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Hawaiki Analyzer

Advanced Image Analysis

Hawaiki Analyzer is a powerful new plug-in that allows you to put the details of your image under the microscope in a number of ways that offer a unique complement to the built-in scopes.


With the option to sample anything from a single pixel up to an entire frame and anything in between Analyzer gives you instant feedback as to the RGB, Luma and Alpha values of the image. The displays include a numerical read-out (either integer or decimal) and coloured bar graphs for each channel. The display is persistent, allowing you to monitor the results of your grade as you work with incredible precision and an accuracy you simply can't achieve with the scopes alone. A dedicated skin tolerance graph allows you to fine tune skin tones for impeccable results.

Also included in the plug-in is Hawaiki Histogram which provides an onscreen histogram tool for analysing either the entire frame or a selected area for really precise and detailed color evaluation.

Hawaiki Analyzer is designed for use as an adjustment layer that can be easily moved to wherever you need it. In FCP X, you can find it under the Titles Browser, while in Motion you can add it as a filter to any layer or group. In Premiere and After Effects, simply add the effect to an adjustment layer. Analyzer updates in real time as you make changes to the layers beneath it making it perfect for complex grading and evaluation processes. When you no longer need the display simply mute or delete the effect or adjustment layer.

Use the numerical channel read-outs, or the high resolution bargraphs, or the histogram display in any combination, and adjust the layout and toolset to suit exactly the way you prefer to work.

Available for users of FCP X and Motion 5, Premiere Pro and After Effects

Hawaiki Analyzer Tutorial #gettingstarted

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