v3.6 FilmImpact Transition Pack 2


FilmImpact Transition Pack 2


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FilmImpact Transition Pack 2

Dynamic drag and drop transitions!


The next set of 10 high quality video transitions for Premiere Pro .

  • Add more impact to your editing projects.
  • GPU accelerated to deliver high performance.
  • Powerfull controls make them suitable for your needs.


  • Impact Chroma Leaks
  • Impact Directional Blur
  • Impact Earthquake
  • Impact Glass
  • Impact Radial Blur
  • Impact Rays
  • Impact TV Power
  • Impact VHS Damage
  • Impact Wipe
  • Impact Zoom Blur

Product compatibility:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2019 - CC

Platform compatibility:

  • Windows and Mac (10.7 or higher)


Version 3.6.10

  • Fixed: Error 699966 with some AMD Cards on Windows

Release 3.6.9

  • Fixed: OpenCL - OpenGL interop not working with Nvidia Cards on Windows

Release 3.6.8

  • Fix for rounding issue causing artifacts (Ticket #2890)

Release 3.6.7

  • Gamma Correct Blending
  • OSX Better Linkage Boost Library
  • Memory Optimizations

Release 3.6.6

  • Windows Fix: Error code 702000 - The plugin is now able to handle a case with CUDA not being able to do OpenGL Interop.

Release 3.6.5

  • Fixed broken support for Premiere Pro CC and CC 2014 (Ticket #2355)

Release 3.6.4

  • Added option to force RealTimeRenderFlag (Ticket #1758)

Release 3.6.3

  • Mac Fix: Keeps asking for Activation

Release 3.6.2

  • Mac Fix: No Activation Button

Release 3.6.1

  • Render speed improvements up to 10% when using transitions as single sided
  • Output color values is no longer clamped at 1.0 to respect HDR color values
  • Windows: NSIS Installer update to 3.0.1
  • Windows: Built with /MD Flag
  • Windows: Fix issue for installing license for 'All Users'