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v2.x Battle Axe RubberHose

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Battle Axe RubberHose
Battle Axe RubberHose

Animation rigging for everyone

Build bendy limbs with a click and set up full characters faster than you ever thought would be possible with Rubber Hose.


The fastest and simplest way to rig and animate characters in After Effects.

A bendy line when you need it with visual and bend styling, and control over pins and layers for total creative flexibility.
Think less about rigging and more about character.

What does it do?

battle axe rubber hoseThere are countless ways to set up a character for animation, but RubberHose is the fastest and simplest. Use it alone or with other systems to get the most from your characters. One click sets up a bendy line that works how you expect it to.

battle axe rubber hoseConnect layers to the ends of hoses. Connect hoses to other animated layers. Adjust how a hose bends to fit the character, scene or action –all in the middle of animating. The freedom to change a bend’s direction or roundness or the hose length is all yours.

More rigging methods


Transform Rigging a set of two layers from Illustrator or Photoshop should be a simple task. And now it is.

Line up two layers at the center of the comp and click the button to create a stretchy rig with the same level of control as RubberHose.

Learn more about RubberRig



Often underutilized, Puppet Pins are a very effective way to bend a single layer. Because of the advances in RubberHose 2, it is now possible to link a set of 3 pins to a controller group.

Learn More about RubberPin

hose stylingHose Styling

RubberHose introduced a whole new way to create characters using shape layer paths. But noodle arms aren’t always right for every project.

Styling a hose has been a main function of the RubberHose system since version 1. It is now possible to achieve much more complex styles. Save your hard work as a preset file that can be applied to other hoses and shared with your team, or with users around the world.

Learn More about Hose Styling


RubberHose 2 is pretty intuitive, but it does have a bunch of buttons and features. So reference the Manual often. Click the little brain icon in the RubberHose 2 panel to open it up at any time.



Learn by doing

Step through all RubberHose features and rigging methods in an interactive project file.

*RubberHose 2 required

Download Project


Learn by watching

Continue learning from the industry’s best and get started on the fundamentals of creating walks. Then go out and pick up the Animator’s Survival Kit and say goodbye to your social life.



Adobe After Effects C6+

RubberRig Workflow with Battle Axe RubberHose 2

Jake in Motion shows you a rigging technique for Character Animation in After Effects. He uses Battle Axe RubberHose 2. Super easy!