Halftone for After Effects


Halftone for After Effects
Halftone for After Effects

Advanced Haltone Effect

Halftone is a plugin for After Effects that will help you to create halftone effect in After Effect with tons of features.


Halftone is packed with features

You can achieve a different look by tweaking the settings

Drop Shadow Mode – You can use Halftone to create a halftone drop shadow effect, and you can change the dropshadow to a strip mode.

ae sweets haltone droap shadow

You can apply Halftone to all types of layers and even video.

Achieve unique particle looks by tweaking the settings.

ae sweets halftone particles

You can also tweak the RGB color offest.

ae sweets halftone rgb




How to install Halftone

After Effects CS 5 to CC 2019