Digimation Model Bank Library Collection of 3D Models


Digimation Model Bank Library Collection of 3D Models
Digimation Model Bank Library Collection of 3D Models

1,200 fully textured, high-resolution models - The perfect compliment to any 3D program.

The Model Bank Library features 1,200 fully textured, high-resolution 3D models in industry standard 3DS format. The library includes a wide variety of models including vehicles, animals, aircraft, architecture, sports, military, and more.The quality and value pricing make it the perfect collection for people new to 3D, or anyone looking for a quick way to create realistic 3D images and animation.

digimation model bank examples


Model Bank models come fully textured and ready to render. Drag and drop them into your application, point a camera and you’re ready to go. The Model Bank library makes it easy to create realistic graphics quickly. Animal textures (like the zebra below) are created from photographs making the resulting renders extremely realistic.


All Model Bank models are provided in industry standard 3DS format which is supported by virtually all 3D packages. Model Bank models can be dragged and dropped directly into Photoshop CC with all texture maps included. Rotate, size, and place the model to fit your picture, adjust lights – even paint directly on the texture maps.

The Model Bank Library requires Microsoft Windows and is delivered on a DVD, or select Download delivery.

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