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Digieffects Tweak

Fine tune your projects with Tweak.

Stylize your next project with this set of unique effects including Hyper Harmonizer, Newsprint, Crazy Stripes, Crystallizer, Visual Harmonizer, VanGoughist, Stargate, Nexus, Schematic Grids, and Perspectron.


10 Tools Included In Tweak

crazy stripesTweak Crazy Stripes
Create stripes from any still image or video clip. Works great to create speeding backgrounds. Use the effect as a transition to simulate a swish pan.



crystallizerTweak Crystallizer
Generate animated textures with crystalline-type patterns. Control the number of nodules, size, randomization, edge behavior, falloff, and blend.



hyper harmonizerTweak Hyper Harmonizer
Create incredibly mesmerizing radial geometric patterns. Adjust sine-wave curve parameters to create complex spirograph-like (hypotrochoid) images.



newsprintTweak Newsprint
Create the halftone dot pattern you get from printing or the linear look of a woodblock print. Great for that comic book, Warhol or wanted poster effect.



nexusTweak Nexus
Create beams or lines that rotate around two circles and fades out. Adjust how lines come together and spread apart. Works great as a tech background.



perspectronTweak Perspectron
Create a unique animated warping effect. Bend and stretch your clip with a series of control points for funhouse mirror look or simulate an acid trip.



gridsTweak Schematic Grids
Generate grids that can be subdivided, have broken lines and have objects placed on their intersections. Adjust advanced controls to customize the grid.



stargateTweak Stargate
Simulate the slit scan process used in the stargate sequence of the classic movie, “2001: A Space Odyssey.” Layer and mask the effect to create interest.



vanghouistTweak Vanghouist
Create painted effects by brushing the source clip with a series of brush strokes. Adjust brush type, horizontal size, vertical size, number of strokes and blend.



harmonizerTweak Visual Harmonizer
Use this effect to create sine wave patterns. Control the frequency, amplitude, and phase. Keyframe the start and end controls to create animated waves.



Hyper Harmonizer


Crazy Stripes




Visual Harmonizer






Schematic Grids





Digieffects plugins are designed for host applications Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects versions CS6 and CC, Final Cut Pro X, and Motion 4 and 5.

Graphics Card

Digieffects plugins use the power of your computer's CPU. No special GPU card is required.

Operating System

Digieffects plugins work with Windows systems on version 7 and later, and OSX for Mountain Lion (10.8) and later.

Digieffects: HyperHarmonizer from Tweak #digieffects

Learn how to use HyperHarmonizer, one of the tools included in Tweak, to create spirograph-like swirling lines, and radial geometric patterns.


Digieffects: Vanghouist from Tweak #digieffects

Learn how to create artistic, painted brush stroke effects using Vanghouist, one of the tools included in Tweak.


Digieffects: Stargate from Tweak #digieffects

Learn how to create a hyerdrive, warp speed, slit scan look using Stargate, one of the tools included in Tweak.


Digieffects: Schematic Grids from Tweak #digieffects

Learn how easy it is to make a custom grid using Schematic Grid, one of the tools in Tweak.


Digieffects: Perspectron from Tweak #digieffects

Learn how to create an fun, warping, acid trip or funhouse mirror look using Perspectron, one of the tools included in Tweak.


Digieffects: Nexus from Tweak #digieffects

Learn how to use Nexus, one of the tools included with Tweak, to create a laser beam effect.


Digieffects: Newsprint from Tweak #digieffects

Learn how to create a newpaper look with a halftone dot pattern using Newprint, one of the tools in Tweak.


Digieffects: Crazy Stripes from Tweak #digieffects

Learn how to use Crazy Stripes, one of the tools available in Tweak, to create a speeding background look.


Digieffects: Crystallizer from Tweak # digieffects

Learn how to create beautiful, animated, crystal-patterned textures using Crystallizer, one of the tools included in Tweak.