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The right solution for productive professionals

Includes VUE and PlantFactory – a solution for professionals and freelancers to enhance their artwork at any point within their workflow.


The Professional Solution includes:

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Product Comparison Chart

  Creator Solution Professional Solution Enterprise Solution
Core Procedural
Creation Features
Import All
Export No Yes
Compositing No Yes
Integration Plug-ins No Yes
Python Scripting API No Yes
Included RenderCows 5 Open Bar
Render size 4k The Sky's the Limit
License Server No Included
Floating License No No Option Available

Be Productive

a halted journey

© Sergey Musin

The Professional Solution enables freelance artists and small to medium studios to create digital 3D environments for VFX, films, gaming, and architectural visualization industries.

Let the power of procedural technology help you model, texture, render, and export your scenes and assets with ease! 

Dive into the solution that will help kickstart your creativity and productivity!

Rendering Power


© Ralf Meader

Can you handle it?

VUE’s proprietary rendering engine gives you the power to render in a vast range of quality settings giving you the ability to illustrate your scenes all the way through from quick thumbnails to photorealistic stills and animations or even to output as a multi-layer PSDs perfect for compositing.


artur rosa

© Artur Rosa

Seeing is believing

From dawn till dusk, night to day, VUE’s atmospheric effects can encompass any lighting scheme you need to produce. With full control, that rainy day in London or a snowstorm in the Himalayas is only a few clicks away.

Adaptable & Powerful

Our Professional Solution offers all the tools you’ll ever need to create realistic environments along with a range of tools that can be used at any stage of the creative process. From concept to storyboarding, compositing, and finishing scenes, animations, and more!

Our procedural vegetation modeling software offers the power to generate not only hero plants but also the same plant with various levels of detail to suit your requirements.

Export, export, export


©Jean-Marie Marbach

It's compatible

Export your content or scene to other 3D apps using export formats like Alembic, FBX, 3DS, OBJ, C4D, LWO, and more!

Provides full exchange compatibility with an extensive set of import and export filters for both 2D and 3D content.

Export any native element such as trees, terrains, skies, and complete scenes using dedicated polygon reduction and UV unwrapping tools.


VUE features an interface design that's optimized for ease-of-use and productivity and is packed full of amazing rendering features including volumetric effects, glowing materials, lens flares, stars and planets, rocks, and more!

VUE is so productive and easy to use that you'll be designing and animating 3D scenery within seconds.


Oleg Cliff

@Sukonnikov Oleg

VUE integrates flexible and powerful terrain modeling technologies. From creating full planets to infinitely detailed terrainscapes, VUE's got you covered!

Create hydrological and thermal simulations, manually sculpt them in real time, and even animate the parameters. Procedural terrains provide an unlimited level of detail; move your camera closer, and more detail is seamlessly added.

Like procedural terrains, Heightfield Terrains are based on a function graph but baked on a fixed-resolution grid. Allowing more flexibility and realism to your terrains. Heightfield Terrains are also significantly faster to render!


lars braad andersen Cretac waterfal

© Lars Braad Andersen

VUE ships with a hefty plant library, comprised of over 170 plant species, from HD vegetation to low resolution. More species are added on a regular basis1.

The VUE vegetation technology ensures that no two plants you add to your scene will be identical, freeing you from hardcore vegetation modeling tasks, and adding more subtlety to your scenes.

The Plant Editor lets you easily customize any of the plants included and allows you to create your own, unique plant species. VUE will also automatically animate plants for you so that they gently sway in the breeze, or twist and bend in strong winds!

VUE is natively compatible with the fully procedural PlantFactory file format, to produce high-quality hero trees as well as distant vegetation. VUE can animate all of the exposed plant properties (such as Health, Seasonality or any other published plant parameter).

1 Enterprise Solutions only


bliss highland

© Ryan Bliss

With e-on's patented Ecosystem technology, you can easily populate your scenes with millions of plants, trees, stones, and other objects, to achieve an unprecedented level of natural complexity and detail while keeping VUE’s performance and display running smoothly.

Ecosystems do not merely scatter objects randomly across the surface. Instead, our technology decides where to place them according to the natural rules you define.

Additionally, the Ecosystem painter lets you interactively paint Ecosystems over any surface.

Clouds & Atmospheres

Star Conflict

© Dima Hibikirus

Simply said, VUE has the most advanced, complete and fully procedural atmospheric engine on the market. Convert any mesh to clouds, create complex atmospheres from scratch, or use any of the predefined atmospheres, create planetary cloud layers, and export standalone clouds or full cloud layers as openVDB *.

You can easily control the overall shape of the clouds, from feathery to clumpy and create skies with as many overlapping spectral cloud layers as you like for complex and unbelievably realistic cloudscapes!

Professional and Enterprise Solutions only


e-on Hangar

© Terry Allitt

VUE offers a multitude of lighting options to create stunning outdoor and indoor scenery including a scientifically accurate photometric atmosphere/light model, cutting-edge global illumination and indirect lighting engines, HDR image-based lighting, a complete set of light types with raytraced and mapped soft shadows and a full-featured lens flare editor.


e-on island

© Alen Vejzovic

The creation of natural 3D environments requires highly complex shaders that respond to altitude or slope, seamlessly cover any terrain, and exhibit enough detail whether seen from distance or from close-up.

VUE features a shader system that is fully optimized for the challenges of Digital Nature. By using three types of material editors, you can effectively create anything from simple bitmapped textures to elaborate multi-layered procedural materials that dynamically respond to the environment.

VUE is fully compliant with the PBR Metalness workflow and includes a Specular to Metalness converter.


VUE offers 2 render engines: a fully customizable CPU Ray-tracer, and a hybrid GPU/CPU Path Tracer. Both render engines incorporate all of today’s high-end features yet stands out in their ability to handle huge polygon counts quickly and efficiently.

Render your scenes in stereo, 360° VR Panoramas, VR180, to play them on any Stereo-compliant platform (such as Youtube for instance) or devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Nvidia 3DVision, Sony PSVR, Google DayDream, Google Cardboard etc.

For more artistic freedom, VUE also includes a fully featured Non-Photorealistic Rendering shader that analyzes your renders to create stylized artwork.



© Marco Iozzi

Because we understand that our tools will find their place with a bigger arsenal in your pipeline, we made sure that what you do in VUE does not merely stay in VUE, and what you do outside of VUE can be imported seamlessly.

VUE can be installed both as a standalone package and as a plugin for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D or LightWave. With the included conversion tool, VUE scenes can be rendered with any renderer such as RenderMan, Arnold, Octane, VRay Next, Corona, etc.

VUE features an extensible architecture that can be programmed using the Python cross-platform standard for application scripting.

Easily exchange geometry with ZBrush using GoZ (terrains as quads, other meshes as triangles).

Camera motion can be imported and exported as .FBX as well as Nuke .CHAN files. – And that’s just scratching the surface of how well VUE can fit into your workflow!

*Professional and Enterprise Solutions only


export VUE lets you export every single asset of your scenes: Plants, Rocks, Terrains, Ecosystem populations, procedural materials, Camera paths, lights, Cloud Layers, Standalone Clouds and even full scenes, in a wide variety of file formats, such as FBX, Alembic, OpenVDB, 3ds, Collada, Ptex and more. You can control every single Level of Detail, per instance, or globally. On top of this, skies can be exported as HDR skydomes or skycubes.

Professional and Enterprise Solutions only


bauer mountain

© Julian Bauer

VUE provides extensive multi-pass rendering options. Virtually every rendering element, every layer, every material, and every single object can be assigned a separate pass. VUE generates all multi-pass renders in High Dynamic Range, including all objects, cloud and layer masks, rendering components, ambient occlusion, shadows, reflections, atmospheric contributions, etc. Multi-pass renders can be exported as EXR 32 bit files with each pass stored in a high-dynamic range format.

*Professional and Enterprise Solutions only


PlantFactory is packed with amazing features that deliver unsurpassed realism and performance. An essential tool for any VFX pipeline, PlantFactory will have you creating stunning digital art in a flash! 

Production Proof*

Because we understand that our tools will find their place with a bigger arsenal in your pipeline, we made sure that what you do in PlantFactory does not merely stay in PlantFactory!

Plants created with PlantFactory can be exported to any 3D application using export formats such as Alembic, FBX, 3DS, OBJ, C4D, LWO, etc.

Plants are exported fully rigged, fully textured, with UV maps and displacement, and with all their LODs. Breeze or wind animated plants can be exported as a fully rigged mesh or as a cloud of animated vertices (MDD style).

You can fine-tune the animation of rigged mesh plants directly inside your target 3D application.

PlantFactory also offers a variety of export presets, custom tailored for specific host applications. Such presets include export for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D, LightWave, Modo, ZBrush, Unity, Unreal, Blender, and more…

*Professional and Enterprise Solutions only

hendrich mossy

© Rudi Hendrich

PlantFactory + VUE

When used in conjunction with VUE, PlantFactory will fully integrate and expand the software, so that you can access the plant editing power of PlantFactory directly from VUE and use the VUE tools to affect the PlantFactory vegetation.

Furthermore, when used inside of VUE, PlantFactory creates unique vegetation – i.e. no two plants of the same species will ever look exactly alike. PlantFactory plants also sway in the breeze, or twist and bend in strong winds.

PlantFactory plants will automatically adapt their resolution with distance, through a dynamic LOD system, making them perfect for Hero plants, foreground, mid-ground and background placements in your compositions.

PlantFactory vegetation can be edited directly within the VUE Plant Editor. Specific parameters from the plant graph can be extracted to the Plant Editor to create simplified, high-level controls and facilitate your plant editing process.

Last but not least, like any VUE component, PlantFactory plants will work seamlessly with the EcoSystem™ technology to create landscapes containing millions of unique plants! 

tree collection

© Artur Rosa


One of the key features of PlantFactory is its ability to dynamically set global plant characteristics such as plant age, health, and seasonality.

These characteristics can drive any node or set of nodes in the TPF graph to add more complete plant definition and realism.

Total control & endless possibilities

Plants created in PlantFactory are built in three different ways.

1. Like a painter! – By manually drawing the shape of the plant you want:

In Manual mode, you just paint branches using your mouse (or tablet). The graph of nodes is automatically regenerated after each mouse stroke. Once painted, you can access each painted element and easily fine-tune every aspect of it using graph parameters, or even visually modify the geometry using standard manipulation Gizmos.

2. Like a builder! – by assembling ready-made components:

The Components method is the fastest and easiest way to model vegetation. PlantFactory ships with a library of pre-made components for trunks, branches, leaves, fruits, etc. Components are fully textured, UV mapped, displaced, and pre-animated. Just select the component you want to use, and TPF will intelligently add it to the graph and connect its parameters automatically, without any further action from you.

3. Like a boss! – by constructing everything from scratch, using a procedural graph of nodes:

Using the graph of nodes, you build your plants from simple geometry nodes. Each geometry node features multiple parameters that you adjust and combines to achieve the desired look. Each one of these parameters can be extracted and controlled using other nodes (for instance, you can link the size and color of your leaves to the age of your plant). You can even create simple interfaces to control your plants: by publishing specific parameters of the graph you provide high-level control to the intricate properties of the plant.


  • VUE is a 64-bit application, designed for 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Intel Mac OS X 10.10+ platforms.
  • Like all 3D packages, it is highly demanding in terms of computer power.
  • Although the application is totally multi-threaded to ensure the smoothest possible response, you must realize that there is a lot going on when you work in VUE.

Recommended System Specs

  • Windows 64 bit (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10), Mac OS X v10.13+
  • Multi-core CPU (Intel QuadCore, Core I7, or Mac Pro), AVX compliant
  • 8GB+ of RAM,
  • 4GB+ of free Hard Disk space (on the drive hosting the OS),

We recommend a graphics card containing at least 4 GB of VRAM with a 3D Mark score of 10,000 or better (https://benchmarks.ul.com/compare/best-gpus)

Compatible hosts:

  • Autodesk Maya 2015-2019 (no compatibility with V-Ray Next and no Mental Ray)
  • Autodesk 3ds Max 2015-2020
  • Maxon Cinema 4D R15-R19
  • Newtek LightWave 11.6-2019


PlantFactory is a 64 bits application, designed for 64-bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Intel Mac OS X 10.10+ platforms. A video board that can run Shader model 4 is required. For better performance, a minimum of 2GB of video RAM is recommended (Video RAM should not be confused with system RAM. Video RAM resides solely on your video board).

Performance of the software is directly related to the power of the system running it. PlantFactory is optimized to make the best of all the processors/cores on your system. The power of your video board directly impacts the frame-rate of the plant preview.

Recommended System Specs

  • Windows 64 bit (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10), Mac OS X v10.13+
  • We recommend a graphics card containing at least 4 GB of VRAM with a 3D Mark score of 10,000 or better (https://benchmarks.ul.com/compare/best-gpus)
  • Multi-core CPU (Intel QuadCore, Core I7, or Mac Pro), AVX compliant
  • 8+GB of free RAM
  • 4GB of free Hard Disk space.

E-on Software Announces the Availability of its Summer 2019 Release for VUE and PlantFactory Software

e-on software’s summer quarterly release adds support for V-Ray Next, a new Orthographic Camera, 15 botanically accurate vegetation species, more than 300 new content assets, and over 60 additional feature, performance, and user experience enhancements.

Paris, France – August 8, 2019 – E-on software, a leading global developer of software for the creation, animation, rendering, and integration of natural 3D environments in the computer graphics, VFX, architecture, and gaming industries, announced the immediate availability of the Summer 2019 Release (otherwise known as R3) of its VUE and PlantFactory software.

A new free trial version is also available of its VUE and PlantFactory software, which includes all the updates from R3.

The full release note details are available online at https://info.e-onsoftware.com/release-notes-august-2019

Key New Features in VUE R3

Integration and Export (1)

  • Added Progress Bar for export
  • Always running color algorithm now on baked texture for export
  • [Plugin] Added compatibility with V-Ray Next
  • [Plugin] Added a “Convert” button in the Convert Tool and avoided conversion when using the close button
  • [Plugin] Much faster reading and writing of large scenes in Maya (especially in ascii format)
  • [Plugin] Ability to convert old scene gamma (same choices as in VUE Standalone) when loading a new VUE scene file from the menu


  • Allows the use of the RenderNode Network option with Path Tracer renderer
  • Improved robustness of GPU anti-aliasing
  • Added orthogonal projection in Camera Options


  • When saving a material, faster computation of the preview for meta-cloud materials.
  • Optimized PlantFactory plant computation (5%)
  • Optimized Graph Edition (3x)
  • Hidden node previews in the function editor are no longer recomputed (saving CPU time)
  • Moved the compilation of nodes in the thread function to reduce latency
  • Reduced the latency in the function editor when editing parameters (mainly useful for complex graphs)


  • IceRings and Rainbow effects work in a photometric mode


  • Ability to subdivide cube and pyramid primitives before displacing (like planes already are), to avoid a lower visual quality when compared to “curved” primitives like spheres, cones, cylinders and tori
  • Improved the rendering of cubes when both displacement and normal mapping is activated

Function Graph

  • Improved MetaNode edition
  • Improved connection edition
  • Improved graph layout when loading old functions


  • Added functions to get/set multi-pass and G-Buffer output path
  • Added function to override the output folder for all channels


  • Handles opacity map
  • Handles image parameter


  • Uses visible handles for tangent manipulation in the filter editor
  • Enabled the K shortcut to break tangents in the filter editor
  • Double clicks in filter editor create a new point where you have clicked
  • Native HiDPI drawing of the filter editor
  • Allows you to remove a filter point by double-clicking on it
  • Vastly improved the reading speed of compressed files
  • When saving a material file, a dialog now displays the progression of the rendered preview, and it can be stopped by pressing the escape key
  • Replaced the 4 icon buttons (6 in hosted plugins) to load items in EcoSystems by a single “Add Item” button and a popup menu. The popup menu can also be accessed by right-clicking in the population list.
  • The auto-exposure computed in the scene preview is now applied in the OpenGL views (with the shader 4 mode)
  • Exposure and post-process settings are now applied while rendering with the path tracer (but not for interactive rendering)
  • Added a filter to hide old SolidGrowth plant when browsing for the plant.
  • Improved the automatic naming of plants by taking the species filename into account.
  • Improved graph layout when loading old functions
  • Improved reactivity when first opening a browser
  • Improved quality of OpenGL preview of the atmosphere
  • [Browser] Created a button to hide downloadable content
  • [Browser] More buttons now support ALT shortcut to switch to native browser


  • A commercial license can now read a scene created in the Trial version on the same machine.
  • Improved Thumbnail generator library stability


Key New Features in PlantFactory R3

Integration and Export (1)

  • Exporting as billboards now also create normal maps
  • Added Progress Bar when exporting geometry
  • Always running a color algorithm on baked texture for export


  • Optimized PlantFactory plant computation (5%)
  • Optimized Graph Edition (3x)


  • Added functionality to position children orthogonally to the surface of the parent
  • Two additional sliders for random positioning and orientation of children objects added via whorl

Function Graph

  • Improved MetaNode edition
  • Improved connection edition
  • Improved graph layout when loading old functions


  • Handles opacity map
  • Handles image parameter


  • Uses visible handles for tangent manipulation in the filter editor
  • Enabled the K shortcut to break tangents in the filter editor
  • Double-clicks in filter editor create a new point where the user has clicked
  • Ability to remove a filter point by double-clicking on it
  • A vastly improved reading speed of compressed files
  • When saving a material file, a dialog now displays the progression of the rendered preview, which can be stopped by pressing the escape key
  • Split graph and preview menu for clarification


  • A commercial license can now read a scene created in the Trial version on the same machine.
  • Improved stability of thumbnail generator library

(1) Export and integration plugins are only available in Professional and Enterprise solutions


Plant Catalog Collection update (2)

This summer release also offers a new batch of 15 HD and LD – botanically accurate – vegetation species, including:

  • Broadleaf trees: Citrus x aurantium, Citrus x Limon, Ficus Carica, Jacaranda mimosifolia
  • Bushes: Callistemon laevis, Callistemon rigidus, Callistemon viminalis ‘Little John’, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis, Malvaviscus penduliflorus
  • Palms: Phoenix canariensis, Washingtonia robusta
  • Perennials: Juncus rigidus
  • Succulents: Beaucarnea recurvata, Dracaena draco, Euphorbia candelabrum

 (2) Plant Catalog compatibility is currently in Enterprise solutions only

New collection items

e-on software will be progressively giving away its owned content collection formerly sold on Cornucopia3D to users of its new software solutions. The company owns more than 2,000 3D assets, that are currently being updated and quality controlled. These assets will be made available in batches with every new quarterly release. The R3 release, therefore, includes the first batch of more than 300 3D assets comprised of atmospheres, materials, vehicles, animals, sample scenes, etc.

A formal statement about Cornucopia3D will be made this summer.


The new update is available for download as a free software update for all registered users of the company’s VUE and PlantFactory solutions. Users will find the software update and the plant catalog download links on their user account page (under the Software Center tab).

Spring 2019 update

VUE and PlantFactory build 2003711, Release date: April 24, 2019

See the full release notes for the Spring release here.

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