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CHV Electronics Clone and Paint Collection (FxScript) - featured

A set of 13 plugins to clone content, distort images and enhanced color correction


  • Clone - Clone is the perfect tool to manipulate and repair video-clips. With Clone you can eliminate scratches and dust by overlaying clean parts of your clip onto the dirty area. You can duplicate parts of your clip and make corrections like moving an object from one position to another. This is done by an easy to handle method to clone certain areas.
  • Brightness-Contrast-Gamma - This filter provides you with a combined system to control the brightness, contrast and gamma of a video-clip. The advantage of this filter is that no clipping effects can occur, due to the fact that all levels will be calculated internally with no upper and lower limit.
  • Posterize - Posterize creates the nice poster effect as you know it from various photo editing software.
  • Trail - Draw a path with markers and highlighted points. Trail provides you a wide range of features to apply a trail on your footage. Up to 50 points can be applied. Trail is included as a filter, which applies the effect directly onto a clip and as a generator that generates a trail with a transparent background.
  • Gradient Pro - Adjust the gamma curve as never before. Gradient Pro is made to get full control over the gradient curve of your footage. Up to 10 colors can be defined. These colors can be moved around, be switched on and off individually and are not bound to a numerical order.
  • Levels Pro - With Levels Pro you can change the gamma curve of each channel in the same way as you might know it from a well known photo-editing software.Up to 10 points on the new gamma curve can be defined. All points will be shown in the canvas and can be animated using keyframes. The points can be switched on and off individually and are not bound to a numerical order.
  • Marching Ants - Use Marching Ants to create a garbage matte with up to 40 adjustable points and a highly editable marching ants effect within you video. The marching ants will not only be visible within the canvas. You will have them marching within your rendered video clip, which is the whole purpose of this filter.
  • Mosaic - Mosaic creates a well known mosaic effect and: It is fast! This plugin does not slow down when the blocks get smaller and it does not slow down considerably when it has to add additional effects.
  • Rip - Rip tears apart your clip line by line. This plugin comes as a transition and as a filter. The effect can be applied in a horizontal, vertical and a combined direction. The amount of the distortion (Distortion-slider) can be adjusted.
  • Curvewipe - Curvewipe is a transition creating a highly adjustable cross-dissolve. With up to 18 fully adjustable points you can create even the most complicated functions. The points 1 and 20 are predefined, because a cross-fade always starts with the source-clip and ends with the destination-clip.
  • Channel Mixer - Channel Mixer is a tool to mix up the red, green and blue channels. Usually the red channel get 100% of the red information, the green channel gets 100% of the green information and the blue channel gets 100% of the blue information. With Channel Mixer you can mix up the red, green and blue channels, swap them around and even more.
  • Shear - Shear clips and images, With Shear you can create a fully adjustable shear effect to you footage.
  • Better BandSlide - A BandSlide-filter and -transition with more options

Compatible with Final Cut Pro 6 through Final Cut Pro 7, and Final Cut Express.

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