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v1.0.5 Copy Pasta

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Copy Pasta


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Copy Pasta

Copy and Paste Images into and out of After Effects

Copy Pasta is the simple solution for copying and pasting images into and out of After Effects! Streamline your workflow and save time with this handy tool.

Copy Frames

Tired of fiddling around with the render queue to export PNG’s? Streamline a process that used to take upwards of ten clicks by exporting directly to your clipboard in one click!  The quickest solution for sending your people the snapshots they need!

Paste Images

How come almost every other Adobe app allows users to paste images from the clipboard? Well, we don’t have the answer for that, but we sure have the solution!  Paste images into AE directly from your clipboard and save tons of time.  Stop saving files to your desktop and start pasting them.


  • Copy the current frame to your cliopboard
  • Use the render queue for higher quality copies
  • Paste images directly into AE from your clipboard
  • Transparancy supported with both pasting and copying
  • Get colleagues previews quicker than ever before
  • Save tons of time by not saving images in order to import them
  • Bury the Render Queue in a ditch

After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3

1.0.5 (Current version) – Mar 30, 2020

  • Fixed an issue with errors being thrown in Catalina

1.0.4  –  Sep 5, 2019

  •  update the aescripts license framework.

1.0.3 –  Apr 5, 2019

  • Prevent ExtendScript toolkit from opening constantly
  • Fixed issues with the Date object that was affecting other extensions.

1.0.2  –  Sep 8, 2018

– Fix the “Text layers do not have a source” error.
– Fixed an error where JSON was undefined.
– Make sure we’re checking if there’s an active composition whenever restoring the render queue.
– Make sure we’re not throwing errors when the project doesn’t exist.
– Add a trial expiration message and disabled beta mode.- Fixed an issue where errors on MacOS were not being reported properly.

1.0.1  –  Sep 6, 2018

– Fixed the plugin not working on some Windows machines depending on user preferences.
– Fixed an issue where errors on MacOS were not being reported properly.

1.0.0  –  Sep 6, 2018

– Initial release

Plugin Play Copy Pasta Tutorial

Learn how to use Copy Pasta to quickly copy and paste images into and out of Adobe After Effects.


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