Curious Animal Membrane Deformer


Curious Animal Membrane Deformer


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Curious Animal Membrane Deformer

Membrane Deformer for Cinema 4D lets you make portions of your models stretchy, pulled around between their surrounding geometry as you animate your objects.


Membrane Deformer is a Cinema 4D plugin to help you rig stretchy elements like webbed feet and bat wings. Membrane Deformer makes rigging these otherwise tricky organic features amazingly simple – just select the points you want to be stretched in a point selection tag, add Membrane Deformer, and animate your object with any other deformer (including Cinema 4D's character skinning tools). Then Membrane Deformer will take care of stretching your selected points between their surrounding points, which you control directly, even adding squash and stretch. You can limit the deformation to specific areas using the built-in falloff tab.


curious animal membrane deformer 1

Squash and Stretch – Your object's flexible bits can get thicker as they're pushed closer together and thinner as they're pulled apart.

curious animal membrane deformer 2

Works well with Cinema 4D's character animation tools – apply it below the Skin object to stretch things between toes, arms, lips, or wherever you'd like some stretchy organic creature effects.

curious animal membrane deformer 3

Membrane Deformer will give you good results without tweaking in many cases, but includes powerful smoothing and sampling controls to help get better results for more complicated models.


Membrane Deformer Basics Tutorial

Compatible with Cinema 4D R15 - R20