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Easy for After Effects

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Easy for After Effects
Easy for After Effects

Keyframe assistant for After Effects.

Ease your animation with a click.

Easy for After Effects is a script that will assist you in building smooth animations with a click.

Easy is a powerful tool hiding in a little panel that will help you build smooth animations in a few clicks. The key for good animation is in the right timing. However working with keyframes and the Graph Editor sometimes can be very time consuming. That’s why AE Sweets wanted to create a tool which will speed up this process and give you the ability to create smooth animations almost instantly. Easy has a build-in collection with carefully crafted animation presets that will be applied almost to any property you want. Each preset is represented by a visual graph that will give you a better understanding of the motion that will be applied. If you are an advanced user you can use Shortcut Mode, which uses even less space. The result of applying a preset is a few keyframes which are completely editable. Easy doesn’t use Expressions which sometimes are hard to understand and edit. You can use Easy with multiple layers and properties at once.



How it works

  1. Select Keyframes – Select pairs of keyframes that you want to be used for your new animation
  2. Select Preset – Choose between various In and Out presets from Easy’s UI.
  3. Click Easy it! – New animation will be applied based on your currently selected preset and keyframes.

Editable Keyframes

No Expressions only editable keyframes!

Based on you animation, Easy will create new keyframes or set yours to the desired animation preset.

Multiple layers and properties

Easy works with multiple layers and properties at once.

Select as many properties’ keyframes even on different layers and edit them on the go.

Easy’s Quick Influence tool

Drag in or out influence sliders to change the selected keyframes in and out velocity. You can also hold CTRL (windows) or CMD (mac) to change both values while dragging.



The right easing is key to great animation

Easy comes with lots of In and Out presets that you can modify as you want.  Don’t worry, it’s all keyframes – no expressions!

  • Smooth
  • Back
  • Elastic
  • Bounce
  • Linear

After Effects CS5 – CC 2022+

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