Curious Turtle Film Wash Color Effects for DaVinci Resolve Vol. 4


Curious Turtle Film Wash Color Effects for DaVinci Resolve Vol. 4 - featured

Commercial Color Grades Made Easy

The popular series of color grades are now available for DaVinci Resolve and Resolve Lite. Color grading is a vital tool in any production. It is the final touch you give to your footage, and will completely transform the story, look and emotional impact of your video. Film Wash Color Effects is a set of powergrades designed with one purpose - to take your footage from good to great.


We're not talking about regular, simple color correction presets  - Film Wash is a library crafted to give your video a deep, textured rinse and keeps you firmly in control.

Ready to Go - A Source of Inspiration or One-click Wonders

All the Film Wash looks are ready to use, straight out of the box.  We know that not all footage reacts in the same way to a color grade, so everything is still fully customisable. Add it to your primary color correction, mix it back with a single slider or blend it with multiple looks.

Over 65 new color effects - Compatible with DaVinci Resolve & Resolve Lite

Film Wash Color Effects for DaVinci Resolve are battle tested and are proven to work in the real world. Floating Point calculation means you can easily mix Looks together without fear of permanently clipping black or white levels.


  • 66 Powergrades
  • Video Tutorials for basic and advanced usage
  • Written documentation
  • Full Resolution Lookbook

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