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BGRA Entertainment FractalMapper is a plug-in that lets you map After Effects layers to stunning fractals. Use the innovative “morph” feature to create groovy transitions in and out of the fractal.


FractalMapper is a GPU accelerated plugin for Adobe After Effects that allows you to create/draw fractals and kaleidoscopic effects and transitions using your own pictures or footages.

Fractal mapper supports several fractal types and coloration techniques. It also allows you to “Morph” in and out of the fractal so you can use it for groovy transitions.  The  plugin offers full control over the transformation and fractal settings.

FractalMapper Features

  • GPU Accelerated  – Uses your graphics card for realtime rendering which makes exploring fractals tons of fun
  • Morph – Allows you to interpolate between the source image and the fractal
  • Transformation – Transform the fractal as well as the source image within the fractal
  • Fractal Types – Mandelbrot and Julia real and imaginary with Power of Z control
  • Colorize – Full Hue/Saturation/Brightness and Opacity control
  • Edge Repeat – Turns FractalMapper into a kaleidoscopic filter!
  • Number of Passes – Basically a recursive effect to create really glitchy and complex images.

FractalMapper v1 User Guide.pdf



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