Colorize for After Effects


Colorize for After Effects
Colorize for After Effects

Select, Click - Voila!

Speed up your work with colors.

Colorize tool is a script for after effects that will significantly speed up your work with colors. Colorize comes packed with lots of handpicked color presets.


How it works

  1. Make a selection – Select layer and/or composition that you want to colorize.
  2. Select Colors – Choose color palette from the built in or add and select your own.
  3. Colorize – You can colorize only fills, strokes or both at the same time.

Disable, Enable, Add & Delete Colors

If you don’t need a particular color, you can disable it and then bring it back when you need it.

ae sweets colorize disable


Add, Edit, Export & Import Color Presets

You will never loose a favorite color again!  Share your swatches with your colleagues and clients.

ae sweets colorize presets


Lots of useful shortcuts

Colorize is packed with tons of shortcuts that will significantly speed up your workflow.  List of available shortcuts

ae sweets colorize shortcuts

Download color palettes

This is growing list of hand picked color palettes that we think you’ll love.  You can use them both with Sweet and Colorize.

How to install Colorize

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