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Datamosh for After Effects


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Datamosh for After Effects

Real Video Glitching

Break your videos and find the pixel wonderland. The only way to true Datamosh inside of After Effects


Datamosh is the real deal.  Feed our plugin your composition and we'll rip it to shreds by dropping just the right frames to get that sweet juicy, moshy mosh.  Type in some random numbers, hit that DATAMOSH button, and you've got a music video.

Slay some I-Frames

Click one button, and the dumb a** I-Frames are gone, quicker than your nice Cali Kush on a Thursday night.  You'll be transitioning from cut to cut like a frickin' video ninja warrior.  Not spicy enough? Use the intensity slider to control the moshiness of the effects.

Make it moshhhhhhh

I-Frames not your style?  Feeling a  little more loosey goosey? Duplicate the Deltaframes to get that nice, drippy, trippy effect.  Mess around with the inputs a little more and make your video mosh to the beat.

After Effects CC 2019, CC 2018, CC 2017, CC 2015.3, CC 2015

1.1.5  (Current version)  -  Nov 26, 2018

- Auto-cleanup no longer deletes files in different projects.
- Detect FFMPEG failures.
- Do nothing whenever the user stops the render.
- Make sure ExtendScript toolkit doesn't open when running Datamosh.
- Make sure to validate empty fields.
- Minor bug fixes
- Add notification when trial expires

1.1.4  -  Aug 11, 2018

- Fixed multiple "Datamosh" folders being generated in the project window.

1.1.2  -  Aug 9, 2018

- Fixed aequery error for small amount of users who weren't able to start a mosh
- Other various bug fixes
- Upon re-mosh, delete old video inserted into composition + file created.
- Disallow using output templates with invalid file extensions.

1.0.1  -  Jul 16, 2018

- Added bug fix for users who are experiencing a black screen when launching the tool.

1.0.0  -  Jul 11, 2018

Initial release

Plugin Play Datamosh for After Effects Quick Start Tutorial

Learn what datamosh is and how to manipulate the pixels in your video to create weird and wild effects, using Datamosh for After Effects.