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Greyscalegorilla HDRI Link

HDRI Link is a workflow plugin that allows third-party renderers to connect with Greyscalegorilla’s extensive HDRI library via their intuitive Browser technology. Choosing the right HDRI for your scene is often done by trial and error. HDRI Link makes this process as easy as a click.

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Speed up your Lighting workflow in Arnold, Octane and other third party renderers with HDRI Link from Greyscalegorilla. We combined 5 years of experience making HDRI workflows as simple as possible with Cinema 4D and have finally brought it to Octane, Arnold, And other Third Party Renders.

HDRI Link gets you started with 20 Sample HDRIs, but is expandable to over 300 unique HDRIs with our HDRI Expansion Packs!

Once you use HDRI Link, you won’t believe how fast it is to try out new Lighting and Reflections for your Cinema 4D Scene.


Feature List

  • Cinema 4D Tag Plugin
  • Drag and drop simplicity
  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Compatible with most third-party renderers including (Arnold, Octane, Cycles4D, V-Ray for C4D, iRay, Redshift, and more)
  • Fast loading GSG HDRI Browser
  • Compatible with all GSG HDRI Packs and Collections
  • Preview mode for fast HDRI Selection and Rendering
  • Full Rez mode for high rez reflections.
  • Store your HDRI Collection anywhere on your hard drive or attached storage.

As Easy As A Click

We designed HDRI Link to be the easiest way to choose and try hundreds of different and unique lighting schemes when using Third Party renderers with Cinema 4D. Just drag and drop your lighting parameter on the HDRI Link tag and that’s It! You are now linked up and ready to choose from over 300 unique HDRIs in the easy to use GSG HDRI Browser. (HDRI Packs Sold Separately).

Use different rendering platforms for different jobs? Don’t worry. The HDRI Link workflow will go wherever you go. Check the list below for renders that are currently compatible with HDRI Link.

What’s Renderers Does HDRI Link work with?

  • Redshift (Latest Version)
  • Arnold (Latest Version)
  • Octane (Latest Version)
  • Cycles4d (Latest Version)
  • iRay (Latest Version)
  • Corona (Latest Version)
  • V-Ray for C4D (Latest Version)
  • More to come…

What’s Included?

  • “NO HASSLE LICENSE” No waiting for authorization codes, you download, install, and go.
  • EASY INSTALL “Painless Installation” Full installation instructions and video
  • HDRI Sample Pack  Ten High-Quality HDRs to get you started

Stop Searching For The Perfect HDRI

No need to scour your hard drive anymore for the perfect HDRI to light your C4D Scene. HDRI Link and the HDRI Browser included with Link is all you need to quickly find the perfect lights and reflection for your next project.

Cinema 4D R14 and above, including R23, plus a third party renderer.

*Please Note: GSG Products do not support ProRender.

Please Note: Although this product is compatible with Cinema R14 and above, Greyscalegorilla only offers customer support for installations on R18 and above.

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Customer Reviews

This is one of those little things -- you have no idea how much you'll use it until you're using it every time and forget that it's not part of the built-in kit of C4D. I have presets worked incorporating HDRILink into all my favorite set-ups and for multiple renderers. The one feature I'm still waiting for is an easy way to incorporate non-GSG HDRI's into the browser. There are work-arounds, but they've set it up to be a proprietary system. I understand that from a marketing perspective, but not as empowering as GSG normally is. Nonetheless -- makes HDRI lighting flexible, and work the way it should!

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By: Jeff Hanson
Date: March 05, 2019

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