IMAGICA O-gi for Avid DS


IMAGICA O-gi for Avid DS - featured

O-gi is a collection of five image augmenting filters for Avid Systems

O-gi includes Video Signal Legalizer, Wrinkle Diminisher, Mach Band Suppressor, and Edge Preserving Smoother. These plug-ins eliminate tedious image clean-up operations and help to improve image quality by removing unexpected defects. Their optimized tools feature fast rendering and a simple easy-to-use interface. O-gi will help insure that your work looks its best before leaving your facility.


Wrinkle Diminisher

The Wrinkle Diminisher was developed in response to requests from compositing artists and editors who are spending inordinate amounts of time removing wrinkles from actors face and smoothing skin imperfections. Due to the high resolution of HDTV, this has seemingly become a major time consuming issue. It’s fast and easy to use.

Mach Band Suppressor

The Mach Band Suppressor can be used to eliminate banding in computer-generated gradations. The algorithm detects all the sharps edges in a clip and masks them and then scans the clip for areas with banding. It then evaluates the colors in the banding and dithers them to result in a clean gradation. It too is fast and easy to use.

Edge Preserving Smoother

The Edge Preserving Smoother was designed to smooth out film grain, ‘sparkle’ and video noise while still retaining sharp edges in the rest of the image. Notice that the fur on her blouse stays intact while the noise on her skin and in the background was diminished.

Video Legalizer

The Video Legalizer brings luminance/chroma levels smoothly into conformance with video "legal" limits. With most video legalizers, video signals that exceed legal video limits would be just chopped off causing details to be lost and resulting in a degradation of the video quality. This plug-in "soft clips" the illegal signal, maintaining the original details. It is best used before generating final output.

Video Noise Detector

The Video Noise Detector helps isolate sources of visual noise within an image by doing temporal scans of consecutive frames. If the noise is relatively minor, this tool can eliminate it by grabbing image data from other frames.

Avid DS 10.2/10.3/10.5 (win32/64)

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