Darkling Simulations DarkTree  2.5


Darkling Simulations DarkTree - featured

The standard in visual shader authoring.

DarkTree 2.5 is an advanced procedural shader authoring tool. By combining any of 100+ procedural components into a texture tree, you can interactively create photo-realistic textures, surface shaders, and animated effects.


The textures generated by DarkTrees are calculated in 3D space instead of being derived from bitmaps. Because of this, DarkTree materials can be rendered with full detail at any size, map seamlessly onto any shape, and can be easily changed during the creative process (or over time for special effects).

DarkTree textures and shaders can be saved out as bitmaps or brought directly into a 3D application via the included Simbiont plugins

Windows Vista, XP Home or
Windows 2000/XP Professional

PC with Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon

1024 x 768 resolution display with 24-bit color.

CPU Speed:
500MHz (2 GHz or greater recommended)

128 MB RAM

CD-ROM (for CD version) and two button mouse

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