Greyscalegorilla Dust Elements Bundle


Greyscalegorilla Dust Elements Bundle
Greyscalegorilla Dust Elements Bundle

Get Greyscalegorilla’s 3D Dust Particulate and 4K Dust Elements together for one low price.

The Greyscalegorilla Dust Elements Bundle was born out of an idea to create the perfect pairing of footage and 3D elements. What if you could combine the power of video overlays and 3D animated assets?


First captured in studio, the 4K Dust Elements not only became the compositing assets, but the dust’s realistic behavior and particle movement influenced the animation and creation of 3D Dust Particulate.

This bundle puts the power into your hands. Whether you have a 3D camera movement that can benefit from the 3D Dust Alembic files, or if you need to simply comp dust into a scene or render, the Dust Elements Bundle gives you all the tools you need. Plus, no plugins are required to use any of these assets! Just drag, drop, and go.

What’s included with this bundle?

Total Separately $198
Dust Elements Bundle  $104.30
You Save $93.70

  • File format: Alembic, MOV
  • File size: 27GB
  • Requirements: No Plugins Required


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