Greyscalegorilla CityKit for CINEMA 4D v1.21


Greyscalegorilla CityKit for CINEMA 4D - featured

Instant City Generator for Cinema 4D

Build and customize cities and neighborhoods with one click for your project, while saving hours of Modeling and Rendering. CityKit builds realistic looking cities in CINEMA 4D with a click of a button. Customize your CityKit with your own buildings, settings and sizes.


Optimized modeling and texturing for great looking cities and the fast renders. Add your own buildings to the rig. Customize the city including size, height, colors, windows, and lights to fit your project. Use the "Custom Areas" to add your own special buildings or objects into the scene.

What’s Included?

  • Day Night Time  - City Rigs
  • City Shape Rigs and Presets - put a city on any shape
  • Daylight Lighting Presets help create great looking cities fast.
  • 10 Ready-to-Render City Presets to get a head start on your next project.
  • Hours of training and tutorials to get the most out of City Kit.

What’s new in City Kit v1.2?

CityKit 1.2 is updated and optimized for CINEMA 4D R13, but of course it still works great with verison 11 and above. It features the new “Shape City” rig which allows you to place a city on any shape creating city-scapes never imagines in real life. v1.2 also features a new “Blue Sky” lighting preset and the new City Shape Presets that are ready-to-render versions of the new City Shape rigs. Some of the new presets can be seen below.

greyscale gorilla

greyscale gorilla

greyscale gorilla

greyscale gorilla

Maxon Cinema 4D 11.5, and above, including R19

City Kit requires Cinema 4D version 11.5 and above, the Advanced Render Module (presets only) and the Mograph Module. If you’re running Cinema 4D Version 12. You need Broadcast Edition or Studio Edition.

*Please Note: GSG Products do not support ProRender

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