v3.6.11 FilmImpact Motion Tween


FilmImpact Motion Tween
FilmImpact Motion Tween

Animate Graphics without Keyframes

Impact Motion Tween is an impressive video transition for Premiere Pro CC that can easily move around your footage and graphic elements without using key frames.



Easily move around your logos, titles and lower thirds with a dazzling amount of motion blur to emphasize the action.

  • Brand New Innovative Tool
  • Easy to apply
  • GPU Accelerated
  • 25 presets to get you started.

Motion Tween is all about moving elements from A to B.  It automatically handles:

  • Position
  • Scaling
  • Rotation
  • Opacity

Basically you drag a graphic element into your sequence and position it using regular Premiere Motion Controls. Then you make a cut and re-position the second instance where-ever you want it to go and have the Impact Motion Tween video transition handle the entire motion.

How is this different from Bounce Pack?

Bounce Pack is great for creating logo, text and graphics reveals. Typically Bounce Pack Transitions are applied to the edges of a clip.

Motion Tween on the other hand is primarily used between two clips. It animates position A to position B in a very effective way. It has lots of options to tweak.

If you like Bounce Pack, we think you’ll love working with Motion Tween!

Awesome Curves

Motion Tween allows you to:

  • Use Bounce, Overshoot and Bezier curves
  • Tweak the curves visually
  • Add rotations
  • Add a dolly effect
  • Add additional movements and shakes
  • Add a lot of motion blur to emphasize the action

The final output is awesome. It renders very fast. Key frames are history. It’s a huge time saver!

Product compatibility:
Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2014-2019
Windows and Mac

Product requirements:
Graphics card supporting OpenGL 3


Version 3.6.11

  • Fixed: Error 699966 with some AMD Cards on Windows

Release 3.6.10

  • Fixed: OpenCL - OpenGL interop not working with Nvidia Cards on Windows

Release 3.6.9

  • Fix for rounding issue causing artifacts (Ticket #2890)

Release 3.6.8

  • Gamma Correct Blending
  • OSX Better Linkage Boost Library

Release 3.6.7

  • Added 'Prevent Undershoot' option for the Overshoot function. As requested by Taran van Hemert https://twitter.com/TaranVH/status/940300930636947456

Release 3.6.6

  • Windows Fix: Error code 702000 - The plugin is now able to handle a case with CUDA not being able to do OpenGL Interop.

Release 3.6.5

  • Fixed: Incorrect cropping when 'Scale to Frame Size' is enabled (Ticket #2400).
  • Fixed: Now capable of handling incoming clips with aspect ratios other than 1.0

Release 3.6.4

  • Optimization: Prevent rounding issues with motion blur steps (Ticket #2377).

Release 3.6.3

  • Fixed: Move Parameter now ligns up with the actual frame width and height.
  • Fixed broken support for Premiere Pro CC and CC 2014 (Ticket #2355)

Release 3.6.2

  • Added option to force RealTimeRenderFlag (Tickets #1758)