6 ePhere Ornatrix for 3ds Max


ePhere Ornatrix for 3ds Max
ePhere Ornatrix for 3ds Max

ePhere Ornatrix is the ultimate hair, fur, and feather grooming and animation software for 3ds Max.

Hair and fur has been one of the biggest problems in CG since the problem was first studied in 1980’s. Since then many strives have been made in simulating realistic hair.

The purpose of Ornatrix is to bring you (the user) as close to achieving perfect results as possible with putting the technical side of things inside. So leave your skepticism and frustrations behind, put on your hairdresser hat (if you have one), and let your imagination and inner stylist roam free. The main purpose behind Ornatrix is to make it as much fun for the user to explore the art of virtual hairdressing as possible.

Ornatrix Key features

Procedural hair

  • Build hair with a set of friendly operators
  • Strand groups for non-destructive filtering
  • Multiple dynamics options for all types of simulation
  • Familiar iterative refinement workflow
  • Easy to use groom preset system

Tight 3dsmax integration

  • Works within 3dsmax modifier and object framework
  • Friendly toolbar for quick start
  • Built-in and all 3rd-party renderer support
  • Easy SDK for access and extensions
  • Variety of import and export options

Intuitive modeling tools

  • Brush, comb, and cut hair
  • Quickly define flow of fur on a surface with arrows
  • Frizz, curl, clump, and braid hair procedurally
  • Style hair by dragging control points
  • Use mesh strips to generate hair

Feathers and foliage

  • Procedural feathers with control over shape and rotation
  • Blend multiple UV channels for advanced texturing
  • Scatter control over materials and shaders
  • Custom proxy mesh scattering over hair

Supported renderers


Minimum System Requirements

Ornatrix 3dsmax is designed to work on a variety of Autodesk 3dsmax versions. However, there exist a minimum requirements where Ornatrix 3dsmax is supported. The minimum requirements for your version 3dsmax apply first and foremost because Ornatrix runs inside it.


Ornatrix utilizes CPU, GPU, and RAM quite a bit to be able to model, simulate, and render millions of high fidelity hair strands. As such a modern CPU (Intel or AMD) with 16 GB+ of RAM is recommended to get acceptable performance.

3dsmax Version

Ornatrix is supported on all versions of 3dsmax newer and including 2014.

Arnold Render Support

Ornatrix Arnold renderer support is provided for 3dsmax 2018 and newer.

MassFX simulation

MassFX dynamics modifier is only available for 3dsmax 2014 and newer.



What’s new in Version 6

New Operators

  • Arnold Modifier
  • Normalize Modifier
  • Clump Modifier
  • Braid Object
  • Push Away From Surface Modifier
  • Moov Physics Modifier
  • Oscillator Modifier
  • Resolve Collisions Modifier
  • Change Width Modifier
  • Alembic Hair Importer
  • Adopt External Guides Modifier
  • Weaver Object
  • Weaver Pattern Object
  • Alembic Importer


  • Strand group patterns
  • Edit Guides Modifier
    • New optimize and resample strands options to improve brushing and Control Point movement behaviors
  • Strand Animation Modifier
    • Ability to record animation to an Alembic file
  • Ground Strands Modifier
    • Resulting strand positions can be blended from root to tip
  • Baked Hair Object
    • Baked hair can now be grounded
    • Up to 5 different Alembic files can be referenced by a Baked Hair Object
  • Hair From Mesh Strips Object
    • Strip flow directions can be set using strip mesh UV coordinates
  • Length Modifier
    • Use Scaling option to uniformly scale whole strands to modify their lengths
  • Generate Guide Data Modifier
    • Added SeExpr expression support, including expression editor and using hair channels and many other hair attributes as variables
    • Added texture generation method
  • Alembic Export
    • Added per-vertex velocity export
  • Strand Multiplier Modifier
    • Newly generated strands can be grounded