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v1.0 FxFactory Caption Burner

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FxFactory Caption Burner


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FxFactory Caption Burner

Burn captions and subtitles into video.

FxFactory Caption Burner lets you burn captions and subtitles into your video. It works in Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Motion.

Caption Burner helps deliver video for platforms such as Instagram® that do not allow caption information to be submitted as metadata.

Some platforms, such as Instagram, don’t have the ability to submit captions as metadata. Caption Burner to the rescue!

Supports popular formats.

Import captions and subtitles from

  • iTunes Timed Text (iTT)
  • WebVTT (VTT)
  • SubRip (SRT)
  • SubViewer (SUB)
  • Adobe Encore Script
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Markers (CSV)

Easy to use

The Caption Burner plugin shares its user interface with our Caption Converter app. In addition, access it within the video apps you already use.

Multiple languages

A single plugin on your timeline lets you work with multiple languages simultaneously. Select the language to be burned into the video frame via a simple menu selection.


Extensive use of Metal graphics acceleration adds minimal time to your render time. See: Is my Mac ready for Metal?

Plays well with others

Export your captions to a file when it’s time to move your work to different software or platform. Caption Burner supports many of the same industry-standard formats you can import, as well as the format of the caption used by our Caption Converter app.

Requires FxFactory

Please note that this product will not work unless FxFactory is available on the system. It’s a free download.

Download FxFactory





The current version is 1.0.3, and we recommend that you install Caption Burner via FxFactory.
Caption Burner 1.0.3 requires FxFactory 7.2.5 (or later) and available in Final Cut Pro 10.5.3 on Macs with Apple M1 processor

(Free download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FxFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Graphics processor with Metal Support

  • After Effects 12
  • Final Cut Pro 10.2
  • Motion 5.2
  • Premiere Pro 7

In Depth: Create Subtitles and Captions for Your Videos (Updated!)

Create subtitles and closed-captioning to help your video gain reach and appeal to a wider audience on broadcast and streaming videos.


Installing FxFactory Plug-ins

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FxFactory Caption Burner Tutorial

Learn how to use Caption Burner to burn captions and subtitles into your video using either FCPX, Premiere Pro, or After Effects.


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