavor to their tracks. U78 takes the masterfully simulated analog saturation from u78b Compressor and takes it to the next level. With advanced controls, this plugin ensures you find the perfect analog character for your tracks.

U78 Saturator HIGHLIGHTS

  • Advanced saturation circuit based on u73b Compressor –
  • Modeled tube circuit for analog character and sound –
  • Optional automatic output level control –
  • Adjustable effect proportion and output level –
  • Hi and low pass filters for a frequency dependent effect –


  • Gain – adjusts the input gain of the saturation circuit. The higher the settings, the richer the sound that can be achieved.
  • HiPass –sets the cut-off frequency of the high-pass filter, which comes before the saturation circuit in the signal path. The range is from 30 Hz to 800 Hz.
  • LowPass – sets the cut-off frequency of the lowpass filter, which comes before the saturation circuit in the signal path. The range is from 1 kHz to 8 kHz.
  • Tone – controls the U78 Saturator’s unique tone filter. Lower settings produce darker sounds with more low-frequency content; higher settings result in brighter, sparkling sounds.
  • Mix – controls the dry and wet signal ratio. The dry signal is delayed to match the wet signal path latency to prevent phasing issues.
For more technical specifications and workflow tips, please refer to the user manual here.



U78 Saturator is iLok protected. The hardware key is not necessary, only the License Manager. Please refer to this guide to see how to activate the trial and full versions.


  • Mac OS X 10.11 – macOS 12
  • AAX 64b, AU 64b, VST3 64b, Apple Silicon Native


  • Windows 7 – Windows 11
  • AAX 64b, VST3 32b, VST3 64b

What’s new in version 2.0?

  • macOS 12 and newest DAWs compatibility improved. 32bit builds are no longer included for macOS platform so older 32bit DAWs are not supported. macOS VST3 and AU plugins are now delivered as universal binaries for both Intel64 and arm64 platform – plugins are Apple Silicon native.
  • VST2 plugin format no longer included.
  • Installers of version 2.0.0 always uninstall any older version, including VST2.
  • Updated graphic user interface.
  • Special offers from Audified website integrated to plugin GUI.
  • Backward compatibility with DAW projects containing previous version is not guaranteed for VST3 plug-in format .