Helloluxx learn. Cinema 4D Tutorial: Natural Environments

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Helloluxx learn. Cinema 4D Tutorial: Natural Environments
Helloluxx learn. Cinema 4D Tutorial: Natural Environments

This training series for Cinema 4D covers various ways of working with natural elements and effects such as trees, foliage, rocks and water & utilises Laubwerk Plants.


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learn. Cinema 4D Tutorial : Natural Environments from Marijn Raeven 

Creating a detailed natural environment in Cinema 4D is no easy task – trees and other foliage can be hard to work with, consuming hours of render time and destroying scene performance. It can also be difficult to create a convincing natural look with enough variation and irregularity.

This training series for Cinema 4D focusses on the creation of a detailed and realistic forest. In a total of 12 chapters, the series guides you through the entire process from start to finish – no steps are skipped, no fast-forwarding. The final result is a large, detailed forest that remains responsive in the viewport and can be rendered in a matter of minutes.

The tree models used in the training come from the free plant kit from Laubwerk. Instructions on how to install this plugin are included with the training.

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The following video gives you a brief overview of the training series content:

Marijn has animated the first few shots of this introductory video so that you may see another aspect of just how beautiful your end results could be upon completing the learn. Natural Environments training. Please note, however, that the animation is not included as part of this training title.

The four renders below are the final result of this training. These renders were completely generated inside Cinema 4D, without colour correction, in an external application such as Photoshop.

This training series was recorded with Cinema 4D R16 Studio. R15 Studio owners should be able to follow most of the training as well, with the exception of the new Reflectance channel.

The course is divided into the following chapters:

CHAPTER 01 – 11:48 – Terrain
CHAPTER 02 – 15:57 – Terrain textures
CHAPTER 03 – 23:50 – Trees
CHAPTER 04 – 27:20 – Leaves
CHAPTER 05 – 24:21 – Waterside
CHAPTER 06 – 14:48 – Tilable leaves textures
CHAPTER 07 – 30:20 – Leaf distribution
CHAPTER 08 – 25:54 – Lighting using the physical sky
CHAPTER 09 – 31:07 – Shading
CHAPTER 10 – 13:43 – Distant environment
CHAPTER 11 – 26:01 – Camera setup
CHAPTER 12 – 26:18 – Finishing touches

The total runtime for this training series is 4 hours and 31 minutes.

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Cinema 4D R16 Studio

Cinema 4D R15 Studio owners should be able to follow most of the training as well, with the exception of the new Reflectance channel.

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This is VERY Well Done

This was excellent. The presenter was very good, showed each step in detail, explained the settings and what each setting does, and how to go back and make adjustments. He also showed pictures of forests and explained what to look for and how to model it. I also enjoyed all the tips and features of Cinema 4D that I was not aware of and have been able to use them on other projects. His understanding of photography was a great bonus for the tutorial and made adjustments to the model to make the final renders more photo-realistic. This may seem obvious to others, but as a long time photographer I always made adjustments to the renderer as a photographer would do with a camera and not think to adjust the scene. I know, obvious, but not to me. I normally do not leave reviews, but I was so impressed with this tutorial and the instructor that I just had to say something. And to whoever the instructor is, thanks, and hope you do more.

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Mark Lopatka
Date: January 30, 2015