v1.020 Greyscalegorilla HDRI Suite


Greyscalegorilla HDRI Suite
Greyscalegorilla HDRI Suite

The best HDRI tools for Cinema 4D and over 425 High-Dynamic-Range Images.

Now you can get two of our top-selling tools and all of our HDRI bundled together. Save nearly $400 with the HDRI Suite.


Use all of these HDRI with both Physical and third-party render engines. HDRI Studio Rig allows you to rotate, adjust, and perfectly place your HDRI. Plus, you can instantly add seamless backgrounds to your Physical and Standard renders. HDRI Link gives you the power to use these HDRI with popular third-party render engines, including Redshift, Arnold, Octane, Cycles4D, and more.

You’ll have the control to create stunning renders in an instant with the most popular HDRI packs, like Pro Studios, Pro Studios Metal, European Holiday, and Ultimate Skies.

All of Greyscalegorilla's HDRI Tools and Packs

Do you hop between using Physical and third-party renderers? Make things easier with the Greyscalegorilla HDRI Suite. Get both HDRI Link and HDRI Studio Rig plus all of our compatible HDRI packs.

HDRI Suite Includes:

Total Separately $899

HDRI Suite $399

You Save $500

Cinema 4D R14 and above. Compatible with Physical, Standard, and Third-Party Renderers

*Please Note: GSG Products do not support ProRender

Cinema 4D & Arnold: Making a Spiderverse-Inspired Shader in Arnold

Chad Ashley from Greyscalegorilla was recently inspired by the animated movie, "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse" to create an Arnold shader in the same style. In this tutorial, Chad explains the technique use to create the film and then shows you how to re-create that look in Arnold.