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Advanced Digital Nature Application for 3D Artists.

VUE Studio is the advanced Digital Nature application with powerful vegetation and rendering features for dedicated 3D Artists. Focused on enhanced natural vegetation capabilities, advanced rendering features and extended Poser/Daz integration, VUE Studio provides comprehensive control over the creation of complex scenes, while maintaining an intuitive workflow.


VUE Studio adds to VUE Esprit the technologies available in the Botanica, LightTune, DeepAccess, HyperVUE and EcoSystem expansion modules.

Advanced Digital Nature Application for 3D Artists

Vue Studio is the advanced Digital Nature application with powerful vegetation and rendering features for dedicated 3D Artists. Focused on enhanced natural vegetation capabilities, advanced rendering features and extended Poser/Daz integration, Vue Studio 2015 provides comprehensive control over the creation of complex scenes, while maintaining an intuitive workflow.

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The 9 Benefits of Procedural Technology

The 9 Benefits of Procedural Technology

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Top reasons to get Vue Studio

  • Easy learning curve!
  • Extended Scenery Power!
  • Advanced Ecosystems!
  • Create your own plant species!
  • Photo-realistic radiosity lighting!
  • Load and render Poser characters!
  • Unrivaled natural 3D creation power!
  • Packed full of preset content!
  • High quality, high resolution images!
  • Blazing fast network rendering!
  • Direct access to Cornucopia3D content!


eon vue terrain


  • Sculpt 3D Terrains in RealTime
  • Paint Material Distribution Maps on Terrains
  • Render Infinitely Detailed Procedural Terrains
  • Create Planetary and Spherical Terrains

eon vue vegetation


  • Plant Factory Vegetation
  • Innovative SolidGrowth™  4 Plant Technology
  • Customize Vegetation in the SolidGrowth Plant Editor

eon vue ecosystems 2

EcoSystem Generation

  • Revolutionary EcoSystem™ Generation
  • Paint Plants and Objects with EcoSystem Painting
  • Powerful Layered EcoSystem Materials
  • Enhanced EcoSystem Display
  • EcoParticles - The Vue Particle System

eon vue atmospheres


  • Cutting-Edge Atmospheric Technology
  • Standard Atmosphere Model: Fast Rendering
  • Volumetric Atmosphere Model: Enhanced Realism
  • Spectral 3 Atmosphere Model: Hyper-Realism
  • Environment Mapping Model: HDRI Rendering
  • Automatic Weather Effects - Rain and Snow

eon vue natural elements

Natural Elements

  • Splines
  • Road Tools
  • Rocks
  • Realistic Water
  • Custom Fog and Clouds using MetaClouds
  • Add Celestial Stars and Planets
  • Create Your Own Natural Elements and Objects

eon vue lighting


  • Feature-Rich Direct Illumination
  • Relighting
  • Life-Like Indirect Lighting
  • Illumination Caching
  • HDR Image Based Lighting

eon vue rendre 2


  • Advanced Rendering Features and Controls
  • Flexible Rendering Options
  • Fast Stand-Alone Renderer
  • Easy-To-Use Network Rendering

eon vue animation


  • The Powerful Animation Graph Editor
  • Animate using Graph-Based Animation Scripts
  • Intelligent Motion with Dynamic Motion Reaction™
  • Industry Leading Wind Animation Capabilities
  • Optimize your Animation using Animation Rendering Options

eon vue materials


  • The Basic Material Editor
  • The Advanced Material Editor
  • The SmartGraph Function Editor
  • Cyclic Noises & Fractals
  • Physical Transparency
  • Improved Highlights
  • Shared Material Layers
  • Image Combiner / Sampler Nodes
  • Texture Projection Mapping Improvements
  • Volumetric Materials

eon vue interface 2

Interface & Workflow

  • Render Stack with Comparison Tools
  • Advanced OpenGL Engine
  • Custom Interfaces
  • Inviting, Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Time-Saving Tools and Helpers

eon vue import export

Import & Export

  • Intelligent Import Filters
  • Extensive Object and Scene Export
  • 3D Import Filters
  • 3D Export Filters
  • 2D Import/Export Filters
  • Vector data import
  • Animation Export Filters
  • Camera Tracking Import / Export

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Key New Features in VUE 2016 R6

  • UI/UX and navigation improvements:
    • Vastly improved display speed and UI responsiveness
    • New interactive multi-object selection display
    • New mouse-centered and advanced target-centered scene navigation modes that can be set on a per camera basis
    • New drop on top/smart drop on top actions
    • 2 new replace-by scaling options
    • Updated industry standard shortcuts, and addition of several new shortcut triggers
    • Improved top-view spline editor
    • Revamped import options
  • Atmospheric effects and lighting:
    • Image based lighting (IBL) importance sampling greatly improves lighting accuracy
    • Set gamma corrections for environment maps
    • Randomize cloud layers parameters
    • Several improvements on MetaCloud technology (density production, auto scale, additional volumetric material roughness and more)
  • Performance:
    • Up to 6x faster EcoSystem cache generation
    • 10% faster rendering of very large EcoSystem populations
    • Faster overall read and write mechanisms
    • EcoSystem populations with native instances in 3dsMax, Maya and Cinema4D (1)
    • Populate EcoSystems onto native assets
    • Add native assets/proxies to EcoSystem population lists
    • Load scenes created with Carbon Scatter
  • Interoperability improvements:
    • VUE xStream now supports LightWave 2018
    • EcoSystem display quality can be set for each item in the population list, and set to box, point cloud, billboard or geometry

What's new in Vue 2016 R5

Key New Features in VUE 2016 R5(1)

  • Export and interoperability improvements
    • Level of detail (LOD) export for objects or group of objects
      • User defined number of LODs to be exported
      • Capability to export only one texture per LOD
      • Export objects as billboards
    • Export options UI redesigned and simplified
    • Export preview now supports PTex
    • New PTex graph node available in the function graph
    • Optional wind animation export when exporting PlantFactory vegetation as static meshes
    • Up to 20x faster metaball/metablob baking to polygons process
    • New Python callbacks for populating EcoSystem materials or a synchronous animation and still rendering
    • VUE xStream now supports Autodesk 3ds Max 2019
  • UI/UX and navigation improvements
    • Homogenized navigation manipulation throughout the whole UI.
    • Reworked shortcut presets to mimic other 3D applications (such as Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Maxon Cinema4D)
    • Added new user - configurable shortcuts and triggers for better UI/UX customizability
    • Added mesh normal map quick color inversion (for both front and back faces)
    • Added user defined aspect ratio for Panoramic (VR360 and VR180 - Stereoscopic or not) renders (e.g. for PlayStation VR support)
  • Environment mapping improvements
    • New environment mapping modes: LightProbe, Cylindrical, Cube Map and Compact Cube Map completes the already existing Spherical and Hemispherical modes.
    • New Dome Rotation Environment Mapping manipulation settings (replaces former Map Offset)
    • Environment mapping UI redesigned

(1)Some features may not be available in all software versions.


What's new in Vue 2016 R4

Stereoscopic Rendering

VUE Studio 2016 allows you to render your scenes in Stereo for Stills and Animations. Stereoscopic rendering is available for both panoramic (360° and 180°) and non-panoramic renders. Stereo renders are compatible with most of VUE's Render Options, such as multi-pass or High Dynamic Range (HDR) for instance.

Interpupillary Distance is user defined (default: 6.4 cm) as well as final image layout (top/bottom or left/right). For maximum customization, VUE Studio 2016 offers 3 convergence modes for handling paralax: Parallel, Converged and Off-axis.

Stereo images and videos are automatically recognized by Stereo-compliant platforms (such as Youtube for instance) and can be played on stereo compliant devices such as Occulus Rift, HTC Vive, Nvidia 3DVision, Sony PSVR, Google DayDream, Google Carboard etc.

180 Degree VR Panoramas

Rendering in 360° can sometimes take a lot of computing resources. VUE Studio 2016 now offers VR180 Panoramic still and animation rendering, which in essence will render a 180° vertical and horizontal FOV of your scene. VR180 will be ideal to save some rendering time, for those instances where you don't need to render what's behind the camera!

Path Tracer Renderer Improvements

  • The VUE Path Tracer now supports normal mapping.
  • You can specify the OpenCL devices that should be used for the Path Tracer: All Available Devices, GPU Devices Only, or CPU Devices Only.

Misc. UX/UI Improvements

  • Improved 4K/HiDPI display compatibility.
  • Better responsiveness and faster computation of Procedural Terrain within the Terrain Editor.

What's new in Vue Studio 2016 R3

New Features in VUE 2016 R3:

  • UX/UI improvements
    • Major performance/responsiveness/stability improvements
    • All software titles are now available in English, French and German
    • Higher quality display in Render Scene preview for soft shadows
    • Better handling of editor window manipulations
    • Support for HiDPI screens on MacOS
    • Faster computing of Spline operations for HeightField Terrains
    • Application can now use up to 12 CPUs (requires the RenderUp module).
  • Optimized scene saving process
    • Up to 4x faster scene saving
    • Up to 2x smaller file size
    • 3 New scene saving modes: Default, Consolidated Archive, Network Rendering
  • HDR Rendering
    • Major improvements in dynamic range depth when using Spectral Atmospheres
    • New optional Sun Visibility parameter for Spectral Atmospheres
    • Automatic de-activation of Tone-Mapping when saving HDR pictures (.hdr or .exr formats)
  • Path Tracer renderer improvements
    • Adds support for Spectral Cloud layers
    • Support for Don't cast shadows and Disable Indirect Lighting material properties
    • New Translucent material type
    • Now supports Soft Shadows and Blurry Reflections/Refractions
  • Cloud Modulation
    • New Cloud Opacity modulation
    • Access local coordinates for color settings


What's new in Vue 2016 R2

360° VR Panoramas

VUE Studio 2016 allows you to render 360 degrees panorama, as static images or animations. They are compatible with all of VUE's Render Options, such as High Dynamic Range (HDR) for instance.

When rendering a VR panorama, VUE Studio 2016 offers to automatically and perfectly level the camera to avoid unwanted distortion.

Rendered VR panoramas are automatically recognized by Facebook, YouTube (and other panoramic compliant platforms) as 360° images or videos.

Other User Experience Improvements

VUE Studio 2016 R2 also introduces a list of UX/UI improvements, such as:

Terrain modeling:

  • "Blend Terrain with Image" automatically modifies the Heightfield Terrain function graph (instead of modifying the terrain Heightmap).
  • Simplified "Resample Terrain" replaces "Resize Terrain", to update terrain resolution without changing its size within the scene.

User Interface:

  • "Interactive slider changes" option now also affects the mouse wheel for more dynamic visual display of your modifications in real-time.
  • Improved visibility in viewports thanks to reworked wireframe selection colors.
  • The User Interface is now locked when downloading an object or a scene from the extra content.


  • Easier access and edition of multi-material thanks to sub-menu hierarchy display.


vue sample

What's new in Vue 2016

  • Hybrid GPU/CPU Interactive Path Tracer enabling GPU rendering
  • Heightfield Terrains: New Terrain Modeling technology, more flexible and a lot more Powerful!
  • Multiple Global EcoSystem Layers, that can be saved as EcoPainter Brushes
  • PlantFactory Variations: Easily and quickly add more realism to your scenes and improve productivity at the same time!
  • Optimized Workspace and Workflow and HiDPI display support

VUE is a 64 bit application, designed for the 64 bit versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 and Intel Mac OS X platforms.

Like all 3D packages, it is highly demanding in terms of computer power. Although the application is totally multi-threaded to ensure the smoothest possible response, you have to realize that there is a lot going on when you work in VUE.

Please note that using VUE on a system carrying the below specification may result in slow response time and longer render times!

Please read further on for recommended minimal specification for an optimal VUE experience.


  • Mac OS X v10.8+ 64bit,
  • 2GHz Intel processor or faster,
  • 1GB of free RAM,
  • 200 MB of free Hard Disk space,
  • 1200x768 in 65K colors/16 bits (24+ bits recommended).


  • Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 64bit,
  • 2GHz Pentium IV or better processor,
  • 1GB of free RAM,
  • 200 MB of free Hard Disk space,
  • 1200x768 in 65K colors/16 bits (24+ bits recommended).

Note: VUE Studio 2016 installed on a multi-core CPU computer will use a maximum of 12 CPUs on a 64 bit OS.

Recommended System Specs

  • Windows 64 bit (Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10), Mac OS X v10.13
  • Multi-core CPU (Intel QuadCore, Core I7, or Mac Pro), AVX compliant (windows)
  • 8GB+ of RAM,
  • 4GB+ of free Hard Disk space (on the drive hosting the OS),
  • An OpenGL accelerated video board (see below for optimal compatibility)

Supported Video Boards

VUE Studio 2016 includes an automatic configuration tool that will set all OpenGL options just after install, for optimized previewing on your video board / driver.

Any reasonably recent video board (typically less than 3 years old) with at least 1GB of dedicated VRAM and up-to-date drivers should allow you to get the most out of VUE's OpenGL engine.

If you run into any OpenGL issues, try disabling background draw and antialiasing in the Options panel. Worst case scenario: you can always run VUE in software OpenGL mode.

Warning: Laptops using Nvidia's Optimus or ATI's BinaryGFX technologies may present severe OpenGl problems. We recommend that users deactivate this option when running VUE!

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