eyedesyn Bendy Limbs Rig for Cinema 4D

eyedesyn Bendy Limbs Rig for Cinema 4D
eyedesyn Bendy Limbs Rig for Cinema 4D

Rigging for the non-rigger

Bendy Limbs Rig for Cinema 4D is the quickest and easiest way to rig and animate all types of bendy arm/rubber hose style characters! This is rigging for non-riggers, meaning you don’t have to worry about all those intimidating and complex rigging concepts! Get all them bendy arm/leg characters rigged in seconds by simply placing markers on your object to define where your character’s body parts are, then add them to their corresponding body groups. And, voila! You are off and running animating your fully rigged 3D character!

eyedesyn Bendy Limbs Rig for Cinema 4D Features

  • Rigging for the non-rigger
  • The fastest & easiest way to rig your characters
  • Rig a bendy limbs style character in seconds
  • Removes all the complex rigging concepts
  • Rig & animate all types & styles of characters

Compatible with Cinema 4D R23

This is a non-joint rig, so no laborious weight painting (sorry Bob Ross, there is no joy in weight painting). Bendy Limbs Rig has already helped many folks who have never rigged nor animated a character in their life and given them the ability to easily rig their rubber hose style characters! Rig all different types and styles of characters! Intuitive, simple, flexible, and FAST! Start rigging your characters in Cinema 4D today with Bendy Limbs Rig!

How Does eyedesyn Bendy Limbs Rig for Cinema 4D Work?

BLR utilizes the powerful C4D Character Object!  Simply define your limb positions, press a single button to create your rig, drag & drop your limbs in their respective controllers, and voila you’re ready to animate your character!

What Else Does It Do?

Aside from being able to easily rig up & animate your rubber hose style characters, there’s a lot of added controls like the ability to adjust arm and leg bend sharpness, advanced controls for total control over the tapering & curvature across your characters arms, legs, torso, and head, as well as wrist bend and limb parenting controls!

Got Tuts?

Yup!  BLR includes three sample character rigs and two comprehensive tutorial overviews of basic and advanced features to show you how you can get up and running in no time using Bendy Limbs Rig for Cinema 4D, including setting up rigs for different types of characters as well as covering the advanced controls.


Compatible with Mac & Windows Cinema 4D R17 Studio to R25.