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Set Your Mattes Quick With A Single Click

Quick Matte Pro has been designed to take care of all your matting & object buffer needs quickly and efficiently without having to worry about all the setup!


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What is it?

Quick Matte Pro is a brand new plug-in that I teamed up with an amazing plug-in developer, AJ Haines, on that is essential for an optimized and fast workflow and will change the way you work in Cinema 4D!  Quick Matte Pro has been designed to take care of all your matting & object buffer needs quickly and efficiently without having to worry about all the setup!  Set your mattes, add object buffers, and add every single object buffer in your scene to your multipass render settings with just a single click!

How it works

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Add Mattes With a Click of a Button

Using the Quick Matte tag you just select the objects you want to be matted and hit “Add To Matte“. Simple as that. No need to deal with object buffers and multi passes. The other great thing is that it will render the matte as the RGB which will render very fast.  Click the “Preview Matte” button to have a live preview of what your matte will look like in your viewport!

Add Material & Texture Based Mattes

By choosing the “Texture” or “Material” option, you can select a material in the material manager or a Texture Tag and it will make a matte on all objects that use that material or those selected Texture Tag.  Think about that!  Material based mattes!  Want to composite a glow on say, any object that has an LED texture?  You can easily do that with the Material based Mattes option.

Add/Remove Object Buffers with a Single Button Click

“Add To Buffer” will add a compositing tag to any objects you have selected if it doesn’t already have one and turns on the object buffer number that corresponds to the number you have set in the “Buffer #“.  By hitting the “Preview Buffer” button you can get a LIVE preview of what your buffer pass will look like right in your viewport!

“Remove From Buffer” will just disable the object buffer in the compositing tag that corresponds to the number in the “Buffer #“

Add/Remove Buffers to Multipass with a Single Click

Know how much of a pain it is to one by one add object buffers to your multipass render settings?  No more carpal tunnel clicking like crazy to add object buffer after object buffer!  With Quick Matte you can add all Object Buffers in your scene to Multipass render settings with a single click!

“Add Buffers To Multipass” finds all active buffer numbers and adds them to your mulitpass in render settings.

“Remove All Multipass” removes only object buffers created by this plugin.

Ready to buy?

Quick Matte Pro will change the way you work inside of Cinema 4D!  Work more efficiently by turning many steps into just a single click of your mouse!  Never fear forgetting to set up an object buffer, you can remedy it super fast!  Quick Matte Pro will turn all of your matte problems into one click solutions!


What's new in version 1.1:

  • added docking support
  • added R13 support
  • added "incremental buffer" checkbox (object buffer tab)
  • fixed issues with the Fracture Object
  • stability fixes
  • Now works with German version of C4D (maybe ask those customers if they'll translate the words for us?)

Quick Matte Pro requires Cinema 4D R13 (Broadcast or Studio version) and above.

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