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v2.0 CineFlare Film Strip

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CineFlare Film Strip


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CineFlare Film Strip

Film strip effects and transitions keyed from real projectors plus… so many more templates and effects!

Film Strip is a big collection of film and filmstrip effects and animations. It is a complete library of film strip, slide, film reels, effects, and transitions.

CineFlare Film Strip 2 Highlights

Film Strip 2.0 has been given a turbo boost. What was once a simple slide and film strip effect is now an all-inclusive film strip, slide, film reels, effects, and titles complete library. A complete set of all-new effects and transitions in both the titles area and effects area has been added to Film Strip.


Film Damage, CRT screen, Textures, Old Color and more.
Cineflare Film Strip


Simple slides, slides with backgrounds, medium format style slides, AND MORE.

Cineflare Film Strip


So many possibilities AND you can layer and mix and match them for many varieties.
Cineflare Film Strip

Title Backdrops

Backdrops… with titles or without.
Cineflare Film Strip

Animated Titles

Titles ready for you to drag and drop onto your timeline.
Cineflare Film Strip

Film Strip from CineFlare is a packed-out slide and film strip effects and transitions tool for Final Cut Pro X. And it’s not just that…it has so many options that go beyond the simple slide projector look. Constructed using dynamic effects so you can have complete control over your vintage effects without dealing with analog overlays.

The main feature of Film Strip is the transition effect that simulates both a carousel and a film strip projector. These effects come with a variety of transitions from a simple fade in and out carousel transition, to a more complex over-advance film strip projector effect. These effects were hand-key-framed from the images and movements of actual vintage projectors for a most natural and authentic feel!

Film Strip comes with a powerful slide effect that has all the options and controls you need. Shape, size, and position variations of the slide. Control the vintage feel of the slide with variables such as blur, scratches, dust, jitter amount, light flash amount, etc. It also comes with a special vignette and custom color grading option…all within one tool!

Please note: all these effects are dynamically created to bring you the best of old and new: no analog effects or overlays were used so the effects and transitions are much more efficient in your system as well.

Film Strip so easy to use too. Just layout your footage and cuts on the FCPX timeline, choose one of the several different slide and film stock effects, tweak, then add the desired transitions.

This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Please Note: This product works exclusively in Final Cut Pro.


CineFlare Film Strip 2.0 Templates for Final Cut Pro X

CineFlare Film Strip 2.0 Templates for Final Cut Pro X #gettingstarted

Learn how to create hand-keyed film strip transitions and slide effects with CineFlare Film Strip 2.0. Try Film Strip for free!


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