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Make it in post.

BCC 10 is the most complete plug-in collection available for Final Cut Pro X & Motion. Hundreds of filters and tools for professional editing, motion graphics, visual effects & finishing!


Saving time and post-production budgets, Boris Continuum Complete FxPlug gives editors and motion graphics artists the power to create high-quality broadcast graphics and perform project-saving image restorations within Apple Final Cut Pro. A whopping 230+ filters include extruded text, 3D particle effects, image restoration and touchup tools, true 3D lens flares and volumetric lighting effects, keys and mattes, color grading tools, time-based effects, blurs, glows, stylish auto-animating transitions, and cinematic effects such as film glow, film grain, and film process looks.

What's new in 10

BCC Beauty Studio

BCC Beauty Studio is a new skin retouching tool that gives editors the ability to smooth skin and reduce blemishes making their talent look better.

  • Advanced skin smoothing produces professional and realistic results for a digital makeover.
  • State-of-the-art keying algorithm isolates skin tones, while retaining natural sharpness and contrast.
  • Integrated mocha planar track masking reduces manual keyframe labor.

New Image Restoration Tool

Three new filters are added to the already highly useful set of tools that fix, repair, and restore footage.

  • BCC Dropout Fixer easily restores tape based damaged footage with field or frame dropouts
  • BCC Remover fills in missing pixels and removes objects with clone and auto-fill options.
  • BCC Reframe reformats and stylizes vertical cell phone video footage into a standard 16×9 aspect for broadcast. Includes options to stylize the foreground and background with blur, stretch, and mirroring.

New Effects in BCC 10

  • BCC Light Leaks adds organic and naturalistic “in-camera” light and exposure effects to stylize and enhance footage.
  • BCC Video Glitch recreates the distressed look of compression artifacts, signal loss, and corrupt digital video. The embedded Beat Reactor can sync glitch effects to audio.

New Transitions in BCC 10

New transition effects. Each transition comes with many pre-built presets for an easy starting point. Customize, save and share your transition effects.

  • BCC Light Leaks Dissolve creates a light exposure-based transition
  • BCC Cross Glitch mimics abrupt digital signal transitions
  • BCC Cross Melt conveys a new organic look and feel
  • BCC Cross Zoom combines zoom, glow, and dissolve into one simple transition


Beat Reactor Technology

Beat Reactor Technology is built into many BCC FxPlug filters, making it easy to generate audio-driven effects such as a pulsing light or glow.

Built-In Masking System for Final Cut Pro X

Many BCC filters feature PixelChooser, a totally unique built-in masking system. This easy-to-use system allows you to selectively apply a BCC Filter to video by matting out a portion of the image based on criteria ranging from color channel information to simple geometric shapes.

Built-in Motion Tracking for Final Cut Pro X

Built-in, automated motion tracking allows editors to animate layers based on one or more user-selected tracking points. Save time performing day-to-day tasks such as match-moving, corner pinning, wire and rig removal, and witness protection effects.

Lens Blur Effects for Final Cut Pro X

Multiprocessor-accelerated lens blurring effects allow you to match looks traditionally achieved by a camera lens aperture setting.

Flicker Fixer

Save your flickering shot with this powerful, sophisticated image restoration tool. Based on state-of-the-art research, the underlying engine offers a choice of intra-frame analysis or temporal flicker smoothing. Repair video affected by a flickering light source or uneven shutter exposure. One day this filter will save your life!

Lens Flare 3D

Powered by GPU acceleration, the new 3D Lens Flare effect can be used to create cinematic looks, stylish broadcast design elements, and beautiful transitions.

Particle Emitter 3D

BCC Particle Emitter gives 3D broadcast designers the ultimate particle machine, providing an incredibly powerful, flexible, and OpenGL-accelerated particle system.

Organic Strands

Enhance your broadcast graphics with organic design elements such as flowing strands of matter, glowing plasma, or hundreds of other creative options.

Wild Cards

Build complex designs of 2D images in 3D space with this powerful and yet easy-to-use particle-based filter.

Stage Light

Add striking realism to your 3D composite with this powerful volumetric lighting tool. Simulate production lights, projectors, or stage lighting where your viewer can see light beams emanating from powerful light sources. Instantly recreate an atmosphere of a stage performance, a night scene, or a rock bar. Or simply add light beams to the headlights of a car. Try a built-in smoke texture for even more drama!

10.0.2 Release notes

What’s New in BCC 10 for FxPlug (Summary of major changes since BCC9):

  • New effects:
    • Beauty Studio
    • Dropout Fixer
    • Fast Film Glow
    • Fast Film Process
    • Fast Lens Blur
    • Light Leaks
    • Reframer
    • Remover
    • Video Glitch
  • New transitions:
    • Cross Glitch
    • Cross Melt
    • Cross Zoom
    • Fast Film Glow Dissolve
    • Lens Blur Dissolve
    • Light Leaks Dissolve
  • More than 80 new transition templates in Final Cut
  • More than 170 new effect templates in Final Cut
  • Hundreds of new presets in Motion.
  • Greater use of OpenCL and OpenGL for GPU acceleration in filters such as Beauty Studio, Fast Film Glow, Fast Film Process, Fast Lens Blur, Fast Film Glow Dissolve, Lens Blur Dissolve, and many more.
  • PixelChooser re-engineered for streamlined UI, enhanced shape masking, and robust color keying.
  • Improved support for 3D deformers in Final Cut in the 3D Objects family of filters.
  • New textures added to BCC Grunge.
  • Advanced Optical Flow option in BCC Motion Blur.
  • Added View Current Matte feature to Chroma Key Studio.
  • Streamlined effect categories with deprecated filters moved to Obsolete category.
  • Numerous bug fixes.

BCC FxPlug 10.x Compatibility Notes:

While in general your previously saved projects should render identically in the newer version, bug fixes and quality improvements can sometimes change the look of older projects. While every effort is made to ensure project compatibility, the following notable areas may see some change to the look of previously saved projects.

  • Rays Dissolve – a fix to the Region Animation rotation control will cause the region size to appear slightly larger when opening saved projects which used this Region Animation option.
  • Projects saved using the BCC9 standalone PixelChooser effect in either Motion or FCP may have some parameters reset to default when opened with BCC10 and may have some parameters missing in the UI in FCP.  Newly created effects with the standalone PixelChooser effect will behave normally.

BCC FxPlug 10.0.2 – Known Issues and Limitations:

  • The initial release of BCC10 for FxPlug does not include support for mocha PixelChooser tracking/masking.  We intend to offer full support for mocha tracking in FxPlug in a future update.
  • BCC Motion Blur now includes an Advanced optical flow option which uses OpenCL hardware assisted rendering to implement a more sophisticated (and more computationally intensive) motion vector analysis. The performance of the Advance mode varies widely from one graphics card to another and if you see reduced performance or unexpected results when using the Advanced option it is recommended that you switch to the Simple mode on that card. [706 + 1094]
  • Flicker Fixer fails to fully eliminate flicker in float bitdepth projects when method set to Frame Analysis or Temporal Smooth YCC. When working with float images an alternate smoothing method should be chosen. [2388]
  • Motion – 3D Objects – selecting a texture file will actually choose the texture file that comes alphabetically after the one you chose. [2818]
  • Motion – Very rapidly cycling through presets via the Previous/Next arrows can cause the host to temporarily appear to slow down or become unresponsive while it catches up with the backlog of event handling. [2823]
  • Motion – After rapidly clicking to load presets or to step through presets with the Previous/Next buttons, attempts to launch the Enter Text window or BCC Preferences window in 3D objects filters can give the appearance of the window failing to load and the application being unresponsive. You can click on the main top menu bar or toggle to another application and back again to reset the windowing properties and allow the window to finish launching. [2844]
  • The BCC Motion Tracker in FxPlug hosts will continue to render previously saved motion tracker analysis passes, but conducting new BCC Motion Tracker analysis passes is disabled in FxPlug at this time to ensure full compliance with host multi-threading requirements. [2856]
  • In order to comply with host multi-threading requirements BCC Match Grain does not currently support using the Lock Sample checkbox to lock in new grain samples. You can still use Match Grain to render grain matched from an alternate clip by leaving the Lock Sample checkbox disabled, but it is not possible to use the Lock Sample checkbox to store new grain profiles permanently in grain files or presets. However, loading previously saved grain profiles or Match Grain presets will continue to work as before. [2858]

BCC 10 FxPlug officially supports the following host applications:

Mac OSX 10.9, 10.10, and 10.11:

  • Final Cut Pro X 10.1 or higher (latest version recommended)
  • Motion 5.1 or higher (latest version recommended)


Graphics Cards

Boris recommends that you run the latest graphics card driver version supported by your host application. A graphics card with a minimum of 512MB of RAM is suggested; 1GB of RAM is recommended.


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