Greyscalegorilla Happy Toolbox Volume II Model Pack


Greyscalegorilla Happy Toolbox Volume II Model Pack
Greyscalegorilla Happy Toolbox Volume II Model Pack

A Collection of 180 Fun and Friendly models for Any Platform

180 fun-and-friendly 3D models to help you create your own outdoor adventure, adorable home, retro convenience store, or charming workshop. This collection of 3D models comes Sub-D modeled, UV mapped, and ready to go!

The entire collection of Happy Toolbox 3D models are built to create a uniform look, making them perfect to mix and match in explainer videos, graphics packages, motion design projects, and more.

Happy Toolbox models are animation friendly, easy to separate and texture. Perfect for keeping an on-going theme in video series, or even throughout websites and ad campaigns. Combine with The Happy Toolbox Vol. 1 for even more possibilities.

What 3D models are included?

The Happy Toolbox 3D Model Pack Volume 2 includes 180 new 3D models in four main categories: Adventure, Household, Convenience, and Workshop. Each category is curated to best compliment the other models, allowing you to quickly build your own scenes or worlds.

The Happy Toolbox Vol. 2

    • LIB4D models for Cinema 4D
    • FBX models for Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, Element 3D
    • 180 total 3D models
      • Adventure – 42
      • Convenience – 52
      • Household – 52
      • Workshop – 34
  • Sub-D modeled
  • UV mapped and ready to texture
  • Modeled into separate parts for easy animation


Escape the city for the heavenly outdoors. Pitch a tent, fire up the grill, grab a cold one from the cooler. Then settle in for a night around the campfire playing guitar, telling spooky stories, and star-gazing. In the morning, fill up on coffee and take your canoe our for some fishing, or hit the rapids in your kayak. Set up camp with this collection of forty-two adventurous 3D models. Your adventure awaits.

The Happy Toolbox Volume II


Take a trip to your favorite convenience store or bodega to grab an ice-cold drink and a snack for the road. Grab a hot dog from the roller, grab some cash from the ATM, then fill up your big cup with soda pop or frozen treat.

This collection features fifty-two 3D models that will make you want to hit up the 7-11.

The Happy Toolbox Volume II


Tidy up your room, or create a fun little dream home. Furnish your house with beds, dressers, desks, and tables. Even add nice touches like plants, fish tanks, or a white picket fence. Decorate your house with models of computers, or grab any appliance from a refrigerator to toilet.

Putting the home in homemade, the household collection features fifty-two unique 3D models that perfectly flow together for the feng shui balance you want in your residence.

The Happy Toolbox Volume II


Grab a hammer and chisel from your workbench, or head over to the bandsaw for some woodwork. Check your shop drawers for wrenches, screwdrivers, clamps, and your drill. Get that can of paint from the shelves and get those projects done. You can even hang a work light so you shop vac and clean up at night. 

Putting the tools in your Happy Toolbox, this collection of thirty-four 3D workshop models has everything you need to craft your next render.

The Happy Toolbox Volume II

The Happy Toolbox Volume II

Textures not included.

Who is Happy Toolbox?

The Happy Toolbox is a 3D design studio built for people who have been searching for simple, stylistically unified models—but never found them.

Their goal is to provide carefully crafted 3D direction—one polygon at a time—through easy-to-use model packs and custom 3D solutions.
Say hello at the thehappytoolbox.com