v1.2 Curious Animal Motion Stretch Deformer


Curious Animal Motion Stretch Deformer


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Curious Animal Motion Stretch Deformer

Takes your object and stretches its points along the paths of their animation

It’s a great tool for creating motion trails, cartoon style motion blur, or just adding a little extra weight to just about any polygon animation.



  • Motion Stretch can be applied to any polygon object to emphasise its existing animation, adding an extra level of quality to your animation with very little effort. It's especially useful for cartoon style character animation and for motion trail effects.
  • Motion Stretch includes a falloff tab to let you limit its effect, and we've included Attach Falloff to Null, a free tag plugin that lets you move the falloff independently of the Curious Animal deformers.
  • Difference Maps – the Difference Map tab stores the effect of the Curious Animal deformers on each point into a vertex map. That map can then control the influence of shaders, other deformers and many other effects in Cinema 4D.

v1.2 Update:

The main updates are to Motion Stretch's cache system – it now interpolates the cache when you're rendering at a different frame rate to your project, making it much easier to use for people who need to target multiple video formats. There's also a new extrapolation option to let you loop the cache if your animation precedes or continues beyond your cached time range, handy for animation loops.

Compatible with Cinema 4D R15 - R20