v3.6.12 FilmImpact Transition Pack 1

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FilmImpact Transition Pack 1


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FilmImpact Transition Pack 1

Dynamic drag and drop transitions!


Better Workflow

We already offer Drag & Drop transitions for Premiere Pro CS5.5 – CC2017. Now it gets even better…

Premiere Pro CC users don't need to press the ‘custom’ button anymore, in order to access the transition parameter controls.

Instant Results

With our V3 update and Premiere Pro CC, all the parameter controls are directly accessible within the effect controls tab.

You can now to tweak the parameter controls and see the results instantly!


  • Impact Flash
  • Impact Roll
  • Impact Push
  • Impact Blur to Color
  • Impact Burn Alpha
  • Impact Burn White
  • Impact Blur Dissolve
  • Impact Stretch
  • Impact Copy Machine
  • Impact Chaos

Product compatibility:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 - CC

Platform compatibility:

  • Windows and Mac (10.7 or higher)
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By: diego munhak
Date: March 04, 2015


Release 3.6.12

  • Boost build 'runtime-link=static' on Mac OSX solving case Tickets #2711 and #2267 (Mac OSX specific issue)

Release 3.6.11

  • Now running Boost Versions 1.65.1 (1.61 Windows)
  • Linking boost statically on Mac OSX, not on Windows though. Windows needs C-Runtime links dynamically because of a limited number of FLS slots (Recommended by Zac Lam)

Release 3.6.10

  • Special build for client with Tickets #2711

Release 3.6.9

  • Fixed broken support for Premiere Pro CC and CC 2014 (Ticket #2355)

Release 3.6.8

  • Fix to stop continuously checking of license file (Ticket #2281)

Release 3.6.7

  • Added Bezier Curve to Transition Pack 1

Release 3.6.6

  • Added option to force RealTimeRenderFlag (Ticket #1758)

Release 3.6.5

  • Blur algoritm has higher precision
  • Fixes artifact lines

Release 3.6.4

  • Fixed: skewing image when resolution is not dividable by 16
  • Mac: Impact Dissolve did not work with Metal Render Path (mising .metal file in installer)

Release 3.6.3

  • Mac Fix: Keeps asking for Activation

Release 3.6.2

  • Mac Fix: No Activation Button

Release 3.6.1

  • Render speed improvements up to 10% when using transitions as single sided
  • Output color values is no longer clamped at 1.0 to respect HDR color values
  • OSX: Impact Dissolve has Metal support
  • Windows: NSIS Installer update to 3.0.1
  • Windows: Built with /MD Flag