Hawaiki AutoMatch

Hawaiki AutoMatch


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Hawaiki AutoMatch

Powerful and precise shot matching.

Hawaiki AutoMatch is an incredibly powerful and easy-to-use grading plugin that allows you to create an automatic match between two different shots. Auto Match Shots in FCP X, Premiere Pro, After Effects and Motion.


FxFactory auto match

AutoMatch is perfect for:

  • Matching shots from two or more different cameras.
  • Matching two shots from the same camera with different lighting or incorrect line-up.
  • Matching foregound and background when keying and compositing.
  • A wide range of general grading situations where its speed and flexibility make it much quicker than manual grading.

In each case, AutoMatch creates a quick and easy match without the need for complex manual adjustment, but there’s plenty of control over the fine tuning if you want it.


Intro to Hawaiki AutoMatch

This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

macOS: Mojave 10.14.6, Catalina, Big Sur

FxFactory: 7.1.4 +

Apps: Final Cut Pro 10.4 – 10.5, Motion 5.4 – 5.5, After Effects and Premiere Pro 2018 – 2020