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Autokroma PlumePack


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Autokroma PlumePack

Autokroma PlumePack collects your PrPro projects & trim medias to make it lightweight: Trim, Archive, Organize and more!


PlumePack Main Features

Collect & Copy

  • Get rid of the bugs from the native PrPro Project Manager!
  • Organize final folder structure from Premiere Pro bins structure and remove unused items
  • Select only one sequence to consolidate. Nested subsequences will be kept!

Lossless Trim (Premium)

  • Supports ProRes, .BRAW, .R3D, Image Sequences and also compressed H.264 and H.265 (HEVC)!
  • Trim files based by removing unused frames according to your edits, with a handle option for flexible re-editing
  • No re-encoding : keep the same codec & exact quality than your source!

Improve your workflow

  • Your PrPro projects will be faster to transfer to your colleagues and clients
  • Save disk space when backuping and archiving your projects
  • Clean your project and keep your media organized
  • Continue editing your other projects while consolidating



  • One license is for the same user on up to two computers
  • Adobe Premiere Pro 2022, 2021, 2020
  • Microsoft Windows 10
  • MacOS Intel and Apple Silicon : 10.14 (Mojave) / 10.15 (Catalina) / 10.16 (Big Sur)

Trim Codecs :

[.MOV, .MP4, .MXF] H.264 / AVC
[.MOV, .MP4, .MXF] H.265 / HEVC (in Beta)
[.MOV, .MXF] Apple ProRes (XQ, 4444, HQ, Normal, LT, Proxy), ProRes RAW
[.BRAW] Blackmagic RAW
[.PNG, .JPG, .DNG, .DPX, .TIFF, .PSD etc.] Image Sequence
[.MOV, .AVI] Cineform
[.MOV, .AVI] Vidvox HAP
[.MOV] Apple QuickTime Animation RLE (in Beta)
[.MOV, .MXF, .AVI] MPEG-2 (XDCAM) (in Beta)
[.MOV, .AVI] Motion JPEG (in Beta)

Features and Limitations :

  • Creates a new Project in a new Folder with all project Media in this Folder.
  • Replaces all Media paths in the new Premiere Pro Project by the new copied / trimmed ones.
  • Automatic Checks and Controls for the new trimmed media and the new Project in case something went wrong.
  • Full report generated at the end of the process.
  • Elements supported for copy :
  • Merged Clips
  • AEgraphics
  • AE Dynamic link composition
  • PlumePack Limitations and Known Issues here


 1.4.4  –  Feb 1, 2022

* Fixed:
– Explicit Error in rare situations when several relative path (“../..”) were given by Premiere Pro

1.4.1  –  Dec 13, 2021

* Fixed:
– Explicit error could happen when no license was registered
– Explicit error when a “File Shortcut” was in the project, like for txt files
– When copying only the project, some empty useless folders were created

1.4.0  –  Dec 8, 2021

* PlumePack Policy changed ! There is now a FREE version and a Premium version. As before, Premium unlocks the Trimming feature. More infos about this policy change here: https://www.autokroma.com/blog/PlumePack-Policy-Change
* Improvements:
– When running PlumePack in “Copy” mode, the analysis has now a “Switch” button, showing you what trimming can do to your project and how much disk space you could save
– The PlumePack final report is now automatically imported in the project at the end of the process, so it will be copied on the next PlumePack process
* Fixed:
– Explicit error when AEgraphics, AE comp or Merged Clips had some special characters in their filename
– Final filename could be changed for media which had a “;” character in their filename

1.2.9 – 31 October 2021

  • Fixed:
    • Panel could be impossible to open in MacOS

1.2.8 – 21 October 2021

  • Improvements:
  • Fixed:
    • Clip Shifted when the PlumePacked project was just converted from an old version of Premiere Pro and not saved in between
    • Error when a Merged Clip got Clip Markers
    • Error when analyzing/consolidating a project the first time with only one sequence option used

Autokroma PlumePack Tutorial #gettingstarted

This tutorial will teach you how to use Autokroma PlumePack to minimize your Premiere Pro projects & media as well as maximize your workflow options.