v1.6.5 Fandev CuteDCP_Pr For Premiere Pro


Fandev CuteDCP_Pr For Premiere Pro


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Fandev CuteDCP_Pr For Premiere Pro

CuteDCP is a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) creation tool for Premiere Pro

CuteDCP is a DCP (Digital Cinema Package) creation tool for Premiere Pro. The export plug-in allows users to create DCPs from any file imported into Premiere Pro and minimizes the number of steps required to create a DCP.


CuteDCP is easy to use and has been tested on most major play-out servers. It has never been easier to create a DCP package.

Feature Overview

  • SMPTE and InterOp compliant DCP creation
  • 2K and 4K
  • Supported framerates: 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60 or 96 fps
  • Stereo, 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Audio
  • Interop subtitles (CineCanvas) and SMPTE 428-7 Subtitles
  • Internal itu709->x’y’z’ gamma 2.2/2.4 colorspace conversion
  • Internal P3->x’y’z’ colorspace conversion
  • Title Helper tool
  • Multithreaded support, faster encoding
  • DCP meta data control
  • Stereoscopic 3D 24fps and 48fps(HFR)
  • Save assets to a separate folder
  • Adobe Premiere Pro/Adobe Media Encoder CS5 or later
  • MacOSX 10.6 or later, Intel x64
  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 & Windows 10

Change Log

v1.6.5 – [FEATURE]User enabled video control added
v1.6.0 – [FEATURE]Added new channel mapping for audio
v1.5.0 – [FEATURE]New colorspace transformations: P3->xyz, itu709->xyz with gamma 2.4 or 2.2
v1.5.0 – [FEATURE]7.1 surround suppport
v1.5.0 – [FEATURE]Browse and select subtitle loadfonts
v1.5.0 – [FEATURE]Updated TitleHelper
v1.5.0 – [BUG]SMPTE audio labeling is now correct
v1.5.0 – [BUG]Check subtitle framerate vs video framerate
v1.5.0 – [BUG][WIN]Timestamp is now showing correct time.
v1.2.5 – [FEATURE]Jpeg2000 encoding speed improved
v1.2.5 – [FEATURE]Track assets could be saved to a special folder during encoding
v1.2.5 – [FEATURE]Sticky facility element in titlehelper
v1.2.5 – [BUG]Audio progress bars is working, again
v1.2.1 – [BUG]Startup parse bug fixed
v1.2.0 – [FEATURE]Stereoscopic 3d, 24fps and 48fps(HFR)
v1.2.0 – [BUG]Memeory leak in jpeg 2000 encoder fixed
v1.0.5 – [BUG][WIN]32-bit issue with large filesizes, hash calculation failed and no xml files were created
v1.0.4 – [BUG]Audio and HASH calculation progressbars fixed.
v1.0.2 – [BUG]Uninitialized parameter could cause trash data to be written to the mxf file.
v1.0.1 – [BUG]Error messages during export validation is now shown properly.