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SC2 compressor and VC5 meequalizer

In use by top producers worldwide, JOEMEEK gear is the secret weapon that gives your sound the character and excitement it deserves. Legendary producer Joe Meek used to say, “If it sounds right, it is right.” His masterful use of non-linear, sometimes severe compression defined his sound. This great-sounding bundle includes emulations of two of his classic hardware designs—the Joe Meek SC2 Photo Optical Compressor and VC5 Meequalizer.

Note: US and Canada Sales Only

JOEMEEK SC2 Photo Optical Compressor

SC2 is designed purely as an effects compressor. It changes the clarity, balance, and even rhythmic feel of music, enabling you to give your tracks an undeniable edge.

JOEMEEK VC5 Meequalizer

VC5 is a treble and bass equalizer with a sweepable mid control, offering simple controls and incredibly warm, musical results. Try it on mono or stereo tracks.





  • Windows 8, Windows 7


  • Mac OS 10.11.x, Mac OS 10.10.x, Mac OS 10.9.x, Mac OS 10.8.x. Mac OS 10.7.x


  • Pro Tools | First, Pro Tools 12.x, Pro Tools 11.x, Pro Tools 10.x


  • Sample Rate Support – Max Rate: 192k
  • Copy Protection – Requires iLok2

Avid Installation Notes/Videos

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