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v1 Dosch 3D: Interior Details

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Dosch 3D: Interior Details
Dosch 3D: Interior Details

160 3d-models for interior design.

The product DOSCH 3D: Interior Details contains 160 very detailed and fully textured 3D-models of various objects which you can use to breath life into a visualization.

Use these 3D-models for detail-visualizations of any residential rooms, and also for office depictions. Whether it is for kitchen/dining areas, living room, or study – these details will make renderings more vivid, with maximum realism.


The completely textured 3D-models are provided in multiple file formats: 3DS, 3dsmax (version 8 and above), Lightwave (version 6 and above), FBX, Maya (version 4 and above), OBJ, VRML and Cinema 4D (version 7 and above).



dosch interior details

All 3D models can be adjusted as desired and adapted as needed:

  • Scaling: this can be adapted to your needs
  • Materials and textures can be freely adapted and changed
  • All colors can be changed as desired- own textures / labels can be applied
  • individual elements can be switched on or off
  • Individual elements can be changed in transparency – from completely visible to invisible
  • Animation: all elements can be animated individually, or the 3D model as a whole
  • The 3D models can be edited / edited as desired. They also serve perfectly as a starting point for very own 3D model creations.
  • The lighting of the 3D scenes can be chosen freely by you

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  • 3DS (191,59 MB)
  • 3ds max (version 8 and above) (239,08 MB)
  • 3ds max (version 9 and above) (481,56 MB)
  • 3dsmax V9 +VRay (581,28 MB)
  • C4D Version V7 and above (199,44 MB)
  • DWG (196,14 MB)
  • DXF (230,59 MB)
  • FBX (301,11 MB)
  • Lightwave 6.5 and above (180,69 MB)
  • Maya (version 4 and above) (399,97 MB)
  • Modo (LXO) (200,39 MB)
  • OBJ (252,79 MB)
  • Softimage XSI (330,05 MB)
  • Universal 3D (401,53 MB)
  • VRML (295,28 MB)

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